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Iview 3500STBII Multi-function Digital Converter Box    
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SKU:  0044070-001
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Description & Specs

    Iview 3500STBII Multi-function Digital Converter Box

    Manufacturer Part # 3500STBII


    Multi-function Digital Converter Box
    Recording Function
    QAM Capability
    Built-in HDMI Output
    Support USB port
    EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
    Favorite Channel List
    Parental Control Function
    Auto Tuning
    Singal Quality Indicator
    Video Decoder: MPEG-2 MP at HL, MPEG-4 SP, ASP,
    H.264 HP at L4.1, DivX3.11, 4.X, 6.X, FLV format and VC-1


    Don’t be deceived…it’s not just a Converter Box!


    IVIEW-3500STBII is a TRUE multimedia device which brings ease, convenience and $avings in home entertainment.  This space-saving petite box can do great things as it brings comfort to homes and delivers an all-in-one multimedia experience. 


    From Analog to Digital!

    • Why replace your analog TV?  IVIEW 3500STBII will convert digital signals to your analog TV. Why pay exhorbitant cable subscription fees?  IVIEW 3500STBII supports OTA (Over-the-Air) and QAM tuner built-in.  QAM stands for Quadrature Amplitude Modulation. IVIEW3500STBII has the capability to pull certain unencrypted digital cable channels  (also known as ‘in-the-clear” channels), watch them on your Television without using any additional set-top box that you have to pay monthly subscription.  

    Record all your favorite television shows!

    • No qualms on QAM… you can even record video through the use of a Hard Drive! Play all your music, video or even movies from your USB flash or HDD them in high definition from your big screen televisions.
    • On other countries where analog signals are still present,  this Box will allow you to still watch analog channels   through channels 3 or 4 because of its analog pass-through capabilities.

     High Definition!

    • Watch video on any resolution.. 1080p, 1080i, 72-p or even 576p.  Enjoy the luxury of high definition by connecting an HDMI Cable from the 3500STBII HDMI output to your television. 

     And much, much, MORE!

    • 3500STBII is a universal media player and automatically recognizes most of the popular video or audio file formats which eliminates the need to purchase any other video player.
    • All the above and other features such as Parental Control, EPG, Signal Quality Indicator, Closed Captioning all in a full function remote control. 


    If you are looking for reliability, dependability and most importantly – affordability on a Multimedia device… your search is over! Purchase one of our STB-3500 Multimedia Converter Device from your local stores right now! 



    • Frontal Display
      • Power button allows you to manually turn on or off your IVIEW 3500STBII at your convenience.
      • Using the channel up and downs buttons, you can change the channels to your favorite TV station. 
      • The LED display conveniently displays whether you are watching a channel, scanning for channels, or the menu is open.
      • Power light-  Red light indicates that the converter box is on Stand-By
      • Lock Light- Green light indicates converter box is on and that the converter box is locking in signals.
      • USB Port- Located for your convenience, the USB port allows you to insert an external hard drive up to 3 Terabytes of storage, to record your favorite programming or play your movies.



    • Back Display
    • ANT In/Out- Allows you to insert an antenna so the digital channels you receive are converted to your analog television.
    • HDMI- High Definition Media Interface delivers incredible high definition resolution.
    • Coaxial out- connect converter box to your Television using a coaxial cable.
    • Component Outputs- Connect your converter box to your television using component cables
    • Composite Outputs- Connect your converter box to your television using composite cables.  (Included)  


    If you are looking for reliability, dependability and most importantly – affordability on a Multimedia device… your search is over! Purchase one of our STB-3500 Multimedia Converter Device from your local stores right now! 



    3500STBII Remote Control 


    Setup Buttons Guideline for 3500STBII

    1. Press "SETUP" for 3 sec till red light turns on.

    2. Press "POWER" in TV area within 10 sec till red light flashes.

    3. Press"POWER" of your TV remote for 3 secs and point LED sensor directly to 3500STBII remote within 3cm distance till red light flashes 3times and stays red.

    4. Repeat step 2 & 3 to copy the other button functions and press "SETUP" to quit.

Return Policy  

    Satisfaction 30 days Replacement Return Policy:

    • Return for refund: Not eligible
    • Return for replacement: 30 days from invoice day

     (other terms and condition may apply, please click here for full return policy.)

Product Picture
Iview 3500STBII Multi-function Digital Converter Box
Iview 3500STBII Multi-function Digital Converter Box
Iview 3500STBII Multi-function Digital Converter Box
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Iview 3500STBII Multi-function Digital Converter Box.
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Follow up: After a year or more of using I find one very big problem with this unit. The quality of the USB port (socket) is sub par. Cannot make good connections with memory stick or HDD. This is the one particular part that should have been the highest quality as you are moving gigabytes of information across it at high speeds. I'd be recording and get "usb removed" or it just wont connect. I have two of these units and both have this problem. Also, they sometimes just lose all their settings and you have to reboot and change settings (like time settings, etc). This results in auto recording at the wrong time. Otherwise...great picture and sound from an antenna.
  (1 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
samplerman on 8/19/2014

It may be just fine all around, not sure. It works as well as my previous model, but this is supposed to be so much more. The manual could stand a rewrite to improve comprehension. As far as it's capabilities of timer recording I'm not sure whether these work or not, can't figure them out. Can be operated manually but setting the correct date is flakey. It works but may promise more than it can deliver. Even then, it's not a bad deal for the money. The USB operation works fine, but just how you manage the image after it is running is not clear.
  (1 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
Deadaztec on 6/15/2014

I am well satisfied with the digital converter box, it was a little hard to get it working at first. It now works great, the pictures are really good.
  (0 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
Hempy1 on 6/5/2014 Verified Buyer
I bought this item on a whim as my wife and I were seeking to cut out cable. The only reason I have not canceled cable sooner was the fact that we really, really like having a DVR (no more VCR's!). Anyway, after researching for a few weeks, I decided to try this instead of the Magnovox stand alone DVR that Walmart sells. I figure why spend nearly $250 when I can get this unit for $35 plus the cost of a flash drive. The box is really easy to install, and I use it in conjunction with the Homeworx digital antenna that Meritline sells for around $7. The EPG (on screen tv guide) is good, easy to use. The recording of programs is fairly easy to do, but not as proficient as the cable DVR. Good remote, easy to use overall. I'm using a 32gb flash drive, which will get you about 8 one hour programs. This DVR unit is AWESOME, I highly recommend it to those who are looking to get rid of cable, Dish or Direct. Total setup cost for one tv was about $52- digital antenna, DVR box & flash drive

  (0 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
AZ Cardinals Fan on 5/29/2014

Bought in January it is not yet May, completely froze up. Starting displaying ghost images and then audio and video garble. IT JUST STOPS working the manufacturer should be drummed out of business. Meritline should not peddle junk products. Apparently I have to give the item 1 star; please, infer that there is a minus sign in front of it.
  (0 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
Worthless Brick on 4/27/2014

I bought this on a whim because I was switching cable providers and wasn't sure about the timing between the disconnect and reconnect timing. This thing rocks!! It's way more than an ATSC tuner, although it handles that job very well. Toss on a USB flash drive or hard drive, and it transforms it into a real DVR that even has a program guide and scheduling!! It also functions as a media player for your own media files. (music/videos/photos/etc) This thing even has games! Granted they are similar to an old Nokia cell phone, but still a pleasant surprise. If this thing had built in wifi or an ethernet jack, it'd be perfect!! I am going to order a couple more of these for myself and my parents, I like this one so much!
  (0 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
techgeek on 3/10/2014 Verified Buyer
I was really excited to get this device for the PVR feature. I want to be able to record anything I am watching onto a USB flash drive or portable hard drive at my convenience. Well, it does do that, but only with OVER THE AIR signals, through an externally mounted antenna. I have direct TV, but no DVR, so I was hoping that I could run the output from my Direct TV tuner into this box and record any program I can receive. Well, it does not do that, at least I have not been able to do it yet. It is supposed to tune in cable channel signals also, so I may try to see if it can recognize the channel 3 output signal from the direct TV box and tune into that. Then it should work, but so far I can't get it to see the direct TV box. Too bad this does not have A/V composite inputs, as that would solve the problem completely, thus only 4 star rating. It has outputs only. The only input is COAX F connector.

  (1 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
Knudson on 3/7/2014 Verified Buyer
Unfortunately, I was not able to use the box. All my cable channels are scrambled The cable provider is Comcast, and it was not able to recognize any channels at all.

  (1 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
Mike on 3/6/2014

As advertised, the device is equipped with many nifty features for the price. I was looking for an inexpensive multi-function media player, which is capable playing back computer downloads of all formats, especially, .flv, mp4, vob, etc. from a 3T ext. hard drive. The device tested out great, except for one serious 'DRAWBACK', an omission of a language font in its title menus display. The device would only display words in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. Hence, on your source hard drive if you have numerous International playbacks in other than the provided language fonts, all the names of these International titles or native words would appeared as "BLANKS" on this device's title menu display, and there's no way of making out your selection to play. I did call the manufacturer reporting the "Dilemma"; however, disappointedly to hear that there's NO Solution to rectify the Problem. Not even a Firmware Update?? What a Shame!
  (1 people found this comment helpful, 1 did not)
Disappointedly Surprised on 1/8/2014 Verified Buyer
The tuner delivers exceptionally clear images on my old analog TVs. It is far superior to any of the DTV converters sold a few years ago. One of our 2009-era DTV converters died recently (but the 2007 analog TV set is still going strong) so I was looking for an inexpensive replacement. As others have noted, a minor complaint is that the menus are transparent and sometimes hard to read over the TV program being broadcast. The 'universal' remote included isn't quite universal. It failed to learn any codes from our 'oddball' Funai/Sylvania TV/VCR/DVD combo remote but that set doesn't work with any other 'universal' remote except an expensive Logitech unit. I've tried the DVR and pausing live TV functions briefly with a 4GB flash drive, and they worked just fine. A 4GB drive would apparently hold about 30 minutes of recording, regardless of resolution selected. I briefly tried a USB 2.5" hard drive that caused disrupting interference to the picture, but it was very close to the antenna.

  (1 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
mdwychoff on 1/8/2014

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