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La Crosse
La Crosse Technology Weather Direct WD-2511U 2 Day Internet Powered Wireless Forecaster    
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SKU:  239-212-001
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Description & Specs

    La Crosse Technology Weather Direct WD-2511U 2 Day Internet Powered Wireless Forecaster

    Manufacturer Part # WD-2511U

    2 Day Internet Powered Wireless Forecaster

    • 2 Day Accurate Weather for Over 60,000 Locations
    • IN/OUT Temperature
    • Time and Date Sets Itself
    • No Subscription Required

    Display: 4.7" L x 1.13" W x 5.56" H
    Temp Sensor: 1.5" L x .8" W x 5" H 
    Gateway: 6.6" L x 1" W x 1.6" H


    All Features:

    • Free Accurate Forecasts - No Subscription
    • 2 Day Accurate Weather for Over 60,000 Locations in the United States and Canada Including Your Hometown, Parks, Sports Venues, Golf Courses and More (For Example, the image above shows the City Name, "Madison".)
    • To See The Location List Click Here
    • 2 Day Forecasts: Specific Forecasts for Each Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night
    • Daily HI / LOW Temperature Forecasts
    • Indoor Temperature (°F/°C)
    • Wireless Outdoor Temperature (°F/°C)
    • Scrolling Lower LCD Section: Scrolls Wireless Outdoor Temperature, Selected Location, Sunrise, Sunset, and Selected Location Forecast
    • Monitor Your Backyard Temperature From Anywhere In The World with the Included Weather Club Membership
    • Upper-Right Corner of LCD Toggles Date, Seconds and Indoor Temperature
    • Time Alarm
    • Time and Date Sets Itself
    • 330 Ft Wireless Range
    • No WiFi or Software Installation Necessary
    • High-Speed Internet, Network Router and Computer for Web-Based Set-Up are Required
    • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
    Wireless Temp Sensor and Weather Gateway

    Weather Direct® by La Crosse Technology® gives you easy access to the same quality weather as meteorologists 24 hours-a-day without turning on a TV or a computer! It works without Wi-Fi, there is NO software to install, and the forecasts are totally FREE. NO subscription required.

    The included TX-50U wireless temperature sensor monitors your backyard temperature. You can also monitor your backyard temperature from anywhere in the world with your free membership to

    The Secure Weather Gateway connects to your network router with the included LAN cable to send secure wireless forecasts to the display - 24 hours a day without turning on a TV or computer. A wireless range of 330 feet allows you to put the display device almost anywhere you want. A PC is only required for one-time easy set-up or to customize features. High-speed Internet and network router are required.

    System Includes:

    • Wireless Display (4.7" L x 1.13" W x 5.56" H)
      • Indoor Temperature Range: 14.1°F to 100°F (-9.9°C to 37.7°C)
      • 3 "AA" Alkaline Batteries (not included)
    • Secure Weather Gateway (6.6" L x 1" W x 1.6" H):
      • Powered by Included AC Adapter
      • LAN Cable Included to Connect to Network Router
    • Wireless Temperature Sensor (1.5" L x .8" W x 5" H):
      • Outdoor Temperature Range: -39.8°F to 139.8°F (-39.8°C to 58.9°C)
      • Mounting Hardware Included
      • 2 "AA" Alkaline Batteries (not included)
    • Battery Life Up To 2 Years
Return Policy  

    Satisfaction 30 days Return Policy:

    • Return for refund: 30 days from invoice day
    • Return for replacement: 30 days from invoice day

     (other terms and condition may apply, please click here for full return policy.)

Warranty Information :
1 Years Manufacture Warranty
Manufacturer Phone Number:TEL: 608 782 1610 FAX: 608.796.1020
Product Picture
La Crosse Technology Weather Direct WD-2511U 2 Day Internet Powered Wireless Forecaster
La Crosse Technology Weather Direct WD-2511U 2 Day Internet Powered Wireless Forecaster
La Crosse Technology Weather Direct WD-2511U 2 Day Internet Powered Wireless Forecaster
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La Crosse Technology Weather Direct WD-2511U 2 Day Internet Powered Wireless Forecaster.
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This is the second La Crosse forecaster, works like my other one. My only issue, other than tricky setup, is the fact that only the indoor temperature is displayed continuously. To me it would make more sense to have the remote outdoor temperature continuously displayed. The forecasts over the internet are very useful. I find myself checking it instead of my smartphone. If the outside temperature was continuously displayed this would be a five star device IMHO. I give it a four star rating.
  (0 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
Mark on 3/9/2014

I have had this item for about two weeks, and it has performed flawlessly so far. A bit of difficulty in setting up, largely my fault for not reading the instructions carefully. I agree with another reviewer that the outside temperature display should show continuously and not just scroll by every thirty seconds or so.
  (0 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
T. Walton on 1/29/2014

So I had this setup for about 6-months, working perfectly, although I remember it was a little touchy to get everything setup the first time. Anyways, I didn't realize how much I cam to rely on seeing the weather and forecast and temp in my bathroom while I am getting ready everyday until it went offline a couple days ago. Finally got around to troubleshooting it today, it was simple, just needed to reboot the thing that plugs into my router. Back online and forecasting the weather once again. 4 stars instead of 5 because the setup website tries to up-sell you on all these subscription products that compliment the functionality of the device but honestly, the capability it comes with is more than enough and the other stuff I can get from free websites at my desktop. But 5-stars if all the features were included in the device price. Meritline's price, BTW, is great. This thing retails for $69.95.
  (1 people found this comment helpful, 1 did not)
Bob Short on 8/29/2013

Documentation is poor. Many other reviewers missed that the "+" button on the backside will cause the inside temperature to be displayed on the UR corner. I just wish it would display the outside temperature continuously. It was a bi**h to set up (2 hours), and the display is not very visible in low-light conditions. I can get better forecasts on the web. If you have a smart phone, don't bother getting this. If you're like me and don't have a smart phone, get a cheaper weather station with an outside sensor, and mount the sensor in the shade, or take some masking tape and make a small parasol for it. The only advantage is that you can take it anywhere within radio range and see the data and forecast. This is too fancy for the job it does.
  (0 people found this comment helpful, 1 did not)
Joshua Levin on 2/9/2013

Very convenient to setup and use. Gets local data from weather station in the area through the internet. One downside is that the outside temperature is displayed at the end of the scrolling messages or when the mode button on the back is pressed. It would be a lot more helpful if both inside and outside temps were shown all the time.
  (3 people found this comment helpful, 1 did not)
Chun on 11/27/2012 Verified Buyer
Great idea, but it is not very stable. We have had to resync it with the transmitter a couple of dozen times. The outside sensor went out of sync even more often the the weather station, and then stopped working all together in only four months. New batteries made no difference.

  (4 people found this comment helpful, 1 did not)
Stardude on 10/1/2012 Verified Buyer
At first, it looked nice. But there are several problems. Gateway device was making fairly loud high pitched hissing/buzzing noise when it is powered. The noise is from inductor coil used as part of LC circuit. It was loud enough to be heard in a room with computer with 8 hard drives running and a ceiling fan. I put the device in a box, now it is better. It is either defective/cheap inductor or bad design of circuit (setting frequency in audible range). Main display does not have constant display of outdoor temperature. Instead, it is in bottom scroll. You have to look at it for a quiet while to get outdoor temperature. Weather updates every 6 hours. Which may be too long. It says no subscription is needed, but you still have to create account and register to use. By no subscription, they mean you don't have to pay.

  (4 people found this comment helpful, 3 did not)
lambition on 9/12/2012 Verified Buyer
My old Oregon temperature sensor died and I was excited to find a whole new LaCrosse setup for a few bucks more here on! Pros: Nice, clear display. Two day forecast is cool. Not having to set the time/date is nice too. Outdoor sensor is kinda big.. but seems well constructed. Cons: Constantly displays *indoor* temperature... you have to push a button or wait for the scroll to see the current outdoor temperature. This really irks me. Why would I need to know indoor temperature while I'm standing indoors? I'd like to see the outdoor temperature at a glance. Also, you don't get any cool features from the website unless you subscribe for an annual fee. Considering returning this because of the whole temperature thing.

  (1 people found this comment helpful, 1 did not)
Skipjack on 9/7/2012 Verified Buyer
Clever idea, but lacking in many ways. First of all, why emphasize the time and date on top of the display. This is a weather station not a clock, so instead of having to wait thirty seconds for the outdoor temperature to scroll by, it should be the most prominant thing on the top of the display. Secondly, this unit does not display the indoor temperature as it claims on the box. Thirdly, why build a sensor that requires a battery, when local temperatures can be accessed by the weather station online just like our computers do. Fourthly, even the most basic weather stations include outdoor humidity, but not this weather forecaster.

  (6 people found this comment helpful, 2 did not)
P. Nunn on 5/4/2012 Verified Buyer
I like the device very much with one exception. It should be easier to see the outside temperature, either in the upper right corner in stead of indoor, or a longer pause when cycling through the information at the bottom of the screen.

  (3 people found this comment helpful, 1 did not)
hbherman on 4/18/2012

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