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LAVA HD-8000 OmniPro HD-8000 omni-directional HDTV Antenna    
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Description & Specs

LAVA HD-8000 OmniPro HD-8000 omni-directional HDTV Antenna

Manufacturer Part # HD-8000

HD-8000 OmniPro HD-8000 omni-directional HDTV Antenna

With the new concept Omni-Directional HDTV antenna, your life just became easier.

The New LAVA OmniPro series antenna is a new solution for HDTV reception.

One position and gets the signal from all directions.

Best on the market today.

Products Features:


FM.UHF/VHF Reception

Shield for minimum interference

Build-in high gain and low noise amplifier.

Anti-UV coating and waterproof design for durabilit

360 degree omni directional receptio on both UHF and VHF.


Frequency(VHF) 40-230MHz
Frequency(UHF) 470-862MHz
Gain(VHF) 28+/-3dB
Gain(UHF) 32+/-3dB
Impedance 75?
Working Voltage 110V/60Hz
DC Input 12 V

Return Policy  

    Satisfaction 30 days Replacement Return Policy:

    • Return for refund: Not eligible
    • Return for replacement: 30 days from invoice day

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Product Picture
LAVA HD-8000 OmniPro HD-8000 omni-directional HDTV Antenna
LAVA HD-8000 OmniPro HD-8000 omni-directional HDTV Antenna
LAVA HD-8000 OmniPro HD-8000 omni-directional HDTV Antenna
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LAVA HD-8000 OmniPro HD-8000 omni-directional HDTV Antenna.
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i am using this antenna indoors less than 5 miles from major broadcast towers -- still directional -- found that it gets better reception without the amplifier

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RD_Hoyt on 5/29/2014

I live in a poor signal reception area, with two transmitters in the area situated in nearly opposite directions from my house splitting the local channel coverage. This antenna solves that problem. I get all local stations even when the antenna is indoors; it will be roof-mounted when the winter ice finally melts. I've tried using multiple antennas both on the roof and inside, and until this one, I wasn't able to get half the channels without rigging up two antennas and a coupler. My only gripe is the plastic construction of the mounting arm. I wish it had metal components. I just know this antenna mounting arm will break one day, and it will break my heart. Until then, at least I got to watch the Super Bowl.
  (1 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
Spike on 2/7/2014

Works no better than inexpensive rabbit ears for me. The construction quality seems poor and ML does not accept returns on this product. I live within 15 miles of local broadcast antennas and should have no problem with reception if the published gain specs are accurate, but get only intermittent reception for half of the local stations available to me. Not happy that I bought this.
  (1 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
wwwaverider on 2/3/2014

Works great and very easy to install. I was using the Lava HD before purchasing the omni pro. I found that the Omni pro needs less adjustment and brings in all channels clearly without pixelation. I'll buy another and retire this other one.
  (1 people found this comment helpful, 2 did not)
Looncoach on 12/26/2013

I highly recommend this antenna. After spending 15 minutes adjusting rabbit ears when choosing which set of channels I wanted to try to access, I had just about given up on the whole indoor antenna idea - so much so that I ordered an outdoor antenna. When I saw how big it was and how scary the installation directions were, I was debating whether it was worth working a second job to pay a cable bill when I saw this sweet antenna. Now I get all of the available channels at the same time and I rarely have to slightly shift the dome should the image start to pixelate. A few seconds vs. 15 minutes? I can handle that!
  (1 people found this comment helpful, 3 did not)
24SevnLibrarian on 12/15/2013

I live in San Diego and I was hoping to use this antenna to eliminate high cable fees ($20 for basic cable...what a rip-off). If this antenna could pick up the standard three channels (CBS, NBC, ABC) and PBS I'd be happy. I was able to get 3 out of the 4 channels but the last channel is the one that I watch the most. I cannot live without my shows on CBS so I'm forced to keep my Time Warner Cable account. Rats! Buying an HD antenna is a crap may work for your needs or it may not. If not, you are stuck with a useless antenna. If you do purchase this or any antenna, keep in mind that the higher you place the antenna, the better the reception. I'm giving this product 3 stars because it is not omni-directional. To get a clear reception, I had to rotate this antenna manually until I could capture a signal. Good luck.
  (4 people found this comment helpful, 1 did not)
Dumping Antenna, Keeping Cable on 12/10/2013

This antenna worked well for me. I live in a suburban area and there are many trees in line of sight to the transmission towers, but this pulls in stations. Easy to install, plus an inline amp.
  (2 people found this comment helpful, 1 did not)
dhallen100 on 12/9/2013

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