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Logitech Harmony Smart Control with Smartphone App and Simple Remote 915-000194 Recertified     Best Seller!
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SKU:  0048645-001
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Description & Specs

    Logitech Harmony Smart Control with Smartphone App and Simple Remote 915-000194 Recertified

    Manufacturer Part # 915-000194

    From the Manufacturer

    Logitech Harmony Smart Control

    Turn your smartphone into a one-touch universal remoteNow you can control your entertainment system from your smartphone. The Harmony Hub combined with a powerful app give you personalized control of up to eight devices—even through closed cabinets and walls. Plus, you get a simple Harmony remote for everyone in the house when you’re smartphone isn’t handy.


    Swipe and tap control

    Swipe or tap your thumb across your smartphone screen to adjust the volume, change the channel, fast-forward, rewind, pause, play and skip forward or back.

    A smartphone app that simply works

    Consolidate 8 remote controls into one simple mobile app. Harmony is compatible with over 225,000 home theater devices. And unique to Harmony is our patented Smart State technology, which remembers your devices’ power and input settings and automatically adjusts them based on what you want to do.

    Plus a simple remote control

    When your mobile phone is not available, use the included simple remote control. It lets anyone in the family change the channel and adjust the volume. And, simply press one button to switch to favorite activities, like watch TV or play a game.*

    *After initial online setup
    Channel availability subject to your local service provider. Remote screen images are for illustrative purposes.

    Game console control

    The included Harmony Hub turns Wi-Fi® signals from your mobile phone into IR and Bluetooth® commands your home theater system can understand. Access internet services like Netflix® and Hulu® on your PS3®, Wii® or Xbox 360®

    Control devices behind closed cabinets

    The Harmony Hub also allows you to control home theater devices located behind cabinets or walls. You don’t have to point your mobile phone or remote at your devices anymore. You don’t even have to be in the same room.

    Easy mobile setup

    Download the Harmony App to your iPhone or Android smartphone.

    The free app will walk you through the process step-by-step right on your mobile phone. And, Harmony users can use their current device and activity settings to make the setup process even easier.

    Apple, the Apple logo, and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

    System Requirements

    • iOS:
      • iPad®, iPhone®, or iPod touch® with iOS 5.0 or later
      • Logitech Harmony App (free download from iTunes App Store)
    • Android:
      • Wi-Fi® enabled smartphone with Android 2.3 or later
      • Logitech Harmony App (free download from Google Play)
    • Windows®-based PC for setup:
      • Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8
      • USB port

    • Mac for setup:
      • Mac OS X 10.4.8 or later
      • USB port
    • Broadband Internet Connection

      802.11 b/g/n wireless home network
      • Supports WPA Personal, WPA2-AES and 64/128 bit WEP encryption)


    Which Harmony Remote Is Right For You?

    Harmony 650 Harmony Touch
    Harmony Smart Control
    Harmony Ultimate

    Control that's bright and brilliant One-touch advanced customized control Turns your smartphone into a Harmony remote Advanced control of game consoles and hidden devices
    Control Features
    Color touch screen remote with advanced customization1

    Rechargeable with included charging station

    Turn your smartphone into a Harmony remote5

    Control devices behind cabinet doors and walls

    Control Wii, PS3 and Xbox360 gaming consoles Xbox360 Xbox360
    One-touch control for multiple activities
    Help button so you're never stuck

    On smart device
    Online setup for remote with PC or Mac (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or Intel-based Mac OS X 10.5 or later) Optional mobile setup (see 'What you need')
    Live setup support if you hit a snag
    How many devices can it control? 5

    1. After initial online setup.
    5. Compatible with iOS 5.0 or later and Android 2.3 or later.


Return Policy  

    Satisfaction 30 days Replacement Return Policy:

    • Return for refund: Not eligible
    • Return for replacement: 30 days from invoice day

     (other terms and condition may apply, please click here for full return policy.)

Product Picture
Logitech Harmony Smart Control with Smartphone App and Simple Remote 915-000194 Recertified
Logitech Harmony Smart Control with Smartphone App and Simple Remote 915-000194 Recertified
Logitech Harmony Smart Control with Smartphone App and Simple Remote 915-000194 Recertified
Logitech Harmony Smart Control with Smartphone App and Simple Remote 915-000194 Recertified
Logitech Harmony Smart Control with Smartphone App and Simple Remote 915-000194 Recertified
Logitech Harmony Smart Control with Smartphone App and Simple Remote 915-000194 Recertified
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Logitech Harmony Smart Control with Smartphone App and Simple Remote 915-000194 Recertified.
Average Review: (4.42 out of 5)  based on 12 ratings.   Total # of Reviews: 12 user reviews.  Write a review

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Simple remote is well built and has an ergonomic feel while holding, disappointed that backlit buttons were not included with this model. Setup of the hub with a PC was cumbersome and never worked. After creating the myharmony account to use this remote (you can't use your old harmony software and account btw) plugged in the hub and waited for Win7 to install the drivers only to have it BSOD my computer, thats the windows blue screen in case you aren't familiar. Thinking my machine needed a restart i shutdown and tried again, this time the drivers loaded and the web service begin to work, blue screen again So shutdown restarted tried again, hub connected no problem, web service runs...another blue screen. Considered putting it all back in the box but opted for the smartphone setup route which worked but was slow,allowed little customization,took longer than web setup does. I've setup dozens of harmony remotes and this is by far the worst, works great once setup but not worth hassle
  (1 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
bwils on 4/13/2014

This is a great remote. It is very comfortable to hold and use. It works great with no need to aim the remote. Controlling by smart phone works great. But some options I would like to see. It could still use the ability to control a unit by pointing the remote at the device instead of always needing to go through the IR blaster. IR buds are cheap, go ahead and send 2. Also it lacks the ability to teach it individual controls by training it using another remote instead of only using the available drivers in the system. Overall great remote and I would recommend to others.
  (0 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
warpedjoe on 3/15/2014

I purchased this when my wife and mother in law couldn't operate everything in our home entertainment system to watch a movie. WOW this thing is awesome. It has total customization so that you tap on the app open it and then run whichever program you want. Whether it is watching a movie through the WD Media Center, a movie on xbox 360, or listen to music streaming through the media player or just watching TV. This does it all. All my family have an android phone so once they join our wifi it connects to the control and then downloads the settings and poof they are controlling it. Another feature I love is that when I go to bed and the family is still watching TV if it is too loud I just turn it down to a comfortable level. If the kids are up too late I turn it off. I LOVE IT!! If you think this may help you buy it because it will. And thank you to for having it at such an awesome price.
  (0 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
Mike on 3/12/2014

Putting the hub at the right spot is important. I had to test the direction of the hub to the device by using my manufacturer remote next to the hub to see if it's turning on the device. Along with the new updates by harmony, it's all running smoothly now.
  (0 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
tim on 3/12/2014

As others stated, though it was a refurb, items were in new condition. Setup was a snap, once the hub is configured any device with the app connects to it and gets the configuration from the hub, no need to set it up on each device. The software is a bit buggy on my tablet and phone. If I turn the screen off on the devices I have to close the app and restart it sometimes to make it work. I like it much more than my original harmony 880 but it is a bit buggy.
  (0 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
Kurt on 3/12/2014

As for Meritline, no problems whatsoever. Easy ordering, decent shipping, and when I opened the package, I was surprised to see how awesome of shape the remote and accessories were. Now, onto the remote and setup process. I was "upgrading" from a Logitech Xbox 360 remote to this one. I was intrigued by the ability to control my system with my iPhone. Setup was okay, but it needed a firmware update to work. After porting over my configuration, I figured I would be done. But alas, I was not. I had to basically start from scratch to get it to work. And work is an overstatement. My system is fairly simple, an LCD TV, cable box, Xbox 360, and an LG mini system. Logitech claims that this item will work behind closed doors with the blaster and Hub. Wrong! I have a cabinet with glass doors. I had to have the doors open for it to kind of work. I tried different positions for the hub and blaster, nothing would work right. Going back to my old remote.
  (0 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
Anthony on 3/4/2014

After extensive research, ordered this remote from MeritLine and it arrived last Saturday. While it stated itâ??s refurbished, it looked brand-new. The only give away is it was packed in a standard box and not the original packaging. From my research, I saw where others had issues setting up this remote and with my system being somewhat complex (older TV, Cable DVR, DVD and a older Yamaha AV Receiver), I planned for a long set-up period. I started by connecting the Hub to my laptop via the supplied cable, opened the Harmony setup site in the browser ( and ran into minor problem. Iâ??m using Microsoft IE 11 browser and the Harmony site had issues with that version. I added the Harmon site to the Compatibility Settings in the browser (Tools -> Capability View Settings -> Add) and was off and running. After that, the setup was very easy and in about 10 minutes was up and running. It was able to identify the different inputs on my TV! Great remote so f
  (0 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
Rusty on 3/4/2014

I purchased this to upgrade my Logitech Harmony Touch Universal Remote, and found that my favorite feature is that the remote is that we no longer need to aim the remote at the TV and other components. The Logitech Harmony Smart Control receives the instructions from the remote and send the signals to the components using mini transmitters.
  (0 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
Doug F. on 2/5/2014 Verified Buyer
This product works well. It looked like it was brand new. I just use the remote that came with it. The remote is very responsive. I am glad I bought this item, and would buy it again with what I know about it.

  (0 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
Dave on 2/4/2014

Ordered this refurbished for a pretty good deal. Very happy with the product. I've owned two other Logitech remotes, but the dog ate them both. Easy setup and 90% of all the functions worked after initial setup. There was one mode/device that I had to program by pointing the existing remote to the hub, but it worked just fine after that. There's plenty of features and the remote supports more devices than I own. I thought the smart phone control would be a big help, but the included remote is super efficient and is pretty much all I need to control everything. I placed the Hub right under the TV and it's able to control all the components which are above, below and adjacent to the hub.
  (0 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
mikekoala on 2/3/2014

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