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MEGA PowerSaver
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MEGA PowerSaver High Efficient Performance PowerSaver New Generation For Energy Saving    
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Description & Specs

MEGA PowerSaver High Efficient Performance PowerSaver New Generation For Energy Saving

Product Feature

The new innovative 2lst century PowerGard CT-1688 is designed for home use.  Simply PLUG into any wall outlet.

It is efficient in reducing power and electricity consumption. The PowerGard has the following features:

  1. Improves power factor of appliances
  2. Reduces the impact of electrical surges
  3. Increases efficiency by stabilizing the voltage
  4. Designed for inductive and capacitive type of appliances, such as air conditioners, washing machines, stereos, fluorescent lamps, electric fans, televisions, microwave ovens, etc.  Since resistive appliances such as electric cookers, stoves, dryers, heaters, toasters, irons, etc. are 100% efficient, there are no improvements.
  5. Safe to use 24 hours a day all year round; with built in fuse protection


Why do Homes and Businesses Need MEGA PowerSaver?

1) The power factor (efficiency) of different electric appliances in every family will depreciate with
time, causing higher consumption and waste of electrical power without being realized.
2) Many factors such as aged wires, different diameters of wires would affect voltage and current;
unstable supply voltages or smaller wire diameters or aged wire may cause an increase in
resistance and poor power supply quality. All these factors may result in electrical power loss or
even fire.
3) Extra electrical power can be lost naturally when electrical power is being transmitted (called
wire loss), or when starting or running electric equipments.
4) The current of electric equipments will be reduced and the voltages will be stabilized by
installing this saver, to increase power factor. The saver can recycle the lost electrical power
caused by wire loss and extra electrical power wasted by starting and running equipments, as it
then releases the recycled electrical power back into the electrical circuit to reuse it, to save
power, and to save your money eventually. It is just like putting a small bucket in the electrical
circuit, collecting the linking electrical power at anytime, and sending it back to the circuit again.
5). The unit equipped with built in APS (Anti Power Shock)-preventing from electric shock
and leakage device, to avoid the danger of electric shock, having higher secure factor than the
existing products sold in the market.

The Functions and Efficiency of MEGA PowerSaver

1). Raise up power factor, reduce electrical power loss by 10-30%.
2). Improve quality of electricity supplies. Make supplies stable and 100% safe.
3). It is able to instantly compensation and effectively restrain abrupt current and lower
the disruption of wave and harmonic wave.
4). Extend the life of electrical equipments and enhance the loading duration of the circuit.
5). Save 10-30% of expense on electricity on average.
6). Built-in Anti Power Shock pc board, to avoid from abnormal operation which may
cause electrical shock.

The Operating Properties of MEGA PowerSaver

1). Enhance the overall electric effectiveness, instantly compensate current, restrain
harmonic wave, and to promote the effectiveness of the electrical equipments.
It is able to avoid ineffective power waste so as to save the power.
2). MEGA PowerSaver does not consume electrical energy itself but only one little LED lamp. To
let the product operate 24 hours a day and run all year round without increasing your expense
on electricity.
3). It can be used in 110V or 220V, 60/50Hz, single-phase electrical supplies directly (for threephase
220V or industrial power supplies, it is not effective), for up to 5 years continuously.
4). This product is suitable for inductive and capacitive appliances, such as air conditioners,
refrigerators, washing machines, dehumidifiers, stereos, fluorescent lamps, electric fans,
televisions, induction cookers, microwave ovens, etc.
However, it is not effective on resistant appliances, for example, electric cookers, electric
dryers, ovens, toasters, electric irons etc.
5). This product applies to homes, small businesses and stores.
6). Built-in patented APS protective equipments, with higher secure factor than those
sold in the market, the entire unit is approved by CE and UL certificate, free of the danger
of leakage and electric shock.

Instruction of MEGA PowerSavers

1) Plugging Mega PowerSaver into any indoor socket supplied with single phase, 110V/220V
could reach power-saving. (The unit is distinguished into for 110V and 220V purpose specially and
cannot be used in common.) The effect is much remarkable when plugging it into the socket of
equipment with heavier power consumption circuit. Plugging it in the kitchen, especially in the same
socket of the refrigerator is suggested in case no idea about where to plug in.
2) Every industrial invention has its limit and best operation environment, not every electric
environment is included. When the unit used in where one single power meter reaches above 300
KW/h per month, it gets to bring about its value and has the best effect at power-using about 800
KW/h. The unit still works properly when the power-usage range is from 800 KW/h to 1,500 KW/h,
yet it is strongly suggested to add one more MEGA PowerSaver in case of power-using over 1,500
KW/h, and so on.
3) Before using the saver, turn off the switch of the indicating light first. After plugging it in the
outlet, turn it on. Before unplugging the saver, please turn off the switch of the indicating light first.

Q & A about MEGA PowerSaver

(Q1). Why can MEGA PowerSaver save electrical power?
A: In today’s markets, we can see appliances called energy-saving products, for example, energysaving
refrigerators, energy-saving televisions, energy-saving lights, energy-saving air conditioners
etc. MEGA PowerSaver is actually based on the same principle, what we have done is enhanced the
efficiency, extending an appliance to a whole consumption system of electrical power. You just plug
a saver in any of the outlets in this system (after electricity meter), and you will be able to save on
your electricity bill.
(Q2). Is the use of MEGA PowerSaver illegal?
A: The unit is certificated by CE and UL as direct plug-in EMI Filter; plugging it into household
socket in back of power meter is definitely secure and legal.
(Q3). Will using MEGA PowerSaver bring about any danger?
A: It is absolutely secure. As MEGA PowerSaver has built-in APS, patented anti-leakage protection
equipment and is licensed by CE and UL certificate. It would not heat for long-term usage, so it will
not bring about any danger.
(Q4). How to use MEGA PowerSaver?
A: As long as plugging MEGA PowerSaver into any socket of power circuit in back of power meter
could reach the effect of saving power. The usage is very simple and convenient. It is suggested to
use on the circuit with heavier power, such as the circuit of refrigerator in the kitchen, as will get
better effect.
(Q5). How many MEGA PowerSaver in use is appropriate?
A: Using one MEGA PowerSaver could bring in power-saving when the power meter of your house
is above 300 Kwh/month; in case power consumption above 800 Kwh, especial above 1,500 Kwh,
using two MEGA PowerSavers is strongly suggested. Using too many units will cause power leading
(excessive compensation) and not carry out power-saving; please consider moderation usage. Use
the unit on the socket of heavier capacity circuit as far as possible that will bring in better effect.
(Q6). How is the saving effect of MEGA PowerSaver?
A: How is power-saving efficacy of MEGA PowerSaver?
A: Passing many tests and certifications, the unit is proved with power-saving ratio between 10%
and 30%; the difference of power-saving ratio is owing to the wire damage of electric environment
itself, power factors of the whole electrical appliances, the life-span of the electrical appliances, the
quality, if the electrical appliance equipped with built-in power saver, if instant start required
frequently, etc, as will influence the function of power-saving.
(Q7). Is MEGA PowerSaver effective on any appliances?
A: This product applies to many kinds of appliances such as air conditioners,
televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, electric fans, motors, pumps,
stereos, induction cookers, microwave ovens, fluorescent lamps, etc.
However, it is not effective on some resistant appliances such as ovens,
toasters, electric dryers (heat wind), electric cookers, etc.

Return Policy  

    Satisfaction 30 days Replacement Return Policy:

    • Return for refund: Not eligible
    • Return for replacement: 30 days from invoice day

     (other terms and condition may apply, please click here for full return policy.)

Product Picture
MEGA PowerSaver High Efficient Performance PowerSaver New Generation For Energy Saving
MEGA PowerSaver High Efficient Performance PowerSaver New Generation For Energy Saving
MEGA PowerSaver High Efficient Performance PowerSaver New Generation For Energy Saving
MEGA PowerSaver High Efficient Performance PowerSaver New Generation For Energy Saving
MEGA PowerSaver High Efficient Performance PowerSaver New Generation For Energy Saving
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MEGA PowerSaver High Efficient Performance PowerSaver New Generation For Energy Saving.
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