Best Monitor For Designers

Designers are a crucial part of today’s world, you would ask me why? The reason is pretty simple as they offer you some of the greatest designs and create some masterpiece that too digitally.

If we see the current scenario there are a lot many businesses that take place online and for that designers need the best quality monitor that suits their every need and requirement.

But how will one find the perfect monitor?

In this article, I would list down the top 10 Best Monitor for Designers that are affordable and yet offer you great features. Dive in to know more about some great monitors.

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Top 10 Best Monitor for Designers

1. Philips 276E9QDSB

The first one that we have here on the list is none other than Philips monitor. Are you curious to know more about its features? Read along. This Philips monitor is one of its kind as it offers you with some great features that will mesmerize you every time you use the monitor.

This Philips monitor provides you with 27 inches LCD screen that is full HD so you don’t have to worry as it has the latest features just for you. There is an IPS wide viewing panel that offers great angles and full colors so that you have a better viewing time. The brightness is also great with 250 cd/m2.

The product along with the stand 614 x 465 x 220 mm has these dimensions. The Philips ultra-wide color technology gives you good color contrast. There is also free Sync technology available that gives you fluid and artifact gaming technology. There are various ports that are available just for you such as HDMI, USB, and many more. 


  • IPS wide viewing panel with great color options
  • 27 inches LCD screen


  • Lacks tech support

2. Huion Kamvas 13 Monitor

This monitor offers you full lamination as this is an affordable drawing monitor with a seamless combining the glass as well as the screen to bring precise cursor positioning and also the lowest parallax. There is also an anti-glare film that is scratch resistant so do not worry about scratches as your monitor is safe at all times.

This monitor also gives you the perfect picture in bright as well as low light. The screen has 16.7 million colors to choose from and also the screen is FHD so you have a full HD screen at all times. The viewing angle in this monitor is 178 degrees so it could present every detail of your creation on your very ow screen.

This monitor is Android devices supported so that you can connect any device with it be it Mac or your PC. Moreover, this monitor can be also connected with android devices such as mobile phones or even tablets with the help of a full-featured Type C cable.

The name itself says Kamvas, so it basically means canvas, hence this monitor works like a canvas where you can draw or paint your creative ideas without any restrictions.


  • 178-degree viewing angle


  • Not great for gaming

3. BenQ PD 2700 Q

This is a Ben Q monitor that gives you some cool features. Let us discuss its features in detail. There is RGB optimal color precision that gives you some cool OS compatibility that you require. This is Windows 7 as well as windows 8 equipped.

There is a dual view function that offers you with the split-screen option so that you can view it on two windows with the help of this feature. There are various display modes side-by-side such as the darkroom, CAD, CAM, and animation modes as well so it is basically a fully equipped laptop with all the necessary features.

There is also display pilot software that gives you some customized monitor settings that are great for everyday use. This feature gives you the ultimate eye care technology with the help of blue light as well as flicker-free technology.

There is ultimate connectivity offered to you with the help of USB, HDMI, and many more so that you have efficiency at your fingertips every time. There is USB downstream as well as a built-in speaker that offers you superb sound quality each time. 


  • Built-in speakers for great audio quality


  • RGB does not work well

4. Asus Pro Art

Be it laptops or be it monitors Asus is basically everywhere and it truly is as even here we have an Asus monitor. This monitor is 24 inches wide that offers you with superb video quality at all times. There is an IPS display that comes with a frameless design. If we talk about the colors then it offers you international color standards and has 100% RGB as well as 100% rec.

709 wide color gaunt that you require in order to get the amazing picture quality in great graphics as well as great colors. This monitor is verified by the Calman that is with the factory pre-calibrated for an excellent color accuracy that your monitor requires be it while viewing a movie or even while creating superb creatives.

This monitor also has Asus exclusive Pro Art preset and also a Pro Art palette that provides you with a wide range of adjustable color parameters that are necessary. It also gives you a present mode. There is also extensive connectivity that you require be it HDMI, USB, or anything else.


  • RGB color adjustments option


  • Heats up pretty quickly

5. ViewSonic VA 2756 MHD

This is the new View Sonic monitor that has some promising features that can be great for the office as well as for home purposes. This monitor has an ideal all-around display that gives you the freeway to use it anywhere you like according to your comfort and needs.

The major difference that this monitor offers its users is with the razor-sharp clarity as not many laptops or monitors have the ability to offer such clarity that every user requires. Getting a sharp clarity is better for all sorts of purposes be it for watching a film or even while designing something new and creative on your own monitor.

The screen offers you with full HD screen as I said is great for viewing purposes. You can have an amazing view of quality at every angle as it has a 3-sided frameless bezel that gives you an IPS panel that ensures a stunning view no matter your vantage point. There is also flexible connectivity that offers you HDMI, for different ports so that you have easy accessibility and also helps you in greater multitasking. 


  • 3 sided frameless bezels for an amazing view
  • Sharp video quality


  • Not great for gaming purposes

6. Dell P Series

This is one of the Dell monitors in the monitor series that Dell has to offer. Now let us discuss the features of this monitor in detail. If you need more room for work this monitor offers you with just that as it has free up valuable desk space that you require with a thin monitor profile so that you can easily use it without any barriers.

The monitor base that the monitor offers is approximately 23% small than the predecessor so it gives you a new angle to the old monitor. This monitor is great to expand your efficiency. There is a three-sided ultrathin bezel design that gives you the cool and upgraded look in your monitor that you always wanted.

With the help of this design, you can enjoy the uninterrupted view of your content across multiple monitors so that you get the extra edge that you require. The brightness that the monitor offers is 300 candela per square meter which is what you need to get the extra edge factor while you are binge-watching your favorite series.

The screen of this monitor is flicker-free that gives you a comfortable view and there is also a feature called the blue light that offers you the ultimate eye comfort.


  • Blue-light feature


  • The audio feature is not great

7. AOC 27 B1H

This is a new and upcoming monitor that has some promising features to offer its consumers. Let us discuss the features of this monitor in detail. The screen of the monitor is 27 inches that offer you the full HD display that you require for having the ultimate viewing experience.

The dimensions of the monitor are 1920*1080 which is great as the wider the screen the more viewing space it offers. There is an IPS panel also present for wide viewing angles along with the vivid imagery quality that you require while binge-watching your favorite series or even watching a movie with your friends and family.

There is a three-sided frameless design that the monitor offers you so there would be no obstacle while viewing anything on the screen. The bezels of the screen are ultra-thin so that you get a stylish design.

There is an AOC flicker-free technology that gives you comfort for long term use every time without any barriers. AOC also offers clear vision power that ensures clear imagery even from an analog or SD source. 


  • Full HD screen
  • Ultra-thin bezels that offer super design
  • AOC flicker-free technology for comfortable use


  • Heats up pretty quickly

8. Samsung SE 200 Series

Here we have a Samsung monitor that gives you easy to use features that come handy whenever and wherever you use it. This monitor is a great monitor and here is why. This monitor has a screen size of 21.5 inches that gives you the expected aspect ratio of 16:9. The screen of this monitor is also full HD that comes along with the low-glare TN panel that you require.

There is also Magic angle technology that gives you a comfortable viewing experience at all times. There are also VGA and DVI inputs that combine to make a perfect valued monitor for your everyday tasks. This monitor is super sleep and slim in design and takes up hardly any space on your desk so don’t worry about making up space for this monitor.

There is also a tilt-adjustable stand that includes the VESA compatibility for easy mounting anytime anywhere. It is constructed with the help of 30% plastic so the main benefit that will come out of it is that power consumption would be very less. It will work wonders in standby modes or even while it is Off. 


  • Sleek design offers great style


  • Not suitable for gaming needs

9. Viotek F124D

This Viotek monitor is great for all purposes to be it home or even in the office. If you are looking for a computer monitor that offers you great versatility then this is the one for you. This is ideal for home as well as office use as it has a higher refresh rate around 75 Hz and the F124D feature that compliments any working environment. This is also optimized with full-color performance.

The widescreen monitor can be used expertly and can also be calibrated with AHVA that is advanced hyper viewing performance. There is also an IPS technology present that delivers true to life images that you deserve while watching anything on the monitor. It gives you the freeway to get lost in the details as it has some amazing details to offer its users design-wise.

The resolution is 2540*1440 which is like four times what a regular monitor has to offer you. The screen of the monitor is 24 inches in the display for that ultimate viewing experience. There are also advanced gaming functions available that make your gaming experience 4 times better. 


  • Higher resolutions for clear images
  • True to life picture 


  • Not great for everyday use

10. LG 27MK600M

The last and the final that we are going to include on the list is the LG monitor it has some amazing features of its own that are totally worth your time and money. This monitor is 27 inches wide with a full HD screen that gives you the opportunity to view every detail in style. There is IPS technology also present on the monitor.

The three-side virtually borderless design is something to kill for as it gives you the stylish outline that keeps you updated with the current trend. There is also Radeon free sync technology that offers you amazing graphics all the time so that you have a stand-out in front of your competitors. There is also a Dual HDMI input so that you have various connections for an easy multitasking function.

There is a split-screen option that lets you view your screen with a new feature and also gives you the entire control over the multitasking game. The split-screen option is there on the screen itself. There is also a reader mode made available to avid readers who do not want to cause any harm to their eyesight. 


  • Split-screen feature
  • Night reader mode 


  • Not suitable for gaming

Buying Guide To Best Monitor for Designers

Follow these guidelines and buy your favorite monitor. 

  • Display

The main point to focus on while you are thinking of buying a monitor is the display. The basic dimensions or inches that any monitor offers is around 25 to 27 inches. The more the inches the better clarity you have while viewing your favorite series or even movie for that matter.

  • Color Coordinates

There are RGB lights that every monitor offers you with. The RGB that your monitor has relies deeply on the way the video is being viewed on your laptop. The RGB lights play a very crucial role when you want to have rich experience in viewing any video or even while creating something new every day. The color coordinates are important when you consider buying a monitor.

  • Refresh rate

The last and the most important thing to remember while buying a monitor is the refresh rate. The refresh rate is the rate at which your images while they load on your monitor. It’s always better to buy a monitor who has a higher refresh rate as the higher the rate higher the quality of the images and vice versa. Hence whenever you think of buying a monitor look for the one who gives you a higher refresh rate.


In the end, I would like to say that getting a monitor may seem like a tedious task but rather it is not if you follow the specific instructions and list down the features you aspire for in your monitor. Keep all the above-mentioned points into consideration and you will get the monitor of your choice. Happy shopping!

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