Best Monitor for Programming

The best monitor for programming is hard to choose from the various brands and different styles. It should support all the software that the programmer wants to use; it offers multi-screen and more features. The features should add efficiency to the programmers’ programming skills.

The monitor should justify its pricing and fit the users’ budget. The monitor should also suit your workspace, and it should work efficiently in your setup. The monitor should have good ergonomics so that the monitor is easy to adjust according to the programmer’s needs.

The best monitor will be gentle on the programmer’s eyes and should have features that reduce eye fatigue. It should have a design that makes the display immersive, and the display resolution of the monitor should be high.

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10 Best Monitoring for Programming In 2020

1. Dell Ultrasharp U2415 Monitor

The monitor is capable of providing accurate color in vivid detail over a high-performance, spacious display. The monitor provides good viewing angles and a good visual experience. Productivity can be increased by dual or multi-monitor setup and take advantage of the ultra-thin bezel that allows virtually borderless viewing between monitors.

The 24-inch WUXGA Monitor provides a display resolution of 1920×1200 at a refresh rate of 60Hz. The monitor provides HDMI, Mini DP, DP, Audio line out, USB 3.0 with USB 3.0. The monitor is provided with a height-Adjustable Stand Title, the stand is easy to pivot, and swivel and it also comes with Built-in Cable Management.

The monitor can be easily pivoted 90° clockwise or counter-clockwise, placing the thinnest edges side-by-side for an enhanced viewing experience. The exclusive PowerNap feature from Dell enables the monitor’s display manager to either dim the monitor to the minimum brightness level or even put it into sleep mode.


  • The monitor provides nice viewing angles
  • The stand is easy to adjust
  • The monitor is provided with nice anti-glare coating


  • The color contrast of the monitor could have been better
  • It is not as bright to light up

2. HP 24Fwa Display Monitor

The HP monitor provides the user with a crisp picture quality with its ultra-slim, micro-edge display, immersive ultra-wide viewing angles, and built-in audio. The HP monitor looks modern and futuristic with its ultra-thin display, matte finish aluminum built finish, and high-polished resin. The vivid IPS panel, the user can view the content in full high-definition.

The mico edge display of the monitor wide viewing angles, crisp and clear picture quality. The user can adjust the screen to their personal preference and need with a 5° forward or 25° backward tilt. The Slim design and single connection give the user more room for an enhanced computing experience.

The LED display has a 1920 x 1080 pixels display resolution. The monitor has a refresh rate of 60 Hz and 16.09 x 7.35 x 21.25 inches for its dimensions.


  • The monitor is affordable
  • The monitor has a decent display quality
  • The monitor displays color accurately


  • The stand is not easy to adjust.
  • The monitor lacks built-in speakers
  • The resolution of the monitor could have been better

3. BenQ Monitor PD3200U

This 32 inch BenQ monitor provides an ultra high definition display resolution. The 4K UHD (3840×2160) display resolution offers a clear and crisp image quality. The high resolution of the monitor makes animation, visual effects, graphics, and photos look lifelike. The monitor uses technologies like a blue light filter and flicker-free to reduce eye fatigue and the harm the glare of the monitor causes.

The monitor has an LED display and 19.30 x 8.40 x 29.15 inches as its dimensions. The monitor has a refresh rate of 60 Hz to reduce the screen tearing. The monitor has features that allow the user to switch between different display modes. The monitor can set the buttons to their preferred OSD settings.

The monitor’s Ergonomic features allow you to customize your viewing experience with a tilt, twist, or turn according to your preference. This has made it easier to adjust the height of the screen, and it is easy to rotate the screen to increase the efficiency of the work.


  • The monitor has a crisp display quality
  • The monitor displays color accurately
  • The monitor is good for dual view


  • The monitor is expensive
  • The speaker quality could have been better

4. LG 34WK650-W Monitor

This ultrawide monitor in this list has a full HD resolution of 2560 x 1080. The full high definition resolution gives crisp picture quality. The monitor is HDR10 compatible, supporting specific levels of color and brightness that exceed ordinary monitors’ capabilities.

The bezel on three sides of the monitor are slim and precise image quality combined with two 5W Stereo Speakers with MaxxAudio provides the user with a great immersive experience. To protect your eye, the monitor is also flicker-free. It reduces invisible flickering on the screen and provides a more comfortable environment for programming for the eyes with Reader Mode.

It creates a color temperature similar to that of paper. The monitor also supports AMD Freesync to eliminate screen tearing and stuttering. The monitor also has additional features such as dynamic action sync, crosshair, and black stabilizer. The monitor has an LCD screen and 32.50 x 9.10 x 22.50 inches as its dimension.

The monitor has a refresh rate of 75 Hertz.


  • The screen of the monitor is wide
  • The monitor has a thin bezel design
  • The monitor provides good viewing angles


  • Brightness capability could have been better
  • The audio quality could have been better

5. ViewSonic VG2753 s Monitor

This is a 27-inch frameless monitor by ViewSonic. The monitor with its SuperClear IPS panel technology delivers accurate and vivid colors with consistent brightness levels, no matter the vantage point. The monitor has a frameless design that provides for a nearly seamless viewing experience in multi-monitor setups. This monitor features Full HD 1920×1080 resolution to provide crisp and clear image quality.

The monitor reduces the user’s eyestrain and physical fatigue by adjusting the monitor via swivel, pivot, tilt, and height adjust options. The LED monitor has 9.20 x 24.50 x 21.40 inches for its dimensions. The 27-inch monitor has a refresh rate of 60 Hertz. The monitor provides flexible connectivity with HDMI, DisplayPort, USB, and VGA inputs.

The monitor’s Advanced ergonomics make it easy to adjust the stand and boost productivity with all-day comfort. Flicker-Free technology of the monitor and a Blue Light Filter reduces the eye strain caused by extended viewing periods.


  • Good connectivity options are provided
  • The monitor is affordable
  • The monitor provides an unobtrusive design


  • The resolution could have been better
  • DisplayPort 1.3 is absent from the monitor

6. BenQ EX3501R Monitor

This is another monitor by BenQ that has made its place in the list of the best monitors. This 34-inch ultrawide curved monitor has a high resolution of 3400 x 1400. The monitor offers single-cable connectivity with a reversible connection that makes your workspace uncluttered and increases the user’s work productivity.

The B.I.+, an exclusive feature to reduce eye strain and headaches, detects the light around the user and adjusts brightness and color temperature for longer, more comfortable viewing. The curved monitor also comes with HDR; it increases the display quality of the monitor. The monitor supports Freesync and offers a refresh rate of 100 Hertz.

The Freesync eliminates choppy tearing and broken frames; HDR technology offers greater brightness and contrast level for clear, vivid images. The monitor also has USB-C one-cable connectivity which gives SuperSpeed USB data transfer and 2K video delivery over a single cable, HDMI, DisplayPort, USB 3. 1


  • The monitor has a fast refresh rate
  • The monitor has a nice resolution 
  • The monitor provides better immersive property


  • The monitor is very expensive
  • The monitor can be too big for the workspace

7. LG 32MA70HY-P Monitor

This 32-inch monitor has a full high definition display resolution. The monitor provides versatile connectivity with Display Port, HDMI, and D-Sub. To make your programming task a little easy, it lets you optimize your personal viewing preferences for various tasks with convenient On-Screen Control.

The monitor also allows the user to change preset display options and adjust an array of picture settings, including brightness and color levels, within a handy window. The monitor also provides up to four different windows displayed at once, with 14 possible configurations including four different picture-in-picture choices.

The VESA compatibility of the monitor allows it to be mounted on a wall. The monitor has an HDMI hardware interface and a response time of 5 milliseconds. The monitor reduces eye fatigue with its Reader Mode, which is designed to reduce blue light. It’s the ideal companion for long durations in front of the monitor, such as programmers.


  • The monitor provides smooth performance
  • The monitor displays color accurately
  • It provides versatile connectivity options.


  • The stand could have been more adjustable
  • The monitor provides a low pixel density

8. Dell U-Series Monitor (U3818DW)

This is a massive 38-inch Dell monitor that provides a great immersive experience and incredible visuals. The monitor’s curved screen paired with virtually borderless InfinityEdge creates a near-complete field view which provides uniform visual focus which reduces eye movement. You’ll work more comfortably with fewer distractions and more productivity.

The monitor is easy on the eyes with its flicker-free screen and Bluelight filter. Both the features together provide the user comfortable viewing experience. The curved screen and its massive size efficiently capture the user’s attention by wrapping itself around its vision. The monitor provides a high 3840 x 1600 display resolution. This LCD monitor has 35.20 x 8.91 x 21.54 inches as its dimensions.

The monitor has a refresh rate of 60 Hertz. The monitor also has 9W speakers that bring the quality sound. The monitor has a single cable solution with a USB type C connectivity that transmits power, audio, and video signals between a laptop and a monitor. With the monitor, the user can display and edit content from two different PCs with a single KVM feature


  • The monitor has a good display resolution
  • The monitor has a curved screen
  • The monitor is easy on the eyes


  • The monitor requires a lot of desk space
  • The monitor is expensive

9. LG 32UD59-B Monitor

This monitor in the list of the best monitor for programming has tried to cover a wide range of the DCI-P3 color space, assuring an exceptionally wide range of available colors. The monitor supports the AMD FreeSync Technology, which reduces screen tearing and broken frame rates. It makes the experience fluid and seamless. The Black Stabilizer is an additional feature that senses dark scenes and helps make it brighter.

The monitor has a UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) display resolution. The monitor provides on-screen control, which provides volume, brightness, picture mode presets, Screen Split 2.0, and Dual Controller can be adjusted. For a better programming experience, the monitor offers a layout for multitasking with the latest LG Screen Split version. The adjustable stand allows users to raise and lower the monitor to provide the best possible view.


  • It has good resolution
  • The monitor is wide
  • It has a decent picture quality


  • The color quality could have been better
  • The connectivity could have been better

10. BenQ PD2720U Monitor

This IPS panel monitor from BenQ promises to provide superb color accuracy. The monitor has Thunderbolt 3 connectivity through 2 USB-C ports, allowing designers to daisy-chain up to two 4K monitors with high-speed data transmission and power delivery. The monitor is suitable for multi-monitor setups and is Mac-compatible for improved workflow and consistency across displays.

The Flicker-Free and Low Blue Light modes of this monitor help prevent eye strain during long programming hours in front of your screen. The monitor has a high 3840×2160 display resolution. The LED monitor has 23.37 x 24.19 x 6.43 inches as its dimensions. The monitor makes it easy to Dual-view with its design.

The Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) Switch to display files, photos, or videos from two monitors can be used on one screen. The Hotkey Puck G2 feature of this monitor enables the user to switch modes quickly and easily with preset and customizable options


  • The monitor has a high display resolution
  • The monitor displays colors accurately
  • It provides fast connectivity


  • The monitor is very expensive
  • The speaker quality could have been better

Buying Guide To Best Monitor for Programming

  • Resolution

The display resolution of the monitor of your monitor should be high.The 3 most common resolutions are 1080p, 1440p and 4k. The resolution of the monitor increases the readability. The good resolution makes it easier for a programmer to read and debug their code. The good resolution also increases the number of things that can fit on the screen

  • Eyecare Technology

A programmer generally spends long coding hours, and the glare from the monitor can harm their eyes and make them fatigue. Consider a monitor with advanced eye care technology, such as the screen, can be flicker-free and include blue light filters. Make sure that your monitor has good anti-glare technology.

  • Ergonomics

The stand of your programming monitor should be easy to adjust. They should be easy to tilt, pivot, swivel, etc. Good ergonomics can also contribute to causing less fatigue to the programmer by easily adjusting to the user’s desire. The good ergonomics can also reduce the stress caused by the eyes by easily adjusting the monitor in a better way for the eyes.

  • Size

A huge monitor looks good and provides more space to fit different screens and things on the monitor at once, but a large monitor takes a lot of room and desk space. It can also mean that a lot of neck turning would be required to view the whole screen. The monitor should have a size that is idle for the workspace and should also be efficient.

If you want a big screen but not have enough space, you can opt for a curved screen that looks larger than a flat-screen.


These monitors fulfil the needs of the programmer and also meets all of their expectations. The monitor should be capable of supporting all the heavy software and provide a smooth performance. The best monitor for programming should offer features that make your work easy. It should also be adjustable according to the needs of the programmer.

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