Hosted PBX

In the 21st century, more and more services can function with a reduced workforce. Moving them to the cloud had made businesses more efficient and agile. For many companies, especially the smaller ones, using the old ways, like outdated proprietary phones, is too expensive and problematic. That’s why they turn to new solutions like hosted PBX.

What Is Hosted Pbx?

Basically, hosted PBX is a cloud business phone system. It is hosted off-site and over the Internet. That’s why the costs are much reduced compared to methods that require a physical location.

Hosting doesn’t require buying specialized software, hardware, maintenance, and or hiring workers. Because of this, the number of businesses using hosting is steadily increasing. If you want to know more about how the data is sent, received, and stored, you can learn about hosted PBX here.

Cutting Costs

As mentioned before, cutting costs is one of the most significant benefits of using hosted PBX. You can lay off your whole telephone system and employ only third-party workers. It doesn’t depend upon the company’s technical personnel to operate and maintain the system. Your IT team will have fewer problems to deal with.

Additional savings can be made from maintenance costs by eliminating investments in large phone systems. You pay only for the services you need right now. If something changes in the future, you can always upgrade or downgrade quickly and easily. You can also customize services for each user. The times of expensive and bulky phone systems are now in the past.

System Scalability

Companies grow constantly. In the old days changing the system to make it bigger or better was a vast and costly venture. Fortunately, these times are long gone. Hosted PBX allows companies to scale the system as much and often as they need. Adding more phone lines and extensions at any moment is not a problem. The same goes for when your company is cyclical, and you want to cut some lines for the months when you are less busy.

The company’s system can be changed as much and as often as you like. If some features don’t prove themselves to be useful, you can just cut them at any time. One of the best things about PBX hosting is its flexibility.

All it takes is to notify your provider, and they will tailor it for your needs. As a result, the company’s phone system will be as cost-effective as possible, and you will have some spare budget to invest elsewhere.


Being mobile is especially important in the pandemic. Many companies have to adapt their systems to home office setups. When using hosted PBX, an employee can be anywhere in the world and work without a problem. It can all be handled using cloud business phone system. The PBX’s mobility allows employees to connect their own devices such as personal mobile phones and use them as virtual extensions. In consequence, employees can be wherever they want, all around the globe, and still work as if they were sitting in the office.

Reliability and Data Recovery

Any business loses money when something fails to work. With PBX, there is no worry about lags, delayed response timer significant quality losses. As it is Internet-based, the quality of service is proven to be much superior to a PSTN connection. What counts is choosing the right vendor with an impeccable reputation.

For some, the safety of the data is the most relevant part. There can be a lot of reasons for lost information and systems. It is impossible to predict some accidents like fire, flood, earthquake, or robbery. Usually, these types of crises would impact the company for many hours. With PBX hosting, business continuity can be assured at all times because the infrastructure is stored and protected off-site, so the flow continues undisrupted.

Because of data centers that are geologically-diverse, the probability of losing communication entirely is very low, almost impossible. If one center is down, the other one will take care of the processed data.


PBX hosted systems don’t require much employee training. Every system is designed to be user friendly and fast. You don’t need to hire additional training officers and lose days to group training.

Simplicity also means that the system can be up and running in no time. Unlike the old telephone systems, they don’t need to be installed by a team of technicians, and the company doesn’t have to be down for a week during installation. Everything will be taken care of in a matter of hours.


Hosted PBX systems offer many advantages that can give your company an edge in business and save you money. According to Sage Research, the increased productivity enabled by internet telephony added up to 3.9 hours per week, per employee. They allow you to take the next step into the future of business management.

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