Have you heard about the 7 Second Challenge game that is trending on the Internet right now? If not, then let me tell you it’s quite an interesting one. The 7 Second Challenge is a popular concept that you can play anytime and anywhere. From house parties to bridal showers and school hangouts, you can play the game whenever you are bored. But the catch is you can run out of challenge ideas easily. So today we have compiled more than 150, 7-second challenge questions and ideas for you.  

But before we look at some of the interesting and fun 7-second challenge questions, let’s know the game and its rules properly.

What is the 7 Second Challenge?

The 7-Second Challenge involves a set of questions, games, adventures or challenges that all the participants have to complete in 7-seconds. Yes, in just seven seconds you have to complete the task assigned to you. The questions or challenges in this game are very interesting and amusing. 

7 second challenge game

While playing the game, you have to remember only one thing- Complete the challenge in 7 Seconds. It is the one and only rule to follow. The game can be played between two people but the more the merrier.

How to Play the 7 Second Challenge Game?

When you are playing the game between more than three people you will need a few props. You can write down all the 7-second challenge ideas on slips and place them in a bowl. Then start the passing the parcel game and the participant holding the parcel as the music stops will have to pick a slip and perform the task. If you do not have a bowl or paper slips, then a bottle will also do. Just spin the bottle and the people at the two ends will be assigning and performing the challenge. Easy right?  

So now let’s move on to some of the quirky and fun 7-second challenge questions and ideas to lighten up your party mood.  

150+ 7 Second Challenge Questions and Ideas

7 sec challenge questions

If you are looking for some challenging ideas and questions then here are a few to take some inspiration from.

  1. Apply lipstick on your lips without using your hands.
  2. Add mascara to both eyes with no mistakes.
  3. Apply lipstick to your lips without smudges.
  4. Beat-box to any song you like
  5. Apply the nail polish to five random fingers.
  6. Bite your tongue and recite A-Z
  7. Chew a raw onion and swallow
  8. Change your hair to a ponytail?
  9. Chop a whole onion in 7 pieces for cooking.
  10. Close your eyes and open the SMS app on your phone
  11. Clap your right palm on your left thigh and left palm on your right thigh simultaneously 10 times.
  12. Crush a paper coffee cup and stuff it into your mouth
  13. Come up with a website name for an oyster breeding company not using “oyster” or “breeding”!
  14. Cry like a newborn baby
  15. Counting 1-10 in a second language.
  16. Dance like a ballerina in a ballet show
  17. Dance without beat
  18. Dance to an imaginary Salsa song
  19. Demonstrate a six-feet tall woman/man entering a race car
  20. Do 10 standard pushups.
  21. Demonstrate how to eat noodles with chopsticks
  22. Draw a table using a pen at one single go
  23. Do a perfect braiding of your hair.
  24. Do 5 fingertip pushups.
  25. Do a perfect handstand with no help.
  26. Do perfect face makeup.
  27. Draw the picture of your pet dog
  28. Drink up a full 50cl bottle of water
  29. Drink 5 shots of an alcohol beverage.
  30. Eat a whole medium-sized hamburger.
  31. Eat a full packet of Tic Tac.
  32. How many pawns does a player get at the start of a chess game?
  33. From a cow’s udder to the dining table, describe the process of making cheese
  34. How many states are there in Mainland America?
  35. Eat half a slice of bread and swallow completely
  36. Grab a bean with chopsticks.
  37. Hop on one leg for 20 meters.
  38. Great Britain is made up of England, Scotland, and…?
  39. Hop to the door and back while pulling your two ears
  40. How many light bulbs are in the room? Locate their switches
  41. I am an Eskimo, what is the name of the house I built with ice?
  42. Invent a challenge, and do it.
  43. Kiss every finger separately.
  44. If you were to travel out of the country, where would you love to go? Tell us why
  45. Hula-hoop round and round the room
  46. Kiss someone’s feet
  47. Invent a new word and define it.
  48. Mention 5 objects you can find in the kitchen and tell what they are used for
  49. Jump and touch the ceiling.
  50. Jog at a spot and count to 20 nonstop
  51. Kings, Queens, Diamonds, and Aces… how many of each can we find in a pack of cards?
  52. Make a total stranger laugh on the telephone.
  53. Las Vegas is to desert, the Florida Keys is to marshes, and the Bayou is to…?
  54. Mention 5 Spanish Names.
  55. Kiss your last toenail.
  56. Mention five cities outside your continent
  57. Lick the tip of your elbow.
  58. Name 3 countries with border walls or fences
  59. Mention 5 Irish surnames
  60. Mimic a perfect cat-eye.
  61. Name 5 countries in the EU.
  62. Mount two textbooks on your head and walk briskly around the room without losing balance
  63. Name 5 objects in your bag and then bring them out for all to see
  64. Name 5 South American countries and their capitals
  65. Name 5 past US presidents.
  66. Name disciples of Jesus Christ
  67. Name a word that is spelled the same way upside down as it is when written upright.
  68. Name all the chess pieces
  69. Name 7 ingredients required to prepare the Thanksgiving Day Turkey
  70. Put on a jacket and button it up.
  71. Place your left leg on my shoulder
  72. Name the color of your socks without looking at them
  73. Name all the different pieces on a chessboard
  74. Order a pizza in 7 seconds.
  75. Name the original ethnic group residing in the US and Canada before Columbus
  76. Place your foot over your head.
  77. Recite a poem about disappointing ice cream.
  78. Pretend like you drunk after drinking vodka for the first time
  79. Repeat “She sells seashells on the seashore’ with no mistakes. 
  80. Paint one of your fingernails.
  81. Place your head on my knees and touch my head with the heel of your left foot at the same time
  82. Recite the English alphabet backward
  83. Pull off your sweater/glove and turn it inside out and put in on again
  84. Run up and down the stairs. 
  85. Pretend to sit on the dining table; hands stretched forward and count to 30
  86. Recite the 5 times table backward starting at 10. 
  87. Pull your right ear, tilt your neck to the right and walk sideways to your left at the same time
  88. Respond to a 911 medical emergency
  89. Say Cock-a-doodle-doo seven times nonstop
  90. Raise your right knee to your chin and count backward from 20 to 0
  91. Slap yourself in the face with both hands as many times as you can in 7 seconds.
  92. Recite the lines of the national anthem
  93. Show me the North and the East of your present location
  94. Remove everything from your pockets and arrange them on the floor alphabetically
  95. Roughen up your bed and remake it.
  96. Remove your shoelaces and use them to design a puppy on the floor
  97. Say something offensive to a dog.
  98. Sing the Alphabets Backward.
  99. Say ten words in Spanish
  100. Take off your socks and wear them inside out.
  101. Sound like a Nokia phone’s popular ringtone
  102. Take a position and swing like Tiger woods 10 times nonstop
  103. Stand on your head away from the wall. 
  104. Take off one sock. 
  105. Spell your name using body gestures
  106. Touch the four corner edges in the room
  107. Spell Singapore backward
  108. Take a beautiful picture while standing on your head.
  109. Spell your name while doing push-ups.
  110. Take off your right sock and wear it in your left palm
  111. Stand on five toes only and count backward from 30 to 0
  112. Tie your hair in a perfect ponytail.
  113. You are mute, and she is deaf, describe a chicken to her
  114. Squat and jump 10 times nonstop
  115. Tap dance like a pro
  116. Throw 20 imaginary punches at a boxing opponent, nonstop
  117. Undo and lace back your sneakers
  118. Touch your feet with your elbows.
  119. Name 5 foods that end with y
  120. What does MAGA stand for? 
  121. Touching all the walls in the house.
  122. Touch your nose with your tongue
  123. Warn a deaf person of fire in the building.
  124. What is the number before 1 trillion?
  125. What is 1900 in Roman Numerals?
  126. Write down your name backward.

Funny 7 Second Challenge Questions

7 sec challenge questions and ideas

  1. Tweet like a beautiful nightingale bird
  2. A group of lions is known as?
  3. How many legs a mosquito has?
  4. Which animal has the longest lifespan?
  5. Name the smallest mammal of the world.
  6. How many weather seasons does America have?
  7. How many legs a crab has?
  8. Walk like a royal emerging from a castle
  9. Name 5 famous hurricanes in the last 10 years
  10. Justin Bieber is to Canada as Adele is to…?
  11. Mimic Donald Trump?
  12. Kiley Jenner is famous for…?
  13. In the movie The Terminator, who played the lead role? Name two other movies he starred in
  14. Courtesy in front of the Queen of England
  15. Describe Kim Kardashian without saying her name
  16. Name all the Kardashians on Keeping Up with the Kardashians
  17. A group of deer is known as? 
  18. Spell Mark Zuckerberg
  19. Whip your hair like Willow Smith
  20. Make 5 animal sounds. 
  21. Walk like a royal emerging from a castle
  22. Which animal never sleeps?
  23. What is the name of the only African American Formula 1 driver and champion?
  24. Name the world’s poisonous spider.
  25. Who is the Duchess of Sussex?
  26. A group of kittens is known as?
  27. Who is the Canadian that sang ‘I Drove All Night’? Sing the chorus
  28. The babies of Swan are known as?
  29. Which female artiste has the most Grammy awards of all time?
  30. How many legs a crab has?

Interesting 7 Challenge Questions and Ideas

  1. Invent a 7-second challenge and perform it.
  2. Tie the lace of your shoes together and walk till the end of the room.
  3. Click a perfect pout selfie.
  4. Dance on your toes.
  5. Turn down your pants.
  6. Do a backward roll.
  7. Take a beautiful picture while standing on your head.
  8. Lick the tip of your elbow.
  9. Do a forward roll. 
  10. Stop your breath for 7 seconds. 
  11. Make a dog bark.
  12. Spell your full name in reverse.
  13. Put your head under water.
  14. Move your one eyebrow while other should remain still.
  15. Get a total of more than 15 from a die tossing it 3 times. 
  16. Place your foot over your head.
  17. Make a yoga pose.
  18. Make a total stranger laugh on the telephone.
  19. Repeat “She sells sea shells on the sea shore’ with no mistakes.
  20. Chop a whole onion into nice pieces for cooking.
  21. Summarise your life so far in 5 words.
  22. Drink 5 shots of an alcohol beverage.
  23. Bite someone. 
  24. Tug on your shirt.
  25. Close your eyes and try to walk in a straight path.
  26. Try clapping your knees.
  27. Tuck all your shirt buttons.
  28. Sing aloud a rock song.
  29. Touch your nose with your lips.
  30. Do a Michael Jackson impersonation.
  31. Let someone tickle you for seven seconds.
  32. Let you be slapped by the person nearest to you.
  33. Go to the fridge and eat something. 
  34. Make another player laugh.
  35. Draw a cartoon.
  36. Run from one end of your house to another.
  37. Breathe out of your nose 10 times.
  38. Pretend that you are swimming.
  39. Try to draw a rectangle with one hand and a circle with another simultaneously.
  40. Take the ice bucket challenge.

Wrapping Up

The 7 Second Challenge is the ultimate game to kill your boredom. It can lift any party mood, bringing all people together. Do play this game with your friends and family and if you have some fun ideas, share it with us.  

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