Will your life change if you can increase your productivity, do more work and have time for new projects? Of course, yes, productivity allows us to perform more tasks in less time, which can allow you to allocate all the time for other things. Free time is always useful, it can be spent on improving yourself or relaxing, for example on an Online Sportsbook.

In this article, we will tell you 7 tips to improve your productivity! Let’s go!

What Is Productivity and Why Is It Important?

Human productivity is the quantity and quality of the results (or, in other words, products) of the intellectual and physical labor produced during his lifetime. It is as diverse as the types of human activity. For example, the productivity of a housewife is manifested in the upbringing and care of children, the quality of providing home comfort, and everyday life in the family. A writer – in writing and publishing useful and interesting books. Employee – the amount of contribution to the development and functioning of this enterprise. The terms productivity or productivity can be used as synonyms for productivity.

Tip 1. Finally, Start Making a List of Tasks

Everyone knows that you need to make lists of tasks, plans, etc. Just don’t rush to close the article, tell me honestly: do you also know this and don’t do it?

Most likely, yes, otherwise you just wouldn’t have opened this article. Most freelancers don’t achieve the success they dream of simply because they know and don’t do it.

Making a list of tasks or keeping a diary will help you structure your day. The main thing you should pay attention to when drawing up a task plan for the day, be realistic and evaluate your capabilities so that your work would be optimally productive.

Tip 2. Set a Deadline

Planned? And now set the deadlines in which you have to cope with the work. And take seriously the completion of all work on time. Doing everything on time is a habit that also needs to be trained.

I call this the “forced deadline” technique. A clear deadline motivates you to work and not to portray a stormy activity, just stupidly scrolling through pages on the Internet.

Tip 3. Remove Notifications

You are sitting at a desk and focused on a specific task. And suddenly, your phone buzzes, or you receive an email notification to your computer.

All that excellent focus that you had just a second ago was instantly gone.

Therefore, finally, turn off all notifications in the computer and phone settings. I will even advise you to set a “night mode” while you are working, especially if your tasks require high concentration.

If you have problems with concentration, then I will also advise you of the 20:20 method. So, you work non-stop for 20 minutes, after which you look at a distant object for 20 seconds and then return to work again. This will not only increase your productivity but also reduce eye strain.

Tip 4. Use Headphones

You are trying to concentrate, and suddenly the neighbor from above turns on the drill. The children are quarreling, or an alarm went off on someone’s car on the street. It’s all distracting.

Turn on the music, put on headphones, and let the whole world wait while you work quietly and earn money.

Tip 5. Take Breaks

It may seem like a paradox, but one of the worst enemies of productivity is working too long.

The fact is that if you work on the same task for more than a couple of hours without a break, your concentration level deteriorates, and as a result, the quality and efficiency of your work decreases.

Therefore, do not allow yourself to work on one task for more than 1 hour.

Tip 6. Save for the Future

It is important for every freelancer and for any person to develop. Read information on specialized forums, and dive into the topic in which he works.

But on the Internet, it’s too easy to start reading an article, scroll through the tape further, see something else interesting, and then wake up in a couple of hours.

To prevent this from happening, allocate time for reading. And while working, just save any interesting information, for example, in Evernote, so that you can return to it later and read it when all important tasks are completed.

Tip 7. Use Apps

In the previous tip, I talked about one of the applications that helps save a lot of working time by simply saving information for you.

But there are many more such applications. Some applications will write text under your dictation. Some applications will block social networks for the duration of work so that you are not distracted. Some apps will help you plan your time more efficiently. Use them!

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