College students manage many responsibilities simultaneously – from studies to internships and employment. Maybe you are working on your small business venture. Or you might be investing time into side projects and grant applications.

In any case, all of that requires strong time management and outstanding productivity. Fortunately, technology can help with streamlining processes and optimizing your schedule. In this list, you can find the top apps for students.


It is a one-stop for all things academic writing. The website has many writing tools, study guides, and essay samples. But most importantly, it offers expert help with assignments and coursework. An EssayPro reveals that professional writers are ready to write, edit, proofread, or format quickly and with excellent quality.

It is a fantastic opportunity if you struggle with deadlines or need expert advice. In terms of helpful functionality, students can find here:

  • Essay title generator;
  • Summarizer;
  • Word counter;
  • GPA calculator;
  • Spell check;
  • Words to pages converter, etc.

You can read essay samples to get a better idea of how to write your own assignment. And they can also serve as inspiration. Overall, it is a beautiful web app.

Google Docs

It might seem obvious, but many students need to catch up on this one. It is a free app for document management with all essential features. Here, students can store, edit, and share all types of materials. As long as you have access to the Internet, you can have all your materials right there.

So, traveling or studying on the go becomes much more convenient. You can create folders according to classes or subjects and neatly organize everything.


Anki is a mobile and desktop app for flashcards. It is one of the most efficient solutions to memorize information. The system is based on spaced repetition. So, not only can students create flashcards but also track memorization and progress.

You create a set of cards, and the app will show them when it is time for spaced repetition. Students can upload audio, video, and other multimedia files to create flashcards.


It is a productivity and project management solution. It has a lot of PM features students might not need at first. But its functionality is impressive, and it makes management very convenient.

Students can create projects, add tasks, and provide context. The software uses the GTD productivity methodology. It is a helpful tool for working on business ventures as it also includes financial project management functionality.

There is a two-week trial, so you can check it out before subscribing. Also, students get a discount, which is always a plus.

Week Plan

It is a scheduling tool any student must have. The interface is intuitive, which makes planning your time effortless. You can view your tasks in a day, a week, or a month. The system is much like Kanban methodology, so you’ll love this app if you work with it.

Also, the solution comes with the Pomodoro timer for better focus. The color-blocking interface makes tracking assignments and chores straightforward.


It is a small yet helpful app. The main goal is to assist students in maintaining concentration on the task. If you tend to lose focus and procrastinate, this one is for you.

So, when you want to study or concentrate on something else, you plant a tree in the app. If you continue on the tasks without distractions, the tree grows. So, you can see your progress in such a creative form. But the tree will die if users take the phone to close the app and do something else.

The more you focus, the more trees will be in your forest. It allows you to analyze how well you can concentrate and achieve planned goals.


To-do lists work exceptionally well when you need to stay productive and handle a lot of things. Todoist is a top-notch solution for such lists.

It is on the minimalistic side when it comes to interface. It allows for avoiding distractions and staying efficient. You can create multiple lists for different projects and set reminders. Also, there is a prioritization feature, a fantastic way to ensure you do urgent and the most important tasks first.

Students can also create recurring tasks for chores or weekly duties.


You can try this solution to be more aware of your time management. It tracks it automatically and shows reports on what you spend it on. Students can set it up on their phones and computers, too. It will track everything without your help, which is terrific.

After getting a report, you’ll see exactly where your time goes and what websites you visit most frequently. Also, you’ll be able to block them through the app if you want to. The app provides an objective perspective on your concentration and management.

Cold Turkey

Those who have issues with self-control need to give Cold Turkey a chance. It is the best way to block all distractions online while on task. It can transform your laptop into a typewriter until you are not done with the assignment.

It can be of tremendous help, especially if you need to finish something in a limited period. And you can use it for other purposes as well, for example, if you want to spend more time offline and off social media.


Everyday is a simple and elegant habit-tracking app. Students who want to form good habits would benefit from using it daily. You create an activity and track the timeline. The idea is to do it every day without breaking the streak.

Users can mark habits as completed and see how long it took them to achieve that. There is also a track record of the best streaks. Overall, it is straightforward and effective.

In Summary

With these solutions, students can boost their productivity significantly. They cover scheduling, planning, management, and focus. You’ll be able to perform better, concentrate easily, and form valuable habits instead of harmful ones. These are must-haves because they will make your daily routine more efficient.

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