Snapchat has taken a leap in the era of instant text messaging applications. With social media prevailing, taking selfies for teenagers and adults is a trend. But some users might look for better features because they aren’t satisfied with Snapchat. So we got for you Apps like Snapchat to make you feel better.

Plain old selfies are too outdated.

Face filters are a new trend! Thanks to Snapchat and its famous filters, you look incredibly creative online.

Am I right?

This new big trend in selfie-taking also helps you find new friends, gather your followers, and let your crush knows how beautiful you look with the help of its auto-destructive features. It became a leading photo and video-sharing app, creating a wave worldwide.

Since Snapchat came with its feature of disappearing messages right after the users had received them, it went into a lead. It contains unique styles and features to keep your interest maintained. But if you are bored and want to try Snapchat filter alternatives, here are a few of them that are perfect substitutes for Snapchat.

25+ Best Apps like Snapchat for 2021

Are you ready to have some serious fun by animating your face using filters? If yes, check out the list below for apps similar to Snapchat Filters to snap an artistic selfie in instants and wow your groups on social media.

These Snapchat alternatives are available on Android as well as on iOS.

Wickr Me

Wickr Me tops the list of being one of great Snapchat filter alternatives. It presents the users with encrypted text, video, along image messaging with complete control for the user. Like other apps, you get a shredder function that permanently eliminates all erased images, videos, and messages.

However, one annoying thing about this app is ads that make your Wickr ID anonymous so nobody can track, control, or interrupt your communication. Wickr Me also contains unique stickers, graffiti, and filters like Snapchat while taking pictures.

One drawback is that all its stickers and filters are less attractive than Snapchat. Regarding security, Wickr stands upright and can find your partner by entering their name or importing the existing contact details. The app is free for your iOS or Android for free.

Instagram – The most Trending App Like Snapchat

apps similar to snapchat

Every one of us knows Instagram as an app for sharing photos. It is not precisely similar to Apps Like Snapchat Filters. However, it is an equally outstanding alternative to Snapchat. It has built-in camera filters for use and selection and supports “story” and “Live” functions.

Apart from this, Instagram does not contain a function for disappearing text, photos, and videos, unlike Snapchat. It produces a good image and permits users to upload many images and videos to its database. But its limitation lies in the fact that it contains selected filters and does not have face templates.


filter apps like snapchat

Slingshot is another app with a camera-like Snapchat filter that is more like a feature-rich instant messenger app. Being resonance with Snapchat, you can send a temporary text message or share a video or image with your friends.

You can even respond with the image or video by creating a doodle or taking a funky picture as a comment. This makes this app stand out. Once you snap a photo or video, you get two options. You can either ‘reshoot’ your photograph or draw if you are okay with it and finally edit and send.

It has got a straightforward User Interface to make it stand out in the crowd. Furthermore, automate or schedule your text messages or any file to share with this app. It is available only for iOS users.

Clipchat – Clone of Snapchat

apps similar to snapchat

According to some reviews, it was concluded that Clipcaht is a clone of Snapchat, as it functions almost like Snapchat. It, too, includes self-destructing images and videos with a simple touch. However, Clipchat appears different because it has a better user interface and faster speed for sending or receiving messages.

Also, it lets users search for a friend using their username, email, Facebook, etc. It has a mesmerizing visual appearance and does not permit screenshots. You cannot draw drawings utilizing this app.

When you send a photo via Clipchat, the receiver first gets a blurred preview of the image, but once you click it, an animation effect makes the image clear and no longer blurred. Clipchat is set to video-sharing. Clipchat works high on security. For instance, if you are using high-end iPhones, it lets you know if you attempted to take a screenshot.

Cyberdust – Filters Like Snapchat 

cyberdust - apps just like snapchat

Cyberdust is a handy instant messaging filter app like Snapchat that lets you send encrypted messages or attachments send delete them within minutes. It maintains privacy and encrypted security and leaves no trace. The User interface is, although, quite awkward.

Not only images, but you can also transfer GIFs, stickers, and web page URLs that vanish in no time. You have ample filters like Snapchat to edit the images with text or stickers. You can even blast the message to multiple persons. You will be notified if someone tries to capture the screenshot of the images you have sent.

Cyberdust is one of the best apps, like Snapchat filters, with excellent features locked under its hood. With Cyberdust, you can send a pin sent messages to remember the conversations.

Snow – Trending Filter App

snow - snapchat alternatives

Another in the list of filter app similar to Snapchat is Snow. Here all the users can create and share beautiful videos with motion stickers. The snow app can likewise be used to connect with others via its chat function. While in conversation with your friends, construct animated GIFs which are damn pretty.

You get the “My Story” feature if you wish to distribute your story. Its appearance and functions are acknowledged. You can use fabulous motion stickers.

Yovo – Get going with the best trends

yovo - apps like snapchat

The last Snapchat alternative on our rundown is Yovo. This app allows you to take live images, share photos from your gallery, and create a story that lasts 48 hours. Furthermore, adding drawings, doodles, and comments can creatively improve your story.

The Yovo eliminates this insecurity of saving screenshots and sharing your chat. However, it doesn’t directly forbid taking screenshots but sends a distortion wave on the screen, blurring out everything there. This technique is called “D-fence.” Also, the app is not yet available on Android and is only up for iOS.

Top 25+ Face Filter Apps Like Snapchat for Android and iOS

Now that it is 2021, here are a few latest apps similar to Snapchat that have made their way into the year with a bang. You can even try these apps for pictures and fun chat sessions with friends.

Wrapping Up!

So, this was the list of fantastic Instant Messengers that are more Snapchat alternatives in 2021. They offer to send self-vanishing messages like Snapchat. If you feel we have missed out on any, please mention it in the comments below.

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