We are living in a technological world with a lot more features and gadgets to discover. Same has happened with the applications. Along with the different kinds of apps and app stores, there are third-party app stores too. You can use these app stores that offer so many and multiple varieties of applications. Let’s move to the main topic without wasting time. In this article, I am going to tell you about Appvalley Minecraft and its related information. 

What is Appvalley?

Appvalley is a third-party app store that has a vast variety of content in terms of applications. You download applications in their modded versions. Also, the premium content can be accessed for free. Updated versions can also be accessed. Games, music, books, etc, all are included in this app store. You can consider this app store for the unique kind of apps that are hardly available on other platforms.

What are its Features?

The Appvalley app store is highly popular among its users. The features are amazing and appreciated among users. 

Let us consider some of them in detail.

  • A good quantity, as well as quality of applications, are available on this app store. Yes, you can find some of the best applications for free. The modded and upgraded versions are there. After referring to this app store, you won’t have to look for any alternatives.
  • The apps are entirely free. You don’t even have to spend a single penny for installing the apps or for any other purposes. But, there is a paid version for the app store. You can avail the subscription to get more features. At this point, it is important to mention that the paid version is really cheap to afford.
  • The user-friendly interface needs much appreciation. This is true, one of the most appreciated features of the app store. What does a user want when he or she visits any of the app stores? An easy to browse interface. 
  • The developers have claimed that they perform several kinds of security tests on each and every app before launching them to their app store. This makes the increment only in the safety terms of the app store. It is reliable too.
  • How does it feel when you download an app or an app store and takes forever to install on your device? Obviously, it is irritating. This app store is free from issues like these. 

Appvalley Categories

When you reach the Appvalley platform in search of any specific kinds of app, you can browse through various categories. The categories are well-maintained to give users a never-before kind of experience. The app has six categories in total. Let us see them in detail.

  • Recommended this week: With this category, you can have the most appropriate recommended apps that are suitable for you. Updated versions are available in this category.
  • Tweaked++ Apps: You can find some of the best-modified versions of the various apps in this particular category. This one is quite popular and widely used.
  • Jailbreak: This one if for jailbroken devices. So, you can for this category in particular cases only.
  • Featured: New and best kinds of featured applications can be found in this category. There are so many options to choose for. 
  • Stream Live TV: If you’re a live TV fan and do not want to miss the opportunity for watching your favourite shows on time, you can still choose to watch them on this app. This category is best for watching sports tournaments. 
  • Movies on iOS: Are you a movie freak? Go with this category. You can have so many options. 

What is Appvalley Minecraft?

Who doesn’t know about the Minecraft game? Yes, I am talking about a very popular game called Minecraft. Created by a Swedish game developer, Markus Persson, is a sandbox video game. It was developed back in 2011 and since then, it is counted among one of the best games. It was later developed by Mojang. 

You can play the game with both the single and multiplayer modes. It is believed that Minecraft is the second-best sold-out game of all time. First one is Tetris. If you have an iOS device, then you need to pay to install the game on the same.

How to install Appvalley Minecraft?

What if you don’t want to go for the paid Minecraft game? Are there other options too? If yes, what are they? Indeed, there is another option. You need to download the Appvalley Minecraft for ios devices. It is super-east and worthy.

For the installation process, you need to follow some of the easy steps that I am going to tell you. So, let’s begin with the method. 

Step1: You need to launch a safari browser on your iPhone or iPad and then, you can navigate to the link, https://appvalleyvip.com/. It is advisable to go with the safari browser only.

Step 2: After reaching the Appvalley webpage, you need to go to the “Install Appvalley” button.

Step 3: Now, you have to tap on the “Install Appvalley” button. 

Step 4: On the safari browser, a pop-up will display. You need to click on “Allow”.

Step 5: You will get the “Settings” on your iPhone or iPad. The installation procedure will start. On the top right corner of the page, tap on the “Install” button on your screen.

Step 6: After the installation process, you need to navigate as per the instructions given. Settings > General >  Profiles and Device Management.

Step 7: Trust the Appvalley profile.

Step 8: Then, you can launch the appvalley application from the very own home screen on your device. 

Step 9: This is the time for you to navigate to “Search”.

Step 10: Search for your desired game, Minecraft. You can see the result on top. 

Step 11: you need to press “Get” to install your appvalley Minecraft game. 

Step 12: Trust the profile of appvalley Minecraft to launch the app.

And, you are done with the appvalley Minecraft installation for ios. Hope you find this super easy. The interface of the Appvalley is considered similar to that of Apple play store. 

The above-mentioned method is applicable for ios devices without jailbreak. So, getting the Appvalley Minecraft is no more difficult now. 


  1. Is downloading Appvalley easy?

Yes, Appvalley is indeed a very easy-to-use kind of third-party app store. You can easily download and install the app store. The link is given in the above part.

2. Can I use Appvalley with jailbroken devices?

Definitely, you can find many of the apps that can be downloaded from the jailbroken category from the app store.

3. Do I need to pay anything to download Appvalley Minecraft game?

No, Minecraft game is entirely free of cost on the appvalley app store. You need not to pay anything at all.

4. Is it easy to find the modded versions of the popular apps on the appvalley app store?

Yes, you can easily find the modded versions here on this platform. 


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