Asus VG278Q Review

Asus VG278Q is a gaming monitor with some excess comfortable gaming features. Make your every millisecond of gaming count with the 27 inches full HD (1080p) VG278Q gaming monitor, promising 144hz refresh rates, and the about 1-millisecond response of time with Asus fast gaming input technologies. It is Nvidia g -sync compatible.

Nvidia g sync is an adaptive sync technology used for personal computer or gaming laptop screens. This technology uses an individual’s monitor‘s refresh rates and eliminates screen tearing; screen tearing happens when the fixed refresh rates of an individual monitor try to keep pace with the graphics card.

Screen tearing is a screen effect that happens to the monitor screen displaying two portions of the frame simultaneously. G sync adjusts the artifact by matching the monitor’s display refresh rate to the graphics provided by the Nvidia card’s render rate.

By this, you would be able to witness the image immediately as soon as they are rendered; while managing input lag at the same time. There are many options for variable overdrive, which can predict the next frame and adjust to the monitor’s overdrive to eliminate screen tearing effects.

This monitor has Asus exclusive game plus technology and certain enhancements that can give you more out of games. This function is developed in cooperation with pro-gamer input, allowing space to practice and improve gaming skills. Asus VG278Q is specially designed for long gaming sessions.

It is ergonomically designed to stand and adjust the monitor as per your preferences. The monitor can tilt, swivel, turn, and change the height of the monitor so that you can enjoy gaming in your ideal positions. It also includes a VESA wall mount so that you can fit this monitor in any limited space.

This monitor is flicker-free and gives you flicker reducing gaming experience. This also minimizes eyestrain and other eye-damaging ailments when you are engrossed in long, drawn-out gaming sessions. Asus also includes ultra-low blue light technology, which reduces instances of blue light.

Asus VG278Q Review: Is The Best Monitor?

Design and features:

This monitor is neatly designed and can fit any desktop nicely. It provides 27” inches of display and pushes 1080p at its limits. It provides pixels per inch at 81.59. The screen coating perhaps blends between matte and gloss finish.

It has a thinner bezel. It is ergonomically designed, which can help the monitor tilt, swivel, and pivot on the VESA mountable design. This monitor weighs about 3.2 kilograms making it easier to fit without any fuss. Asus designed this monitor with a single HDMI, display, and DVI-D port.

Set up of Asus VG278Q

  • The monitor has an intel core i5 6600k processor
  • Includes Asus Z170-A functioning motherboard.
  • Embedded cooler of cryorig C1 top flow
  • The memory space is crucial Ballistix tactical DDR4 containing 2666 MHz 2×4 GB
  • Has graphics of Asus Rog Strix GTX 1060 of 6 GB
  • The storage space is crucial BX200 480 GB
  • The power is corsair RM850 X 850 W
  • OS used is Microsoft windows 10 pro.

Power Consumption:

The power consumed by the monitor is maximum in the brightness level. The monitor, on the whole, consumes about 30.9W.

Lighting and Special Features:

The Asus VG278Q features Asus own ULMB called ELMB. This feature reduces the motion blur. This monitor comes equipped with adaptive sync and is certified Nvidia g – sync compatible. This prevents screen tearing from occurring when you’re in the midst of gaming.

This monitor is fully ergonomic; you can adjust the height up to 10mm, swivel up to 90 degrees, turn up to 90 degrees as well, and can tilt from 5 degrees/33 degrees, 100 x 100 mm VESA mounting abilities.

The monitor’s connecting options have display port 1.2, HDMI 1.4, has dual-link DVI-D, a headphones jack, and two in-built speakers.


It is an excellent performer, scoring pretty well on pc gaming on Crysis tests because features like 144hz refresh rates and its 1 milliseconds (gray to gray ) pixel response rate are amazing as compared to other monitors. The monitor delivers smooth handling motion with no blur in the middle of gaming. It has the clarity of that of the grand theft auto v on Sony PlayStation 4.

The colors are amicably rich, and the details of the image are amazing. The risk is not standing on some ideal targets if some red and green colors go missing. However, the monitor doesn’t suffer from oversaturated or tinting displays. There is no loss of luminance colors while shifting views from extreme angel points. The Asus VG278Q syn monitor has an input lag of 27.4 milliseconds, which most likely gives out great gaming experiences.


  • G-SYNC and AMD free sync compatible
  • Low lag and quick response
  • Reduces blur up to 144HZ
  • Fully ergonomic design
  • Better color space coverage
  • Efficient power panel
  • Better contrast of color
  • Adequate brightness levels
  • Zero backlight bleeding
  • OSD and game-centric


  • Low pixel density
  • The quality of images are inferior to IPS and VA
  • Narrow viewing angles

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Is Asus VG278Q G-Sync compatible?

It is NVIDIA G-sync compatible, giving seamless tear-free gaming experiences by enabling VRR job graphic cards by default. Cards like geforce GTX 10- series and Nvidia ge force GTX 20-series graphic cards.

It’s incredible 144 Hz refresh rates can provide you with fast-moving visuals with no particular issues with VG278Q, so you have the upper hand in shooting, racing, formulating real-time strategies.

Its adaptive sync technology eliminates choppy frames on your monitor screen and gives you a smooth display for better gaming experiences.

As input lag on LCD monitors is lower than any random TV; therefore, Asus VG278Q includes game fast nut technology to reduce input lagging further. This technology delivers much faster motion so you can be up to the speed with in-game action for quick response while gaming.

Conclusion To Asus VG278Q Review

Asus VG278Q offers everything that a competitive gamer would expect. This monitor meets all your expectations for better gaming experiences. They are giving you good color accuracy. You don’t have to adjust much with the obscenely high brightness.

It is g sync compatible, has low response time, and “2560 x 1440” resolutions. The picture quality is really good. This is best recommended for awesome gaming experiences.

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