Asus VP28UQG Review

From playing Mario (by changing our old television box into a gaming screen )to playing highly advanced games, digital games have come a long way. Now, it is not just about the video game chip or the CD. It is about every piece of equipment that enhances the gaming experience.

High Definition monitors are one such category of computer equipment capable of improving the gaming experience exponentially. Earlier, one had to spend a massive amount of money to buy a high-quality monitor for gaming purposes.

Now, the situation has changed, and high-quality monitors have started selling at a reasonable price range, which has made it easy for game lovers to buy a monitor for themselves. ASUS VP28UQG is one such monitor. It not only delivers high performance with its display but also comes at a reasonable price.

As the readers will scroll down into the article, they will get to know more about the monitor to make an informed choice of buying a gaming monitor in the future. The 28-inch ASUS monitor is a good option under the category of 4K Ultra HD Display. With a resolution of 3840x 2160, the monitor comes with a response time of 1ms.

It also has specific features like Adaptive-Sync/AMD FreeSync for immersive, crisp visuals featuring DisplayPort and dual HDMI connectivity. The monitor has many specifications, ranging from eye protection to high picture clarity. To ensure lesser strain on the eyes, the monitor comes with ASUS EYE Care Technology. This technology lowers the blue light and eliminates flickering.

To further amplify the gaming experience, the monitor is also accompanied by a 5-Way OSD joystick. This joystick delivers intuitive monitor controls, which lets users access many features like ASUS GamePlus on the go. Users also get an opportunity to get access to exclusively available Game Plus and Game Visual settings, which enhance the color performance and control.

Along with its Eye Care Technology, users can also use the day and night mode with 4 additional filters to match their priorities. The TN panel also supports up to a 10-bit color ratio, which ranges around 1.10 billion colors. The wide array of colors enables the monitor to generate perfect and real-time images on the screen.

The panel part of the monitor is made by AU Optronics and has a flicker-free display and 10-bit color courtesy of FRC. The monitor also offers an HDMI 2.0 input and also accepts a full 3840×2160 signal at 60Hz, but it does not support adaptive refresh.

Starting with the monitor’s image quality, it comes with a Twisted Nematic(TN) monitor panel, which provides the fastest pixel response time speed. This makes it a good choice for hardcore gamers, who are more into speed than appearance. However, choosing a TN monitor panel also means to compromise with the display in certain aspects.

Firstly this monitor has narrow viewing angles of 170/160, which means that the picture will change in color, contrast, and combination whenever seen from different locations and places. But this is a minor shortcoming, as gaming is mainly about playing and sitting in front of the screen. Another aspect where the monitor is incapable of performing well is the reproduction of color.

Leaving all these points behind is the 4K Ultra High Definition Display, which will make the gamers forget everything except what is on the screen.The monitor has a 300-nit peak brightness, 10-bit color depth via dithering, and a 1,000:1 static contrast ratio. All these characteristics of the monitor make it a considerable deal for its users.

Asus VP28UQG Review: Best 4K Gaming Monitor?

Monitor’s Design and Appearance:

The monitor comes with a tilt-only option by -5/20, and people can also VESA mount it on any other stand, which is based on the 100x100mm pattern. The monitor’s connectivity includes several connecting and port options like two HDMI 2.0 ports, DisplayPort 1.2, and a headphones jack.

This gives the monitor’s users the freedom to connect two consoles and a PC and operate them by altering the monitor’s input source. The AMD FreeSync works over HDMI and DisplayPort with a 40-60Hz dynamic refresh rate range. The monitor has a 2.5-inch thick cabinet with a 0.5-inch bezel anti-glare coating, which protects the monitor from scratches and dirt.

The I/O ports are located at the rear end of the cabinet. However, the monitor doesn’t come with inbuilt speakers. This drawback can be accepted since the monitor has unmatchable features in the existing price range. The monitor is also portable with its dimensions: 26×2.5×15, and it weighs around 10.1 pounds, which makes it a highly mobile and lightweight monitor.

All these features make it easy to carry anywhere without any problem. The monitor comes with an LED slot which is situated below the base. This adds to the monitor’s appearance, as the LED slot gives an attractive vibe to its users.

Monitor’s Performance Efficiency:

 For those who are more into fast-paced gaming and spend a vast amount of time on this activity, this monitor will not disappoint them. The rapid 1ms response time speed of the monitor ensures that users don’t end up experiencing motion blur of fast-moving objects. This feature will improve the gaming experience.

The flicker-free screen comes with an integrated low blue light filter, which makes the display experience much better and safe for the gamers. To get a more exciting gaming experience, users can benefit from AMD FreeSync by using an AMD graphics card or an Xbox One/S/X Console. FreeSync functions by synchronizing the monitor’s refresh rate to the GPU’s frame rate.

Doing this eliminates screen tearing and stuttering, that too, without introducing any perceptible input lag. Those who are using NVIDIA G-SYNC graphics cards they can also use FreeSync, as this time it can work quickly with these compatible graphic cards as well.

While playing games, the monitor screen makes sure that its users don’t face the everyday problems like tearing and stuttering while playing games like Dragon Age3 and Grand theft auto V. Pixels also give a satisfying experience its users. The monitor generates a lag of around 27.4 milliseconds, which is a considerable value for this monitor.

There were no scene lags, and the picture was much smoother on the monitor. The IPS panel performs as per the expectations and doesn’t struggle while displaying gray shades. It is even hard to observe the loss of luminance or color shifting from extreme angles.

Talking about the monitor’s features, it has many new additional things that further enhance its utility. The monitor supports HDCP 2.2, which lets its user stream content from Netflix, Amazon Video, etc. in UHD. In specific tests and experiments done with the monitor, it was found that the monitor drew 36 watts of power in testing when it was set to sRGB mode. However, the power consumption was further dropped to around 29 watts in the ECO mode.

Game Plus Relay:

Before beginning a game, gamers have to adjust many features and specifications of the monitor to enhance their game experience. This used to often turn out to be one of the most tedious jobs, as one had to enter and exit individual paths to get their desired settings.

However, ASUS has eased the work of gamers with its ‘Game Plus’ feature. This feature of the monitor gives easy and instant access to its users to other features like customizable crosshair overlays, an on-screen timer, and an FPS counter.

Picture Preset Option:

For various viewing scenarios that make the monitor capable of being perfect in multiple uses, the monitor comes with in-built eight picture presets, which includes views of Scenery, Theater, Game, Night View, Reading, Darkroom, SRGB, and Standard.

To ensure that gamers get a user-friendly experience, ASUS has made the On-Screen Display instead very simple and easy to use. It can be easily navigated by using a 5-way joystick placed at the backside of the monitor.


  • It supports AMD’s FreeSync Technology.
  • It provides a reliable gaming performance.
  • It offers excellent features in an affordable price range.


  • Slightly skewed color accuracy diminishes the performance.
  • The presence of USB ports and speakers could have made it better.

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Conclusion To Asus VP28UQG Review

Under this price, the ASUS VP28UQG is a good option for hardcore gamers who are interested in gaming and can compromise with some of the monitor’s shortcomings. Its additional feature is a 3840 by 2160 resolution panel, which makes it deliver sharp image details and smooth gaming experience. The connectivity options of the monitor are also very optimal.

Additional features of the monitor like several picture modes, the rear side joystick options to manage settings, and high response rate, make this monitor a good choice for hardcore gamers. However, there are some compromises which the buyer has to make. They include a lack of USB connectivity, the absence of speakers, and low viewing angles.

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