Are You Searching for the Best 3D Printer under 500?

‘With every command, it gives you what you demand’. 

Our world has advanced beyond imagination. What one could only think of having in reality. Have turned out in the best of its shape. 3D printers are one of the major contributors to this revolution. It has perfectly shaped the use of technology. It has successfully brought the mere image into a 3-Dimensional figure.

These days, it is used in various fields like the fashion industry, dental projects, various tools, co-play, education purposes, architecture, and various big and small projects. It has remarkably advanced the world. Crafted in a way that has made the impossible into possible.

Those who desire to pursue a career or have an interest in 3D effects must have a 3D printer. It has various benefits and advantages and so it has made work easy. It has cut short the efforts and time consumed. It creates the fastest prototypes and helps in creating speedy models.

Its speed of creating the models with the support of raw material is remarkable. Its process is to add it layer by layer to give the model or the object printing, an accurate shape and dimensions. Those who are new to it have always been in wonder. As it consists of magical powers of molding and creating objects. From daily life objects to objects that are in demand at the highest level.

It as always made the task easier. One of the best advantages of a 3D printer is its feature of customizing. It doesn’t limit itself to only print certain models that it already can. Rather willingly stretch itself to anything that you give it as a command. Its work is to bring for you, what you demand. 

Though, it comes in a bit high cost. Thankfully, some of the advanced 3D printers have ensured to provide the best of features within less cost. These 3D printers are listed below, all in one place to make it easier for you to decide which one to buy. 

10 Best 3D Printer under 500 In 2021

Each 3D printer listed here has a remarkable feature. As every seller here tries to bring out the best looking and multi-feature 3D printer. These printers have taken a step beyond a basic 3D printer and provided their customers with extra bonuses, benefits, and functions. It’s the smart look and easy to understand process that simply delights an individual to have one for themselves. The options listed are picked as different 3D printers fit best for different purposes. Look for the one that satisfies your requirements. 

1. ELEGOO Mars Pro MSLA 3D Printer 

The very first recommendation is this, ELEGOO’s Mars Pro. It is an efficient and advanced version of a 3D printer. Making it more comfortable in use. Easy to adjust and easy to assemble. It’s is designed in a way to give the user a proper user-friendly experience while using it.

With time, it becomes handy and easy to control. It is a unique designed printer with a dark theme it consists of hexagon socket screws that keep it all together and stable for a longer time. This upgraded version also consists of a CD pattern plate that can silly keep the prints properly stocked to the plates. 

It’s advanced and works more efficiently with its first time-sliced file format. This helps in reducing the file size. As minimizing the file size can help while printing. As this way, while doing the big printing tasks it becomes better in performance. The 3D printer provides a Liner Guide-way, which makes the surface way smoother and helps perform the accurate tasks.

It comes with a UV LED light source, which helps in bringing out better results and performers its tasks more smartly. As printing requires proper concentration, which can come up with the best and accurate result. It is less noisy while printing. Which makes it a perfect choice to go with. As its, this silent or less noise feature is very required. 

This Mars Pro is a very efficient and high-quality performance 3D printer which will. provide the best of experience. It consists of a 1-year warranty over the product to ensure its user its quality use and durability. 


  • It ensures to be less noisy.
  • It consists of rubber seals to protect it from any leakage. 
  • It is an upgraded version with features which are new and cannot be found in other 3D Printer. Such features as; its sliced file format, its linear guide-way and its UV LED light source. 


  • Can only use one of the two formats while printing, which is .ctb format. 

2. Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer: 

Comgrow provides very trustworthy and excellent 3D printers to its customers. It’s high-quality 3D printers highlight comgrow differently. It doesn’t limit itself to a regular or a basic printer features but rather lets the user be flexible and open to the 3D printers themselves.

It allows its users to openly mold up the printer according to their demands and needs. It is an ideal printer in various fields like for students who wish to start with a very, normalized idea of what a 3D printer is like and how can one use it. This is why this printer can be a perfect gift for children.

They can learn the basics of 3D printing. As sometimes, one has to start from the roots of something to let it flourish properly. Which is, learning the basics of 3D printing at a little age can sharpen their minds. This practice can help them to use professional printers more confidently. 

Its few beneficial features involve improved surface, which can help provide proper protection to the heated bed. It also ensures easy removal of the created prototype after cooling down. It consists of an improved power supply providing super supply to help the heating bed to heat up faster.

Which results in fact work is done. Its frame is also an improved version to ensure proper stability while printing. Above all, one of the most improved features is to resume where you left due to any circumstances such as a power cut off in the middle of printing. It restores the data and resumes the work, exactly where you have left. These excellent features make it a perfect choice to go with.  


  • It provides a better power supply
  • It ensures to be tension free while using it as its resume features helps to resume where one has left. 
  • It provides a better frame for stability. 
  • It makes sure to heat up easily while using the printer to create 3D models. Which results in fast printing. 


  • Not a beginner-friendly 3D printer. 

3. FlashForge Adventurer 3D printer:

The name itself highlights that it is there to take you for an adventure just exactly where you are. With its use, you don’t have to step out to explore. As a 3D printer itself is an endless pool of limitless explorations and inventing different models, for different purposes, that is unique to the world. It is a very premium quality 3D printer.

Every material and every part of it is of superior quality such as its Camera. Which helps in better monitoring.

Just like any other efficient 3D printer. This printer comes with various benefits to advance the work and make it easier for the users in every possible way. As it comes with a removable built plate. This access to easily removing the heat up plate can help in fast and easy carrying out the created models after printing.

Its heat-up plate can heat fast which can help in speedy printing and processing. Any product that we buy must be always clean and dust-free. This is why Its nozzle can be easily detached which helps in easy cleaning tasks.

It’s other features too make it a wonderful choice to go for. Its heated plate is flexible and bendable for better usage. It consists of a touch screen for easily accessible usage and consumes less time programming the command for printing.

It has also ensured to provide a noise-free experience. As some noises are so unbearable that it makes users uncomfortable with the product. So, with all its countless features. It is an amazing pick to be considered. 


  • Easy to set up 
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with an HD quality camera 
  • Prints in no time. 


  • Can give some heating issues.

4. Creality Ender 5 Pro 3D Printer: 

This is another great quality printer. It prints fast, easy to assemble and easy to clean. It provides with a silent motherboard to give a warmly and calm experience to its users while printing. It’s filament sensor makes it more efficient and reliable. As sensors are needed to alarm the users if anything goes unexpected.

Here, if the Filament rises or overflows, the sensor automatically suspends the work. This alarms the user to take the required actions on time. It ensures to be an easy access printer and will work smoothly with fast printing. 

Its warranty of 1 year over product, proper lifetime support and free replacing of the damaged parts make it a more durable and long-lasting 3D printer. It’s guarantee makes it’s a perfect choice to pick. 


  • One can easily access it
  • The product gives a proper warranty and free replacement of the parts. 
  • Comes with a filament sensor.


  • Wires might keep bumping to the built plate. 

5. Artillery Sidewinder X1 3D Printer:

This Artillery 3D printer is an efficient and quick usage printer. Its fast heating bed and fast processing, which takes no time to bring out the results, make it a worthy choice. It comes with a filament sensor to detect if it ever overflows.

It also comes with this wonderful feature of resuming the printing where it was left off due to cut off or any other unexpected circumstance. This makes it a reliable choice. As a user can worry less and work more while using it.


  • Easy to assemble and quick to set up
  • Solid construction 
  • The glass build plate is amazing 


  • Ribbon cables are lightweight 

6. JGAURORA upgraded A5S 3D Printer: 

JG Makers have continuously given the best of service to their customers. It has served for almost past 10years without failing to lose the trust of its buyers. Always looking forward to improving and advancing the 3D printing.

They have modernized the use of printers. Giving it a perfect look, amazing design and rich with features. Its main aim is to spread the use of 3D printer among all levels of people. So that all can equally access to its rich benefits. 

It’s basic and advanced features involves it’s fast and easy to access. It comes with a touch screen for direct and handy usage. One-touch can take over the whole command. Its extruder comes with this excellent feature. If a new filament is not placed on the healing bed for around an hour, it stops to heat, which can help in restoring it from access heating.

It can also resume printing from the exact point where it last stopped. It is a large space printer so that one can easily print big dimension models. 


  • Easy to assemble 
  • Easy to use.
  • Can easily resume from the exact point where it stopped printing. 
  • It is a large size printer to make it free for small and big, all size printings. 


  • Can cause an issue while leveling. 

7. ANYCUBIC MEGA X 3D Printer 

This 3D printer is magic. 

A 3D painting requires a lot of focus, time, energy. Many have had endless attempts while using a 3D printer. But have found a lot of issues using. This is why, this printer had come up with features, with smart usage. As it is made out of a modern touch. Making it available for proper projects to daily life use. It remains active and does its work excellently in all kinds of uses. 

Its various features involve, Filament sensor, to alarm the user of its run-outs. Its power supply is super. Which helps in efficiently doing the work. It gives high printing. It is easy to assemble and easy to process 3D printer. Along with some other amazing features. It is a perfect choice one can go with. 


  • Assembling is easy
  • Printing is of high quality. 
  • The space given in this printer is large which helps in easily printing big injects. 


  • It is comparatively of heavyweight. 

8. QIDI Technology 3D Printer: 

This another high-quality 3D printing efficient printer is all that one can require. Its heating platform and its efficiency of being able to create high-quality printouts are remarkable. This is one of those 3D printers that support both kinds of filament printing. Which makes it of wider use.

It gives a high accuracy printing result with exact dimensions. It consists of a printer slicer which is easy to use and helps in segregating the model perfectly. It comes with a metal frame for better stability while printing and a full touch screen for better use. 


  • Supports both kinds of filament. 
  • Comes with a heating platform 
  • Easy to access
  • Ideal for school use and different level project purposes. 


  • Don’t come with wifi connectivity.

9. ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 3D Printer:

This amazing 3D printer delivers the best and fast results. It consists of a top cover detection and a UV-blocking top. It stops to print the moment its open opens. It consists of a high-quality supply of power.

Which helps in powerful and speedy printing. It is a 3D printer loved by all and ensures. to continue to do the same It’s processing, assembling and cleaning are very easy. It is a smart-looking printer with magnificent features and qualities. 


  • Comes with a UV-Blocking top cover. 
  • Efficient in following the commands.
  • Brings out best of results, outstanding prints. 


  • The printing area is comparatively less.

10. Sovol SV02 3D Printer: 

If you are looking for a worthwhile experience with a touch of adventures and innovations. This is the right 3D printers. For those who wish to create something unique and out of the box. Buy it. For it won’t disappoint your picked choice. It comes with a silent motherboard, a coloured touch screen and amazing power supply support.

Just like many other printers, it gives the benefit of tension-free printing. As it can easily restore the commands which stopping in between the processing due to the power cut off or other such reasons. So, go for it, and can easily resume where it left. 


  • Comes with auto levelling feature.
  • Works quietly. As it comes with a silent motherboard. 
  • Comes with a superpower supply which makes the printing faster and accurate. 


  • Print quality is not that good. 

Things to consider before buying the Best 3D Printer under 500

It is very essential to know the product that you’re looking to buy. Knowing it means, being familiar with it. A new product that gives you a friendly feeling or satisfies your heart with abundant joy. That makes you feel right with what you have just invested your time, energy and money.

Is a product that deserves to be yours. Which is why it is essential to know before-hand that how to choose the right 3D Printer. To experience some interesting adventures with your 3D printer. You must keep down to a few of these listed, must consider points before buying one. 

1. Features:

Every single product comes with various features. Every seller has tried to advance its products by giving its customers, best of service at less cost and with fewer complications. This is why, look for a 3D printer that even if doesn’t come with some extra features, but at least satisfies all your specific needs.

Look for a 3D printer rich with features, such as less noisy, fast working, accurate, and durable, and consist of all the required materials in ample amount. Materials that are used in building the final prototype. 

2. Usage:

Before buying a 3D printer or while buying one, you should make yourself fully acquainted with its proper usage. As much as it’s usage is easy, it is quite dangerous too. This is why taking proper safety measures, keeping yourself away from heat or any shape edges is extremely essential.

Also, when we buy a product it is very necessary to use it to its full potential. Knowing about every feature proper can help you access it easily. 

3. Brand:

Different brands have come up with different 3D printers according to different usage. One must try out different brands before going for one as final. As this way, one can explore different options properly. Some brands have gained decades of appreciation, whereas some are perfectly establishing their name in the 3D Printers best seller’s list. 

4. The material used to print:

One must know this before buying a 3D printer, that a 3D printer comes with different types of material for usage. One must make sure to look properly and then decide which suits all requirements n a 3D printer. 

5. Price:

Although, it is sad to say that 3D printers are not for a tight pocket purchase. As it’s the cost is relatively high. But thankfully, some printers have started to come at low cost. Usually, a product comparatively low in cost provides less benefit, but here above mentioned are some perfect 3D printers within less price. It won’t make you feel as if you’re missing out on anything.

These printers have excellent features to provide you with a proper 3D adventure experience. You can happily customize your own wished prototypes out of it. 

6. Noise Level:

No one likes noises while working. Everyone wishes to somehow, someway avoid it. As it won’t let the person do the work properly with concentration. Whereas, every work demands concentration. 3D printer even demands proper focus. As one who is working with this product have to be very careful while using it.

So, many brands have come up with a less noisy feature to let the user enjoy a proper adventurous workspace. Less noisy also means to successfully use it among a group or in a wide range of varieties. 

7. Durability:

Every product or in particular, every 3D printer comes with a certain durability guarantee or product warranty. As the seller, takes up with the responsibility of product’s any defects or any missing parts. It ensures with a warranty that the product will be long lasting and stay away from wear and tear risks. 

8. Accuracy:

3D printer’s main role is to print out the best of the 3D prototypes. The models are very essential to set a proper idea about a product. These models cannot be loose measurements or imperfect design. Its accuracy is extremely important. This is why, look for a 3D printer that efficiently does the requested work, follows your given commands perfectly, and comes up with the best and most satisfying results. 

9. Speed:

The faster it works more it is efficient. A 3D printer’s efficiency can be known through its speed of providing the user with the best and accurate results or models. This is why look for the one which performs its task quickly and perfectly. As these models require detailed work. As much as the command should be right, the right should also be the 3D printer’s efficiency in properly carrying the commands. 

These above are a few of the most important things to be considered while buying a 3D printer. 


A 3D printer can be very helpful in easily handling your major tasks of creating perfect prototypes. But every small or big product requires proper maintenance and is must to be used carefully. This is why one must know about its proper usage, how to take care of it and, most importantly, the safety measures that must be taken care of while working with it.

Keeping it safely as well as keeping yourself safe while working with it, both is essential. One must make sure to keep it properly assembled. Even if a single part gets missing, you cannot use it. So, to use it right, you have to know it right and keep it right. 

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