Best Am3+ Motherboard

Once again, we have another one of the gaming motherboards that have a special feature already included in them for that advanced gaming feeling. Here we have motherboards which have am3+ (a type of a small modification in the AMD socket of the motherboard) that helps in sustaining the compatibility with the processors and also helps to have a fast and dynamic gaming experience.

This feature was recently added in the year 2011 as the developers believe that gamers out there should have a certain type of advanced technology attached to the processors to offer them a smooth and fast gaming experience. Let us discuss the top motherboards that offer the am3+ feature in them.

9 Best AM3+ Motherboard In 2020

1. ASRock 760 GM

Whenever we discuss motherboards, we have to include ASRock in the top 10 list and rightly standing by that statement, we have here the ASRock 760 GM a superb motherboard in itself. This ASrock 760 GM supports various kinds of features and is genuinely nice and great for core gamers.

This motherboard offers you the option of socket am3+ processors, and that is great as that is what we are looking for in this article. It also supports other types of processors such as AMD Phenom II, be it X6, X4, X3, or X2 for that matter; it includes every one of them. It also offers Athlon II X 4,3,2 Sempron processors.

It is truly amazing as this ASRock supports the 8-core CPU that is new and upcoming in the gaming sector. The motherboard also supports the AMD overdrive that is the ACC feature for which the full form is Advanced Clock Calibration, which is great in itself as it gives the freedom for the gamers to pave the way to their own creativity.

The CPU power that this motherboard offers is up to 125 W, which is the highest as compared to what the other motherboards available in the market have to offer. 


  • The power of the CPU is superb
  • Supports different types of AMD Phenom
  • Perfect for gaming purposes


  • Heats up pretty quickly

2. Asus M5A78L M Plus

Asus is known to provide some great motherboards that are necessary in order to explore the gamer in you. Asus is a Taiwan-based company that has been known to manufacture computer hardware, as well as consumer electronics and, has been prospering in the sector since day one.

Asus ZenForce series has been the topmost product that Asus has ever created and has been rapidly growing since the start. Asus M5A78L M plus also comes under the Asus Zenforce series and has been the topmost motherboard for gaming purposes. 

This Asus M5A781 M plus supports the am3+ CPU, which is what we are trying to look for in this article. It also offers you a core unlocker unlock that is a true core processor that helps you in achieving an intelligent performance every time.This motherboard also has a new and approved feature that makes your gaming experience new and solid.

This motherboard has anti-surge technology that offers you a full-time power guardian and also helps your system from any new risk coming your way. So basically, this motherboard gives you the option to keep your system safe from any hazard that can affect the functioning of it. It also offers you with a system-level charging capacity that helps you save the overall charge of your motherboard. 


  • Unlocker lock that gives you intelligent performance
  • Anti-surge technology 


  • Heats up pretty quickly

3. MSI 970

The third one on the list of best motherboards is none other than MSI 970. MSI is a trusted and most known brand when it comes to gaming motherboards, and that is the main reason this motherboard has made it into the list even here. Let us dive into details and know the features of the MSI 970 motherboard.

This MSI motherboard supports the AMD FX as well as the Phenom II, Athlon II, and lastly, the Sempron processors for the am3+ sockets. It also has the iconic MSI gaming dragon, which is great for all the gaming aspects you need for those online gaming sessions.

The heatsink that is available in the motherboard gives you the freedom to use it for hours without having to worry about it charging up. The heatsink surely looks after 24 hours of heat dissipation, which is great for those long gaming hours playing your favorite game. It also supports DDR3 2133 OC memory, which is great. 

This motherboard also has the option to offer you with USB of 3.0+ SATA with 6Gbs of power. The best part about this motherboard is that it offers you with two amazing audio boosts, which are a reward to your ear quality, and it is great. It also gives you a huge memory capacity with dual channels slots with 32GB of storage in general. 


  • Great storage capacity
  • Heat sink installed for heat dissipation of your motherboard 


  •  Heat sink does not work very well always

4. Gigabyte GA A320 M

Let us now introduce you with a new and approved motherboard that is great for the am3+ feature great for gaming and other facilities. Gigabyte is the third-largest motherboard known in the sector of gaming and has been my personal favorite for a long time now.

This Gigabyte motherboard supports the AMD Ryzen with 2nd generation as well as the Ryzen with Radeon Vega graphics card. It not only supports those two but also the Athlon with Radeon Vega graphics along with Ryzen 1st generation and the 7th generation A series. The last name on this huge list is of the Athlon X4 processors. 

These huge names were all that of the processors, and yes, this motherboard supports every one of the above-mentioned names. This motherboard has a dual-channel as well as the Non-ECC unbuffered DDR4 along with the 2 DIMMS. If we talk in detail about the technical aspects of this motherboard, this one offers you ultra-fast PCle with Gen 3 and M.2 with PCle NVMe and lastly the SATA mode support.

This motherboard also has the ability to offer high-quality audio capacitors with the superb audio noise guard, and it cancels the sound on a greater level, so no more going through the trouble of finding a quieter room to play your favorite game. They also have Realtek Gigabit LAN with Internet Accelerator software. 


  • Smart Fan feature with 2 hybrid fan headers
  • High-quality audio capacitors


  • Needs a better processor

5. ASRock 970 Pro3 ATX

There is yet another ASRock motherboard being added to the list. The Chipset of the motherboard is North Bridge AMD with 970 as well as South Bridge AMD SB950. The memory of this motherboard is also higher than your regular motherboard and offers you a great amount of storage capacity.The memory of this motherboard is 4 DDR3 2100, as the name suggests along with OC 1866, 1800, 1600, 1333, and many more.

It also offers you many slot options such as the DIMM slots, the Dual channel slots, and lastly, the Non-ECC buffered slots with a huge capacity of 64 GB. The slots capacity is something that the motherboard is known for 2.0 by 16 slots as well as the 2 PCI Express slots and lastly the PCI slots. It also provides you with a great LAN Realtek RTL 8111E with one Gigabit ethernet control.

It also has various ports where you can connect your motherboard with different devices and portals, so it is made for your multitasking. The different ports, such as the keyboard port, the mouse port, the coaxial port, the optical port, the LAN port, and last but not least, the Audio jack port. The motherboard is also equipped with an advanced power connector that is the need of the hour. 


  • Various ports options for that multiple device connection
  • Huge memory as well as storage capacity 


  • Motherboard heats up pretty easily after long working hours

6. ASRock Micro ATX DDR3

Let us talk about another one of the ASRock motherboards that we have here in this list. It offers all those amazing and advanced features that you require for your gaming needs. ASRock, as I said earlier, has been offering some great motherboards and not just motherboards but also other gaming software such as the laptops, processors, chipset, etc., that we have been coming across and have been using for a long time now.

Here I would be talking about the ASRock Micro ATX motherboard that is totally different in many variants as opposed to the earlier ASRock motherboard that I mentioned in this article. This ASRock motherboard offers you with Socket, such as the FM2+, that is great for users and also for those online gaming sessions with your pals.

This motherboard also has a superb chipset that is AMD A68H with Bolton D2H and the newly approved one. The memory is also great with 2 by DDR3 2400 + OC. The OC is also available in many variants 2133, 1866, 1600, 1333, 1066, etc. It also has many DIMM slots as well as a Dual channel with Non-ECC unbuffered. This Non-ECC offers you the max capacity of 32 GB, which is great for your everyday gaming routine. 


  • Offers you different slots for smooth multitasking
  • Also offers a great memory capacity of 32 GB


  • Heating is a very big issue

7. Asus AM4 TUF Gaming

Asus TUF gaming has the latest and the essential elements of the advanced AMD platform, and together, they combine and make some game-ready features and prove the durability of the motherboard. Hence I decided to include yet another Asus motherboard in the top 10 list.

This motherboard is engineered with amazing military components that can be upgraded with the power solutions that it offers, as well as the comprehensive set of cooling options with powerful header fans. Now let us discuss the superb features of this motherboard. It has enhanced power solutions with 12+2 Mos power stages as we all have 6 layers of PCB with ProCool sockets that offer you the extra power you need.

It also has comprehensive cooling which is great in itself as it offers you with chipset heatsink, VRM heatsink, and also M.2 heatsink. If so many heat sinks are involved, the motherboard will obviously stay cool for long hours. It also has hybrid fans and headers along with the Fan Xpert 4 technology.

It has the next generation connectivity with Dual channel, USB connections, exclusive Realtek L8200 A gigabit ethernet, TF LANguard, and many more. It also is powered with the amazing and cool feature of Aura Sync RGB lights, which give you a vast portfolio of compatible PC gear that includes LED lights as well as RGB strips. 


  • LED lights along with RGB strips for that groovy look
  • Dual connectivity offers you great compatibility


  • Not so good for gaming

8. Gigabyte B450 AORUS

Another one of the Gigabyte creations is here. Let us discuss its features in detail. This Gigabyte motherboard supports the AMD 1st as well as the 2nd generation Ryzen and also Ryzen with Radeon Vega graphics processor. The intel ethernet that is present in this motherboard is of LAN + Dual-band 802.11 ac WIFI.

The dual PCle Generation 3 M.2 NVMe comes along with dual thermal guards. It also is equipped with ALC 1220-VB that is the enhanced audio and WIMA Capacitors. There are even RGB Fusion headers available with digital LED as well as RGB LED headers. It also has a smart fan 5 option that comes along with a fan stop feature.

There are over many connections available in this motherboard for that multitasking that you require at all times. There are type C USB along with Type A. There is also an integrated IO shield also present that offers you an ultra-durable design for that stylish and long-lasting element.

The ultra-durable designs that come from the AORUS reinforce the shielding design as well as it offers its users an extra strength that is required for storing those powerful and heavy graphics. The smart fan 5 keeps the motherboard cool and helps it to work efficiently and with smooth speed. 


  • Smart Fan 5 for cooling feature
  • AORUS design for shielding the heavy graphics


  • The durability of the motherboard is less

9. Gigabyte X399 Designare

Last but not least, we have the Gigabyte super X399 designare motherboard that gives you a smooth and refined gaming experience. Let us get to know a little bit about its features.

The features of Gigabyte X399 Designare are somewhat the same as that of the earlier motherboards that I mentioned, but what makes it different than the rest is its super AMD Ryzen Thread ripper processors that are always equipped with the am3+ feature that is new and upcoming in the market of gaming.

It has Quad Channel with ECC as well as Non-ECC buffered DDR4, 8 DIMMs along with 3600 MHz OC feature that is one of its kind. The Non-ECC part plays a very crucial role in the motherboard, and Gigabyte X399 is equipped with that.

It also has a 4-way graphics support with a dual armor as well as an ultra-durable design that will make your motherboard last long with those extra beneficial features.

It also has a fast front as well as fast rear with different USB, such as Type C that supports 2.4 or max 5 GHz of dual-bandwidth. Lastly, the motherboard has a server-class digital power design studded with gold plated and solid, powerful connections. 


  • 5 GHz of power 
  • A 4-way graphics card support


  • Heating power of the motherboard is higher

Buying Guide To Best Am3+ Motherboard

Now let us move onto the Buyer’s guide section, where I would state a few points that will help you in buying the perfect motherboard of your choice.

  • Graphics card

Always look for a good graphics card when you are out trying to buy a motherboard. The type of graphic card that your motherboard supports also affects the functioning of the motherboard.

The graphics card is crucial as it affects the imaging quality of your game, and you may be left with a blurry and less quality of images while streaming games online. A graphics card should either be of AMD Ryzen or Ryzen Radeon for a super smooth image finish.

  • Storage

How much storage does your motherboard offer? Always ask this question to yourself before jumping on to make a payment for the motherboard. Whenever you ask yourself this question, you will come across a very genuine and honest answer that is the storage has to be larger.

Hence always opt for a motherboard that offers you the minimum storage space of 64 GB, and if it offers more than 64 GB, then you are surely in luck. 

  • Cooling Power

The third and yet the utmost important factor which many of us tend to ignore is the cooling capacity of your motherboard. No one likes hardware that gets heated up quickly even before you actually began the main work.

If a motherboard has the cooling feature with FanXpert installed in it, then you will never face the problem of your device getting heated up. Some motherboards also offer you a headers fan-set that keeps your motherboard cool even after hours of working continuously on it or even after long hours of streaming your game live.


There are so many small things to remember while buying any technical equipment, be it a laptop or a cellphone or like, in this case, a motherboard. A motherboard is a crucial part in a gamer’s life as it is equipped with superb features such as a graphics card for those crystal clear imaging, a heatsink feature to control the temperature of the motherboard as well as a huge storage space to store those gazillion amounts of videos and pictures.

But in the end, we always neglect all these features or aspects and focus all our attention on the price of the product. That should not be the case, and before making any payment, you must always remember to make sure that the product you’re buying has all the features you need. Happy gaming!

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