Best Envelope Printers

Searching for the Best Envelope Printers?

No matter how many new and modern ways come into the world to communicate with the people, nothing will ever compare to the way a letter works its magic in the people’s heart. Just like nothing will compare to a real hardcover book feel in the hands! 

Finding a perfect printer that is completely suitable to print envelopes is our purpose here. Just like buying anything, here also you have to keep certain points in your mind beforehand. These are important to make a rational decision.

Due to the availability of different brands in the market, it becomes quite difficult for people to choose one for a particular purpose. To get you out of this never-ending cycle of confusion, we have created this guide with some of the best printers for envelope printing.

Read this guide carefully to make a rational decision of buying. The next thing you’ll know you’ll have a perfect product in the mind to fulfil your particular needs from it. So don’t wait up and read on! 

Top 10 Best Envelope Printer

1. Epson Workforce WF-7720 Inkjet Printer

Epson workforce inkjet printer is a robust printer that makes your printing experience as real as it gets. It comes with amazing features that are irresistible for users. 

This printer can print a maximum of 125 pages at a time and can also hold up to 500 sheets in its tray. Moreover, the automatic document feeder can hold up to 35 pages at once. Double-sided printing is also one of the important features that completes its integrity. The thick paper and envelopes are fed through a special rear feeder.

You can connect the printer via Wifi, Ethernet, Apple, Google Cloud Print, USB and the Ethernet network cable. The printer is also equipped with a 3.7-inch colour touchscreen that lets you easily navigate throughout your printing process. Though there’s one drawback- you need to replace ink cartridges much sooner than a laser-based printer.

Overall, this is a wonderful printer to print your envelopes and fulfil the other needs you have from a printer.


  • This device can hold many papers at a time
  • It can deal quite easily with a large amount of work
  • Equipped with automatic document feeder
  • Comes 3.7-inch colour touchscreen


  • You have to change ink cartridges more frequently than other printers
  • Not much of a multitasker

2. Brother MFC-J6545DW Inkjet All-in-One Printer

The Brother MFC-J6545DW INKvestment Tank colour inkjet all-inclusive printer with tank technology gives birth to reliable execution, strengthened productivity and withstood results. This printer undoubtedly is perfect for home offices and small businesses.

High-capacity INKvestment Tank cartridges and an inward ink storage tank and a competent Page Gauge(3) help provide convenient, steady printing for up to 1-year(1) without the need to purchase ink. For businessmen, it boosts productivity with 11″ x17″ copy, print, fax and scan. 

The printer is equipped with an automatic document feeder of 50-sheet and cloud printing & scanning directly from the touchscreen. Cartridges are easy to use and handle.

You don’t need to check the remaining ink left after every print or the pages left in the tray as it is all monitored and displayed for users to know. You can also do onscreen navigation with the help of a 3.7 colour touchscreen display attached on the printer.


  • With this printer, you don’t need to change ink for 1 year
  • Flexible paper handling
  • Equipped with a 3.7-inch colour touchscreen
  • Cartridges are easy to use and handle


  • This printer is said to be not that suitable for medium or large business
  • Expensive 

3. HP OfficeJet 200 Portable Printer

This printer like other ones is a multi Tasker with the ability to print and scan, copy and even fax. Since our current purpose is to find a printer that facilitates envelope printing features with ease, this printer is an appropriate choice for you. 

The printer is portable and light in weight. But its portability doesn’t let it compromise in its quality working. It still works as good as any heavy or big printers out there. Moreover, this printer can print up to 300 pages in a month with great efficiency.

This printer is not much about high definition prints rather it is suitable printing wherever and whenever you want. It delivers a 2-inch colour display touchscreen which is more than enough to handle all your printing work.

Further, for remote printing, you can get remote prints over an Ethernet connection. You can stow around 50 pages at a time. Aside from being cheap, the printer’s power usage is also minimal and the ink cartridges are also inexpensive. You can expect around 10 ppm of black and white prints and 7 ppm of colour prints. 


  • lightweight, compact and portable
  • Relatively cheap printer 
  • Delivers a good set of connectivity options

Can feed 50 pages in a single go


  • The touchscreen is somewhat outdated

4. Brother MFC-J5830DW All-in-one colour inkjet printer

Brother dw all-in-one printer lives up to its name. In other words, this printer is indeed an all-rounder printer which delivers high-quality prints that too with great quality.

This printer is good for daily tasks and great for other tasks, a high capacity printer that delivers per-print value. One of the best parts is that its ink cartridges are recyclable, hence you can use them again.

Further, it comes with the capacity of storing 250 pages in the main tray at a time. The single-cartridge can provide up to 3000 black and white pages and 1500 on the colour ink. It doesn’t consume a high amount of electrical power. And lastly, it is equipped with a 3.7-inch colour touchscreen that lets you navigate throughout your printing process.


  • The ink cartridges are recyclable and last quite long
  • 3.7-inch colour touchscreen facilitates in using printer independent of a PC or a computer
  • Equipped with various connectivity options
  • Can hold up to 250 pages in the main tray at a time


  • Can only print up to ledger size prints

5. Brother HL-L2350DW Laser Printer

This is another suitable printer in the brother brand line of printers. Capable of not only doing traditional printing but also enables us to scan, copy and fax. It is a perfect printer if your main expectations involve envelope printing as well.

It is effective in working, has cost efficiency and is easy to carry as well due to its compact and lightweight design. Its Per-page cost is also quite low compared to other printers out there in the market.

Additionally, it can get up to 3000 pages in a single toner and has the speed of 32 ppm and lastly, can handle 250 pages at a time. It can handle all sizes of pages right from letter to legal.

As the current purpose is envelope printing, hence it is important to mention its Amazon Dash Replenishment Programme. This printer can print a large number of envelopes quickly and with quite an ease. 


  • Can print a large number of envelopes quickly
  • A great multitasker 
  • Delivers the speed of 32 ppm
  • Provides various connectivity options


  • This printer can only print monochrome

6. Canon Office And Business MX922 aLL-IN-ONE Printer

Want a printer that supports high definition prints and envelopes and can also satisfy your daily requirements from a printer? Well, look no further. Canon MX922 is here to do just that.

This printer is equipped with a 35-page auto duplex automatic document feeder and also you don’t have to sort your documents in any way, the printer does it for you. 

Furthermore, this printer has an inbuilt LAN and Airprint capabilities that enables its users to connect it with any nearby device. The printer is also available with five inks option that automatically delivers high finish outputs no matter what the input is.

The printer is equipped with the maximum impressive resolution of 9600×2400 dpi. So, high-quality output? Check! You can not only just print to your heart’s desire but can scan, fax and copy as well. 


  • High-quality printing experience 
  • Great connectivity features 
  • A perfect multitasking printer to use
  • Can easily print high finish envelopes design with quite an ease


  • A bit heavy than other printers available in the market

7. HP OfficeJet Pro 6968 All In One Printer

What makes this printer stand out of the crowd is its ability to support Amazon ALEXA Technology that directly prints without the need for any physical activity. This is one of the printers in the market that is equipped with full features of connectivity. 

This printer can deliver up to 60 prints at a go and that too with an input capacity of 225 pages. Further, it can print 10 ppm of black and white prints and 100 ppm of colour prints at once.

Moreover, the printer is equipped with the ability to print, scan, copy, fax printing functionality. Further, a 35-page automatic document feeder option is available in the device.

The inbuilt 2.65-inch colour display touch screen enables you to navigate through all your actions while printing easily. The cartridge yields up to 300 and 315 pages in black and white and colour prints respectively. 


  • The printer can handle multiple functions like a professional
  • Comes with a full set of connectivity functions
  • Delivers high-quality outputs
  • Equipped with 2.65 touch screen display


  • Not lightweight and compact
  • A little expensive

8. Canon imageCLASS LBP162DW Monochrome Laser Printer

Canon products are believed to be those that “just works” and boy do they work! In fact, they don’t just work but satisfy almost all your expectations and requirements you’re most likely to have from a printer.

They come with the capacity of 23000 pages in a single drum and the ability to belt out 250 prints. It is further equipped with the ability to print 30 ppm. It offers 1400 pages per toner and to around 4100 pages on the high yield toner. It supports all sizes of documents, from smaller size to legal to letter sizes.

Moreover, the printer provides distinct connectivity options, from LAN to Ethernet connection and various canon applications that most OS like Android and iOS can easily support.

Overall, it is a great printer to possess to fulfil all your printing needs. And yes it is suitable for envelope printing as well.


  • Provides great high finish outputs
  • Equipped with distinct connectivity features 
  • Comes with a speed of 30 ppm 
  • Can print in all sizes


  • Expensive

9. Xerox Phaser 6510/DN Color Printer

The Xerox Phaser Color Printer is a remarkable laser printer that has the potential of connecting with mobile devices at the same time delivering quality colour prints. This printer supports various envelope printing from simple to creative designs.

Whether you’re outputting snapshots from your smartphone or Photoshop files from a tablet or PC, it delivers 1200 X 2400 dpi resolution and PANTONE colour matching. The printer supports Xerox Print Service Plugin, Google Cloud Print and Apple Airprint for Android and Mopria. 

This printer enables users to print almost every kind of files such as emails, documents, photos, and low and high-quality types. You can connect the printer and print as many distinct files as you desire from a wide range of devices. The set up is wireless and hence not complicated at all.

Aside from all this, it is equipped with a separate security installation that is IPsec, SNMPv3, IP filtering and secure print. This feature helps users in keeping sensitive documents and files away from unwanted and harmful recipients.

This printer stands out with spectacular image quality and details. It supports standard automatic two-sided print and the printer works fast and efficiently as well.


  • Secure printing with the help of inbuilt safety technology
  • Supports Google Cloud Print and Apple Airprint
  • Works faster and can easily print envelopes
  • The device is furnished with a resolution of 1200×2400 pixels quality
  • Automatic duplexes 


  • The printer does not support wifi connectivity. You have to purchase a separate adaptor to have that feature

10. Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 Wireless Color Wide-format Printer

Epson Expression Color printer runs on inkjet technology that provides high-quality graphics that you just can’t help but take notice of. This printer produces borderless sizes from 4 “×6” to 13 “×19”.

The printer provides 6 colour inks with red and grey. The paper tray can hold up to 50-sheets, 200 sheets front tray capacity and enables automatic 2 sided printing. And yes it can easily fulfil all your envelope printing needs. 

Besides, the printer is equipped with a 2.4″ colour LCD that lets you easily navigate the prints and prints. It also enables convenient wireless connectivity. It can easily print from iPad, iPhone and Android tablets and smartphones (4); also offers Ethernet networking.


  • Delivers spectacular print quality, hence great for printing envelopes
  • Can print borderless size from 4 “×6” to 13 “×19”
  • Supports easy wireless connectivity 
  • Can print from most mobile software
  • Provides 6 colour inks with grey and red


  • High cost and maintenance 
  • Relatively slow printing speed

Buying Guide To Best Envelope Printers

Inkjet vs Toner

This feature is the first and foremost element that needs to be taken into account before buying any printer for any purpose. You need to decide whether you want it to be toner-based or inkjet.

Inkjet printers use a water-based ink that delivers photos in a sharp and very detailed way. If you want colour printing of high quality then an inkjet printer is suitable for you to buy.

Whereas Toner based printers are suitable for printing official documents and texts as this uses fine toners while printing. Though It’s Not like it cannot produce colour outputs, it is just the quality of them is dull compared to the inkjet printers. Decide what your need and priority are and then make the decision.

Printing Quality 

Another feature to consider beforehand is the quality of prints the printer produces other words, the resolution of the e the print has. Higher the resolution of the print, better the quality you’ll get to see in the prints.

The factors that decide the quality of the output are the cartridges, droplet size and DPI(dots per inch) The need to consider all of them is necessary if you want to have great quality in the output. 

Printing speed

Everybody wants good speed in any task they are doing. But does good speed mean great quality as well? The answer is no. At least in this case. If the printer speed is amazing then there’s a great chance of quality of print being low. Though this doesn’t mean it is always like that.

They are many printers available in the market that are fast and provide high-quality print too while maintaining the speed. And you can get it. But can you afford it? Because they are not cheap!

Another thing you need to consider is the printer’s pages per minute(PPI). It measures the speed at which a printer produces, the number of pages in a minute. 


Gone are the times when you had to connect wires with your device to print your data. Now, most printers come with the ability to connect with devices without any need of wire. This proves quite a convenience when more than 1 person is using the printer to print. 

Ease of use

Choose a printer that is easy to use, set up and lastly easy to handle. Go for the printer that offers user-friendly abilities. It should be easy to understand and should be able to set up without the help of any professional. 


Nowadays, printers do not just support printing but also come with the ability of scanning, photocopying and faxing. It is cost-effective to buy a printer that lets you do multiple functions on it. 


Whether you want a printer for printing simple documents or to print high finish inputs like high-quality graphic pictures, or maybe you want a printer to print envelopes to send those traditional letters to your long-distance acquaintances. The purpose could be anything.


You have to take a careful and calculated decision. Keep in mind your needs and expectations that you have. Set a budget according to your earning. After these initial steps, do your research of all the available brands in the market to find the perfect fit. This buyer’s guide is provided for you to select a perfect fit for your purpose. 

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