Best Gaming Monitor under 100$

Gaming is a sport that can be played by everyone. There is no age barrier to play online games. But sure, there are certain things which all the core gamers look for in a gaming monitor. There are certain specifications that they desire and strive to get those while buying the perfect gaming monitor of their choice.

But there are like a million things to consider before buying the gaming monitor, which suits your needs and comfort. That is where I come into the picture, I would list down 10 top gaming monitors under 100, and you choose your favorite amongst the ten. Let us begin!

Top 10 Best Gaming Monitor under 100

1. Boza Boza Screen

Let us begin our search to find the best gaming monitors under 100 bucks. First up, we have a Boza Boza monitor, which has a blue light filter in it. A blue light filter, as you know, is installed in computer and cellphone devices to protect the retina from getting the direct rays of the screen.

This new and advanced Boza Boza screen gives you just that at affordable prices. 


  • Boza Boza has a blue light filter pre-installed. It guarantees to cut out 99% of the VHF Blue light harmful to the human eye
  • The screen is 32 inches wide if they are measured diagonally. 27 1/2 inches, width x 15 1/2 inches high are the length and height of the exact measurement wise
  • Boza Boza offers you an ultra-clear vision, which lets you have a strong RGB color gamut perfect for those professional work and also for longer work duration
  • This monitor also offers you dual-finish, which means that the Anti light screen, which is present, gives you the freedom to choose between matte and glossy screen output


  • Blue light filter to protect the eyes of the users
  • Dual-finish feature for matte and gloss output


  • Not suitable for gaming purposes

2. Acer SB 220Q

This Acer SB monitor is known for many of its features. The best amongst all the features they have mentioned is the striking thin quality. As there are many monitors available in the market, but the ones who are thin in greater demand as they offer you a sleek and stylish design which you can flaunt in front of your friends and relatives. More features of Acer SB are:


  • This Acer monitor is 21.5 inches with a full HD screen and also an IPS display
  • It has Radeon free sync technology, which does not have VESA mount compatibility
  • The refresh rate of this monitor is 75 Hz if you use the HDMI port
  • It has a zero frame design, which gives you an ultra-thin monitor for great clarity.
  • It also has 4ms superb response time
  • Acer offers you the chance to have horizontal viewing of your monitor screen as well as vertical viewing, which is unique as compared to other monitors
  • The aspect ratio is 16.9 and is color supported by 16.7 million different colors


  • Thinnest monitor available by Acer
  • Offers you vertical as well as horizontal viewing


  • Durability may seem like an issue

3. Hailey Security Monitor

Hailey is known for its trendy and innovative designs. The way the screen looks makes you feel like buying it as it is that great and stylish. How the touch key is designed makes it easy to operate and convenient in understanding how it works.

It also has a real-time remote control, which offers you great control over the monitor. It is also light in weight and super slim, so don’t you worry about portability. You can also have the feature of rotating your screen’s view, which is amazing in its way. 


  • The screen is impressive as it has 10.1 inch LCD monitor with a Full HD resolution 
  • The aspect ratio gives you a 150-degree view which is great for super clarity in images and videos
  • It also offers multi-language OSD option which completes various setting issues
  • Also ultra slim in size for that sleek look which you always desired
  • The monitor is multi-functional that means it is designed for various devices pe it DSLR, DVR or any other device
  • Super easy and portable 


  • 150-degree view offers great image clarity


  • The remote control is not good

4. Sceptre 20

The name of this monitor itself states that it is ultra-thin. It surely is ultra-thin in size and shape and offers a clear picture quality in every way. This monitor is also known for yet another one of its features is the adaptive sync feature.

Now, what is adaptive sync, you would ask? The adaptive sync is a type of technology that builds the gap between the monitor’s refresh rates and its graphics cards. With the help of this technology, it eliminates image tearing and stuttering. This technology is terrific.


  • Sceptre offers you a good deal of built-in speakers for that amazing sound quality. It is great for conference calls as well as listening to songs and getting the pitch-perfect sound quality
  • It has a 75 Hz refresh rate. A refresh rate looks after the speed at which images get tore. As this monitor has a higher refresh rate, it reduces the tearing of images
  • Super light in weight which helps in easy moving and portability of the monitor
  •  20 LED full HD display for the picture clarity you deserve


  • Built-in speakers for superb audio quality
  • The higher refresh rate for less image tearing


  • Image quality can be poor at times

5. LG 22 MK 430H

This LG monitor is amazing and yet affordable in every way you wished. It is a high-performance monitor that fits all your checkpoints. It has a 22-inch wide class screen, which is HD and offers you great picture and video quality.

The screen is truly a blessing as it offers you not only great video quality but also color quality, which will help you in every project or every work assignment you wish to finish. It is great quality at every angle which you see, so don’t worry about missing out on the fun. 


  • On-screen control gives you complete freedom. The handy monitor settings help in quick and easy access for different work such as controlling the brightness, picture settings, etc
  • It also has a split-screen option, which lets you multitask with two different things at a single time all at once. It also has dual controller so can switch things with a single click of the mouse
  • This monitor is wall mountable, which means you can mount it anywhere in your house 
  • It also has a black stabilizer, which means that you can switch to dark mode and get that groovy feeling anytime


  • Wall mounting option


  • No speakers available

6. John will Anti-glare

John will seem like a new name in the gaming monitor sector. But let me tell you, it sure offers some great features which come handy for your everyday gaming experience. John will anti-glare as the monitor’s name as it offers you the anti-glare element, which is crucial for your eye-sight. It is super sleek and thin in design and structure-wise and offers you the stylish element you desire in a gaming monitor.

It has many unique and altogether different features than the other gaming monitors which are available in the market. Let us know them one by one.


  • The monitor is 19 inches wide with a full HD display, which provides a crisp and clear color display. The clarity which is visible even to the naked eye
  • It has a very rich interface that means there are built-in speakers for that extra audio sound you need and a game Tv display
  • You will not understand whether you are playing a game or watching television. 
  • It has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, which is amazing, as it will give you superb clarity at all times
  • The viewing angle is 170 with an ultra-thin bezel


  • Rich interface with amazing sound
  • Higher refresh rate


  • The viewing angle is low

7. HP FHD Monitor

If we are talking about any gaming or any technical aspects, we have to mention HP. HP is known for its amazing technology, which they offer to their customers at affordable rates. HP has been prospering in its laptop section, and now it has made its way into the gaming sector as well.

Now talking about this HP FHD monitor has a wide range of diverse features that would give you an amazing gaming experience. This monitor offers you a lot of specifications, be it the resolution, gaming experience, and many more. Let us dive into the features.


  • The screen of the monitor is wide in size. It has 21.5 inches, which are full HD and gives you a clear and accurate picture quality for your viewing experience.
  • The resolution and the aspect ratio of the TV are 16.9, which is great.
  • The response time is around 5 ms, and it is also great as the pixel of the image changes color from one to the other, and that is the time which it takes.
  • There are different ports in this monitor, such as VGA, HDMI as well as HDCP.


  • There are environmental features such as backlight 


  • Picture quality is not that great

8. Prechen Portable Monitor

Prechen is a new name in the gaming sector. These monitors are available only on Amazon, and there has to be some reason why Amazon sells these monitors. The very basic reason is that it offers great features which are easy to use and also easy to understand.

These prechen laptops offer gaming at the ease of your fingertips. They guarantee that you would have a great gaming experience every time you use their monitors. This monitor also offers you a dual-installation, which gives you the freeway to use the monitor any way you want to. 


  • The screen of this Prechen monitor is 10.1 inches with an IPS display for that native resolution you expect
  • It offers you a multi-interface that means you can connect this monitor anywhere and with anything. You can connect it with HDMI, VGA, or even a portable monitor.
  • It has built-in speakers of 1.5 w, which are superb for that crystal clear sound.
  • The dual-installation offer is when you can mount the monitor on the wall, or you can just put it on your desk.
  • Wide application with the gaming monitor, be it PS4 or PSP. 


  • Dual-installation of the monitor
  • Wide application for various devices


  • Not that great for gaming

9. Asus VS207 D

After HP, if there is another company in the gaming industry, then it has to be Asus. Asus has been around for quite some time now and has offered us great features every time. But does this monitor also stay true to its word? Let us find out. We are now going to get to know the features of this Asus VS207D. 


  • A classic piece with elegant and clear LED display with 1600×900 resolutions 
  • It offers quick 5 ms response which leads to a clear video quality
  • This monitor offers great video technology that optimizes the video performance be it the brightness, the color contrast everything is looked after 
  • The screen is 19.5 inches wide which gives you a clear and plain view of what is happening on your monitor screen
  • This monitor is perfect for getting a good quality video resolution and also perfect for that gaming session


  • Great video resolution
  • Widescreen for a clear video quality


  • The audio is not good

10. DELL E1916 HV VESA

If we are talking about gaming monitors, we have to include DELL as well. DELL offers us not only great laptops but gaming monitors as well. A company that creates great laptops with high-end technology tends to create advanced gaming monitors as well. DELL is a trusted company for ages, and here is the reason why!


  • The features are pretty basic yet powerful. The screen is a high-resolution screen with a widescreen of 18.5 inches in the display
  • It is built to comply with the latest rules and services that are there to offer in the gaming sector
  • Rigorous testing and constant quality check helps in ensuring a long term performance that is what DELL offers to you
  • The connectivity it offers is only VGA and not HDMI
  • The single-monitor arm which this monitor provides is easy to use and also to move around effortlessly


  • High-resolution display
  • Great for gaming 


  • Offers only VGA connectivity

Buyer’s Guide To Best Gaming Monitor under 100$

I would list down a few points that would help you buy the perfect monitor suitable for your gaming needs. 

  • Refresh rate

The refresh rate, as I mentioned earlier, is the rate at which the image changes on the screen. The refresh rate decides the clarity of the image most of the time. If the refresh rate is high, there would be higher picture quality, but if the refresh rate is less, there would be certain issues with image quality.

The standard refresh rate is around 60 Hz, but as certain developments are being made in the technology, so are the Hz increasing. 

  • Design of the monitor

The design of the monitor is another most important point to consider while buying anything. The monitor’s design should be sleek, elegant, and slim to get a clear vision and great picture quality. If your monitor is slim and sleek, it will affect the way you view images and videos on the screen compared to if your monitor is not sleek in design. 

  • Connectivity

Connectivity may not seem like a very important option for everyone, but it surely comes handy when you indulge in a huge amount of work on your monitor. Connectivity is basically how many portal options does your monitor has to offer? There are different connections, such as VGA, HDMI, and many more.

But there are times when a monitor only offers one of the above, which negates your options on a larger scale. So look for connections as well while buying a gaming monitor. 

  • Panel, Size and Resolutions

There are times when you may like a gaming monitor, but it does not offer higher pixels and resolutions. What should be done at such times? You should always think of a gaming monitor that is good with pixels and its resolutions. The higher the resolutions the monitor offers, the higher the chances of you getting clarity on every image that appears on your screen. 


Here we come to an end of the top 10 gaming monitors under 100 bucks. Hereafter if you are planning to buy a gaming monitor to look for the design, resolutions, the refresh rates that it offers, the connection portals, and lastly, the price.

I agree that price plays a very important role when you think of buying a gaming monitor. But do not let the price misguide your judgment. So consider all the points mentioned in the buyer’s guide.

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