Best Gaming Monitor under 150$

Gaming is a Stressbuster for most people. Some keep gaming as their whole time business and some play to kick the stress out of their minds. We all love making memories, the best of all memories will be playing games with our friends and family members. In all the past family reunions, people used to play games that are physically involved with their family members but nowadays those physical relationships between the members have turned to a digital relation.

These present-day people if they want to meet their granddaughter or grandson they avoid traveling rather they just video call them and speak with them whenever they want. Not only these, playing games with your cousin who is from another country or a state has also become casual.

This gaming can be made even more fun with the best gaming monitors. Some monitors or devices are just invented for gaming purposes. They will give you more pleasure with all those extra features which will be present in your monitor. We have made you a list of the best gaming monitors which are under 150$ for making your gaming even cooler. Let’s start the list.

Top 5 Best Gaming Monitor under 150$

1. AOC C24G1

AOC has been the specialist in displaying the technology for over half a century. They never stopped making new changes and inventions for gaming monitors and normal monitors for their customers to have pleasure while working and even while gaming.

This AOC’s main aim is to provide a great display experience for their customers through their products. Most game lovers all around the world prefer this company’s monitor for gaming because of the features they provide in their monitors. 


  • 1500R curved monitor helps you to have a real-time gaming experience that will wrap around your version for the immersive gaming experience
  • Rapid 1ms (MPRT) responses and the fresh rate of this monitor is up to 144Hz with AMD free sync, which will make your competitive gaming the smoothest
  • This AOC also has a multi-monitor set chance because of its 3-sided frameless design with ultra-narrow borders
  • Height adjustable stand for optimum working. This feature will make you feel comfortable while playing in any place. You can adjust the height of your monitor as you wish
  • AOC also has a mode called as low blue mode and flickers for wellbeing during extended gaming sessions. So, if your parents scold you for playing games for a long time, you can make them buy this monitor for you because this has a blue mode for your well-being


  • Value for money 
  • Great and updated monitor 
  • Rapid 1ms response
  • 24-inch class curved gaming monitor
  • Smoothness and fluidity


  • No built-up speakers
  • Quality of material might a bit low 

2. ACER SB220Q

This Acer SB220Q is well known for its style and ultra-thin functions. This is an amazing 1920 x 1080 resolution, allowing you to enjoy High-Definition entertainment in the comfort at your home. This monitor is 2-in-1. This is usable for both gaming and work, but many use this for gaming purposes, as it provides an amazing experience while gaming.

This has a 21.5 inches Full HD screen. It also has a Radeon Free sync technology. No other monitor is comparable to its VESA Mount. This monitor is filled with all the features which are needed for both gaming and work. The AMD Radeon Freesync and rapid 4ms response time highlight the advanced technology of this monitor.

This monitor is known as the thinnest, all with its 0.24 inches thin screen. You will make your room even more beautiful with this monitor. With this monitor, you will have a wide-angle view because of its best features, and you will have no differences in color at any viewing angle. 


  • It has a beautiful visual screen for enjoying your High Definition of entertainment and gaming in the comfort of your home
  • Begin with thin, improved enjoyment and maximum visibility of the screen with the frameless design
  • It has a quick response of 4ms, which means images will be fresh, quick, and makes your gaming sessions seamless
  • You will have wide viewing angles in this monitor because of its advanced liquid crystal formula for advanced IPS technology for premium color performance. The main feature is that you will have no color difference at any viewing angle
  • The thinnest, at only 0.24-inches. This beautifully shaped monitor saves space and adds a modern touch to any home


  • Easy to assemble 
  • Brightness
  • Picture quality and screen quality is amazing
  • The best for gaming 


  • No speaker is attached 
  • Will lose connection sporadically 
  • The LED power light will blink which  might be annoying 

3. LG 22inch Gaming Monitor

LG is one of the most trustable devices that people would use without any fear. This monitor will give you an amazing gaming experience. You can have a great time with the LG Full Hd, LED monitor. This LG monitor has a game-changer in it. Guess what that is? It has 1080 pixel resolution in it to make your games even more fun and amazing. This is a clearer and smoother gaming monitor that you would have seen in these many days.

This Radeon free sync will help you reduce the tearing stuff which occurs between graphics cards. The monitor must be refreshed for smoother motion and less stuttering in demanding games. We always keep our monitors on a desk, but this LG gaming monitor will give you the advantage of hanging it on the wall so that you can easily continue your game even by lying down.

You can also save the desk space in your home with this LG wall-mountable monitor. This also has an on-screen control, which puts our essential monitor settings into a handy window for quick and easy access. With this feature, you don’t need to search for your essential tool every time. 


  • Wall mountable feature lets you hang this LG monitor on your wall rather than keeping it on a desk like a normal monitor
  • This monitor responds in 1ms time, and it also has a 75Hz refresh rate in it with a black stabilizer, dynamic action sync, and crosshair 
  • The best part is that this LG monitor has 3 years of warranty for its parts as well as for its labor. So, you need to worry about the charges for the warranty because it is free of cost
  • On screen-control helps you to keep your Hardware setting rather than search it out each time when you use it. Dual controller, volume, picture mode, presets, and screen split 2.0 can be just by few clicks on the mouse, instead of the hard button on the monitor
  • The black stabilizer senses the dark scenes and helps to make it brighter


  • Picture quality is amazing 
  • The black stabilizer works perfectly 
  • Cheapest gaming monitor 
  • Good color production 


  • 1ms responses might not work sometimes 
  • Lack of tilting and twisting 


This is Acer Nitro VG240Y 23.8 inch full HD IPS monitor with FHD & AMD Radeon Freesync Technology, which is available in classy black. This monitor has a 1ms visual response boost in it, The VRB Moving Picture Response Time. It does this by just turning off the backlight or inserting a black image between frames and blinking.

This black boost in this monitor has 11 levels of dark level adjustments in it so that you can choose the model that you need while playing a game. The viewing angle of this monitor is also amazing, with 178 degrees horizontal and 178-degree vertical so that you will have a huge and equal screen to continue your gaming with fun.

The zero frame feature allows you to see more than what matters the most. This monitor is available with a stand that will place your monitor firmly so that you don’t need to sacrifice anything on the style. This monitor also has a two-watt built-in speaker system.


  • This monitor has a 1ms response time 75Hz refresh Rate 250 nits brightness. This fast response time can run along with your speed in any game
  • This monitor has a zero frame design so that you can see more than what you want to see even by attaching an extra monitor by both sides
  • The three-pronged stand will help you maintain the stylish look of the monitor without sacrificing it


  • Three-pronged stand 
  • 1ms speed respond 
  • Picture quality will be amazing 
  • The best for gaming 


  • Terrible quality 
  • Sometimes you might receive a defective monitor 


LG UltraGear is a powerful gaming display monitor with high resolution and performance that gives you a next-level gaming experience. It has a 23.6 (59.94cm) display, and a 1ms response time. It is optimized for games requiring instantaneous decisions, such as RTS and FPS. This monitor is also capable of high resolution and refreshes the game.

It has a 144Hz refresh rate display that gives a buttery smooth experience, and you can also capture the smallest movement. It has 23.6 inches display allowing players to see the battlefield and all the game UIs at a glance, the monitor can lead to victory in the battle, and ultimately the war, through rapid decision-making. The Radeon FreeSync™ gives you the ultimate Fluid Gaming Motion without Tearing and stuttering.

And the add-on feature is that you can also customize your game mode. This Feature minimizes input lag, so the gameplay in RTS and FPS games is quickly responsive. Black stabilizer gives visibility even in dark scenes. It synchronizes the darkest areas and makes them brighter. Crosshair gives a striking point in the center of the display and enhances accuracy in FPS games.  


  • VESA Wall Mount 100 x 100, DisplayPort Cable in the Box 
  • This monitor responses in 1ms time, and it also has a high 144Hz refresh rate in it with a black stabilizer, dynamic action sync, and crosshair
  •  It has the 24inches full HD display with the viewing angle of 170/160
  • 3 Year of Onsite Parts & Labor warranty
  • 300 nits of brightness
  • Customize your monitor between FPS, RTS & Custom Mode 


  • 144Hz refresh rate display
  • 300 nits of brightness
  • Customized gaming mods
  • 1ms response time 
  • 3 years of warranty


  • Too costly
  • Thick edges
  • Not a curved display
  • Not suitable for movies 

Buyer’s Guide To Best Gaming Monitor under 150$

  • Curved or Non-Curved Monitors

Whenever a buyer needs to buy a gaming monitor, they need to know whether they want a curved one or non-curved one. The gaming monitors are available in both curved and non-curved. These non-curved monitors are considered to be the older version because they are in the market for centuries, but still, some people prefer the monitor which is flat.

The curved monitors are in the market for a little while, but many people have an interest in using this kind of curved monitor when it comes to gaming. They are giving a huge immersion to its sellers. This curved monitor makes the whole experience of viewing a screen more realistic. But, this also has a disadvantage of being costly.

Most of the curved monitors are more costly than flat ones. So people who prefer a monitor at a lower cost will buy these flat monitors. 

  • HDR (High Dynamic Range)

HDR speaks about the quality of the screen of your monitor. The high HDR means a high pixel will increase the quality of your screen. The Hgh HRD will increase the clarity and crisp of your screen. This HRD will balance the dark part of the image and helps us to view the image.

This HRD will ensure that the pictures are attracted by the human eye, and it makes sure that they are registered through the human eye. HRD comes in various forms like DOLBY VISION, HLG, HDR, AND HDR10. The list continues because there is more HDR in the market, and they are used for different monitors.

  • Connectors

A gaming monitor needs a proper connector to take your gaming experience to the next level and make sure you have all those connectors when you are buying. The connectors include:-

5mm audio out: This is connected so that the headphones or speakers can be conveniently attached to your monitor.

Display port: This display port is necessary to transfer the audio/video files on the computer.

DVI: This is used to connect the old computer with the new ones.

  • Screen Size

A perfect gaming monitor must have 22-24 inches of screen to have a good gaming experience. If the screen is small, the user needs to come closer to look at the pictures on the monitor.

If it’s a big monitor, the user can also look into the picture from a distance. On the big screen, the user doesn’t need to strain themselves while gaming. So, nowadays, the users are preferring ultra-wide and widescreen for gaming. 

  • Response Time

If your monitor has a fast and quick response time, the camera movement will be smoother. When the response time is long, your screen images will not be clear, and they will hang while playing. So, if you are buying a gaming monitor go through the response time of the monitor. Try getting a gaming monitor that has 1ms response time so that you will continue your game smoothly and clearly.

Gaming monitors are different from the normal monitors that we use in our offices for official work. But, some use their normal monitors for gaming purposes. However, they won’t get the pleasure of playing a game on the gaming monitor.

So if you really wanna enjoy your gaming, which might be with your friends or with your family, you need to buy a gaming monitor from the above list. And don’t forget to look into the warranty of the product that you buy because while receiving the product if you find any defective parts, you need the warranty details for replacing it. We hope that this article would have helped you in choosing the best gaming monitor for under 150$. 

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