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HP 61 | 2 Ink Cartridges | Black, Tri-color | CH561WN, CH562WN


1. When I read the reviews I became nervous that my printer would reject the ink cartridges, I’ll get two black cartridges, they won’t fit my printer & so on & so on. I won a $500 Amazon gift card & the ink ran close to $40 bucks @ Walmart, I thought why not take my chances. It’s free for me. Well, I’m glad I made this purchase.

My ink arrived yesterday. It was in the same box as in the cartridges on Walmart’s shelf. I got both colors & it popped right in place in my printer. My ink test page printed & I got a pop up on my laptop thanking me for purchasing authentic HP ink. The only regret I have is that I didn’t purchase two packs. Before purchasing more, I’m going to wait & see if it runs out quickly as other customers claim. If not, this supplier has a loyal customer.

2. I do a moderate amount of home printing (both black & white, and color) and my most recent printer is the HP 4630 which uses HP 61 or compatible ink cartridges. I do enough printing that I prefer getting the XL size which lasts longer. If you don’t print a lot, you
may want the regular cartridge as they do have expiration dates. I’ve bought third-party or refilled ink cartridges in past (various models) and though usually, they work OK, sometimes I’ve opened a package to find the ink leaked, or it gummed up my inkjets. So I have concluded even if more expensive, for me, it’s best to just buy the branded version of
inkjet cartridges so long as they are still available.

3. If there were 100 stars that’s what I would give; the service is BEYOND AWESOME, DELIVERY SPEED WAS BEYOND AWESOME, THE PRODUCT WAS BEYOND AWESOME. PRICE ALSO WAS AWESOME. I often wonder if the people that write these reviews work for the company, and just give it 5 stars, let assure you I don’t.

I was a bit doubtful about buying the product online, not sure if the cartridge would fit my printer, or if there would be something wrong with it, so far no problems, I’ve only had it for a month, but so far so good. The cartridge fits perfectly, the print came out darker than the XL, that I had previously, the price was better than local listed.

If you’re wondering about buying this, and a bit doubtful, I would say don’t they are AWESOME. Your experience may not help me as mine; life is a gamble, so far so good so if you’re thinking about it, do what I did, search a few, add them to your cart and then compare your choices, this company will surely win.

4. I have always loved this ink and typically purchase it at my local Walmart. I typically save my Walmart trips to once or twice a month. This past time that I ran out of ink was not a week where I would be going to Walmart. I did, however, need a few items from amazon. I thought it would not hurt to see if amazon carried the ink I needed. Thankfully they did, and it was even a little cheaper. I am very pleased with this purchase!

Canon PG-245 Black Ink Cartridge Compatible to iP2820, MG2420, MG2924, MG2920, MX492, MG3020, MG2525, TS3120, TS302, TS202, TR4520


1. Tried to use the cheap knockoff brand. I suffered through all the error messages because it printed fine, but then one day, the ink dried up and caused me all kinds of time and money trying to figure out what the problem is. Id bought 2 cartridges, so I put the fresh one in, but that was dry as well. I’ve never had that problem w the Canon kind. It’s more expensive, but at least it works right.

2. Good quality ink worked as it should and shipped quickly. I usually just buy another cheap printer rather than new ink as it is cheaper since it comes with ink. Anyway regardless if that the ink was good and as ink goes fairly cheap but 20 dollars more and could have bought a cheap printer. Strange dynamic, but that’s what manufacturers do. Sell printers dirt cheap make up for it by charging a premium for the ink.

3. My Canon printer sat unused for several months, and it would not print despite several attempts to print and or/clean the old cartridge. I was concerned whatever ink remained in the printer had solidified beyond any hope of removal. After installing this fresh cartridge, lo and behold! The printer produced flawless printouts with no complaints whatever.

4. I thought I was buying black when I ordered this, so I have not used it yet. Reordered a black cartridge and put this aside for use later when needed. It is the real McCoy, so should work like it is supposed to. July 1, 2015. Finally loaded this to the printer. Works like a charm. First page out very very close to original colors.

HP 63 | 2 Ink Cartridges | Black, Tri-color | F6U61AN, F6U62AN


1. With the right paper and photo paper, this ink really pops. I absolutely love it. I’ve printed my work documents. And I just test it out printing photos and even though the two pictures I printed were very colorful the color ink didn’t really drop that far. I’ll give it a 4 for now for longevity.

2. This is the ink my printer uses so I’m not sure how I could review this from any other position. It’s a great ink, but since I’m a student, the longevity of it isn’t very long considering I have to print 20-page texts every few days. I’d say the XL is a better value for those who need it.

3. I needed ink cartridges and only wanted HP products. I ordered the right size for my printer, and then after I ordered it on-line, I was skeptical about whether it would be an original or a refurbished one. Well, I received an original cartridge, and I’m so happy about it. Amazon really exceeded my expectations, and now I’m a happy camper.

4. I love how cheap this ink is but how well it works in the printer! I get at least 100 copies out of each of these cartridges! Have yet to have one dry up on me which happened with replaced ink! HP all the way!

5. I ordered ink for my new printer. Satisfactory as far as I can tell – since I won’t be using it immediately. (product came with ink). By mistake, 2 printers arrived, and I returned one. I had no idea I’d ordered 2!

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