Kodi is an unbeatable platform. Finding an alternative to this amazing media streaming platform is difficult. And so if you find your Kodi interface a little boring then it’s time to check out some of the best Kodi skins that you can consider.

You can give your Kodi a completely new look by changing the skin. You can try new themes, change colors, or the position of menus with the various customization options. There are numerous Kodi skins that are available and so we have tried to narrow down the list just for you to have an overhaul experience.

What are Kodi Skins?

Kodi users are always into the customization of their Kodi interface to give it a super cool look. This can be done with Kodi skins that you will find mostly in the official Kodi repository.

Kodi skins are used to alter the themes, position, and color of menus etc. the Estuary is the default skin in the latest Kodi version which brings hues of blue to your device. However, you can bring an extra-ordinary look to this platform, and change the way of accessing it entirely. Kodi skins can be accessed for free. To enhance the appearance of the screen, Kodi skins were introduced and the developers are still working to bring new skins to the market for its users.

15+ Best Kodi Skins

If you are bored of the default Kodi skin, and want to give a vibrant and modern look to your interface then we would recommend you to go with the third-party skins. They bring sleek animations, handy features, accent picker, accessibility customizations and widgets like features at your disposal.


The Kodi skin that has been set to default from 2009 to 2017 was Confluence. Even though it doesn’t have the character that some of the fancier skins have, it has managed to be the choice of the Kodi developers for a very long time. Its black and blue scheme gives the complete TV cable feel.

Also, you need not worry about the interface as its design and layout is quite user friendly. The menu items are arranged in a horizontal bar that runs through the middle of the home screen.


Another amazing Kodi skin is Eminence. Its home menu is a block designed elegantly which is placed at the bottom. It gives the complete feel of a TV. It features a tiled design which is not only visually appealing but also gives its users a more futuristic and functional feel. The complete design is neat, simple and crisp so you can just start instantly.

Eminence comes with a lot of customizable options like you can change the background image of different categories, remove or add categories apart from the default ones. Also it allows its users to customize header, library, On-Screen display, colors and much more from the Skin settings.


When we take looks and performance into account, Aura skin is worth mentioning. With tons of visual tools and support of widgets Aura is considered as the best skins right now. It’s amongst the highly customizable skins that are known for delivering top notch performance. Being a heavy skin is a downfall, but you wouldn’t feel it while navigating.

A clean user interface and consistent design makes it the most favorite of Kodi users around the world. It gets a modern touch with the swift animation feature and rounded edges. You would love Aura is you are looking for a customizable yet stable skin for your latest Kodi build.

Aeon Nox: SiLVO

Aeon Nox has come with a new, redesigned skin called the Aeon Nox: SiLVO. The developers of this hugely popular skin has brought some changes and given a new and modern look to the skin. It’s more clean and consistent in its performance now. You will find various sub menus on the home screen, along with a handy search bar and a weather widget.

It has got a more classic look when compared to the older version. The Aeon Nox has always been in the list of top Kodi skins and even the redesigned version is pretty good.


By looking at its name you might place Pellucid amongst the heavy skins but is known to be one of the most minimal skins around. You can get started with the basic essentials present on the Home screen. The default categories of Pellucid include Music, Videos, Pictures and Games only. You can go deeper with the settings icon from the bottom of your screen.

You may not find a lot of customization options, however, there are some interesting configurations that you would like to change. For instance, you can add new items to the menu, and even replace or rename the existing ones. With a dynamic background, this low CPU power mode is a good change from the regular skins.


If you are looking for something subtle, that is not eye-catching or garish, then the Mimic skin is right for your Kodi device. You will miss the gradients, shadows, shiny buttons, and other similar graphics because the theme is based on a flat design principle and so everything on the screen will appear to be flat.

The skin features a menu uses a slate grey to blue color variation. Known for the tons of customization options available, Mimic brings a new and cool look to your Kodi screen. You can give a change to the menus and even the appearance of movie posters on the screen.

Titan Bingie

The next Kodi skin might be a new entry but it is definitely worth making the noise. Titan Bingie has entered the Kodi world with an interface like Netflix which looks stunning with some interesting artwork and a lot of movie information. You also get the Netflix feature of the spotlight, trailer auto-play, and pop-up window, but you will have to customize it.

As the name suggests, Titan Bingie comes from popular Titan skin, so the performance is good. You can go with this amazingly different Kodi skin if you are wanting to explore Kodi in a new way. It is simply amazing in its features as well as looks.


Emby users can take a little chill as there is a dedicated skin called Embuary for them. It has a user interface similar to Emby and can be your solid alternative for the standalone app as well. If you are not using Emby you can also try this skin.

It also boasts its Netflix like interface, with a sick and modern design. And on the dashboard of every media content, you will find the movie banner, synopsis, and ratings from IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. Also if you are using Kodi to play music then you can also enjoy the on-screen lyrics support. It’s a complete package and definitely one of the best skins for Kodi.


Another Kodi skin that has won the hearts of its users with its minimal and user-friendly interface is Bello. There are a few bells and whistles which makes your experience simple and nice. There are two versions of Bella available, which varies with different Kodi versions. They differ in features like background gradients and colors, and some of the customizable options.

While it offers some useful features, it doesn’t have mouse support and so prompts the users to disable it from the settings. However, there is a mouse-not-allowed pointer to interact but it is not that convenient. And so it is more preferred for devices that have touch and remote-controlled navigation like FireStick. Yet, Bello is a skin worth considering.


The last Kodi Skin that is just unbeatable is designed especially for the touchscreen devices. Whether it is a Smartphone or a Smart TV, Nebula is the best. It comes with various customization options, mainly for the FireStick devices. You can also view the complete menu at the same time where the main menu occupies the central position and you can scroll left or right for further options. It has an easy to use interface and so you can use it without much navigation.

It provides with a large header image, artworks, and details of the title that you click. The HD video add-ons hosted by this skin shine separately. It even acts like a music center that supports your random and favorite music choices.

Some More Kodi Skins

  1. Arctic Zephyr 2
  2. Atlas
  3. Amber
  4. Quartz
  5. Titan
  6. Andromeda
  7. Chroma
  8. Aeon MQ5
  9. Metropolis
  10. Rapier
  11. Black Glass Nova
  12. Xperience 1080
  13. Ace
  14. Unity
  15. BOX
  16. Revolve
  17. GRID

Wrapping Up

So, guys, this was all about the best skins for Kodi that you can try. Change is important and as these new and super cool skins will give your interface an all-new look, you can definitely try them. Also, let us know about your favorite Kodi skin below.

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