Best Gaming Monitor for GTX 1070

GTX is a graphic card by NVIDIA, an American multinational technology company. Well, amid all the huge competition of graphic card manufacturing companies, NVIDIA tops the list. GTX 1070 is a successor of GTX 970, carrying forward its predecessor’s basic features with a twist of advancement.

Every company faces this struggle to constantly build something new and unique that would help them be the first choice of the masses. In the digitally growing era, the competition also keeps on growing simultaneously. The desire to perform better and to serve your buyer the best is growing to a larger extent.

Intensifying the former product’s performance and adding more and more to increase the viewership and producing a program with better content is the regular and absolute responsibility of every business house.

The latest gaming technology helps enhance performance and is completely dedicated to providing gamers with the best experience they require. 

The gaming sector is growing at a higher speed; the growth of gaming lovers is exponential. In this accelerating popularity, the multinational gaming companies seek ways to advance the gaming features to make their product the best and earn big bucks. India is often seen as a country of 135 crores people, instead of this, India shall be seen as a country of 135 crore minds.

The country is filled with enormous potential and has the capability to perform wonders. A large part of the population is involved in gaming, not only kids or teens, but adults are also equally enthusiastic about virtual gaming.

India provides a huge market for gaming companies. When given the opportunity, creative minds can perform well in the manufacturing field of these games too. 

Every gaming lover understands the importance of graphic cards pretty well, as the gaming experience depends on it. A graphic card does not only provide better display but also improves the visual encounter. Thus, carrying such enormous importance needs to be built with too much persistence and wisdom to fulfill the gamers’ requirements.

Also, the buyers need to make the best choice instead of going for a lower graphics card. GTX 1070 can play any AAA title on ultra settings with ease. This graphic card is believed to be 3x more efficient in performance than it’s former version. Choosing the best monitor among several monitors present in ample amounts is tough but necessary.

So to reduce the dilemma of every gamer, we are here with some of the best monitor options for GTX 1070. Weighing the pros and cons in a detailed form and then making the right choice will surely please every buyer’s heart. So let’s move further and discuss some of the best monitors in the market. 

9 Best Monitor for GTX 1070

The accurate monitor selection after going through every minute product details is essential for a piece of long-lasting equipment that provides the best experience and shows numerous prominent features. 

1. Asus ROG Swift PG27EQ

This monitor by Asus is ergonomically designed and comes with flicker-free technology. This product features NVIDIA G-sync display technology for the smoothest and fastest gaming experience, eliminating screen tearing and input lag.

The contrasting features, aura- sync lighting, adds up to the visual beauty. This ambient lighting can perfectly be synchronized with other Aura sync components.

The 27-inch monitor comes with some high dynamic range. The ROG swift runs 4K UHD (3840*2160) content at a 144 Hz refresh rate. They are giving the experience of ultra high definition visuals at extremely smooth frame rates.

The local dimming feature helps dynamically control the LED backlight across 384 zones providing very high contrast for natural-looking dark scenes.

An IPS display with quantum-dot technology provides accurate color imagery and also supports cinema-standard DCI-P3, which helps in enabling wider color range, resulting in color reproduction with a more realistic approach. The LCD display monitor has great image quality, superb gaming performance, and provides a mind-boggling experience. 


  • Great performance
  • Fabulous design
  • Fantastic display
  • Awesome connectivity


  • A top tier graphics card is required to power this panel fully

2. Phillips 276E9QDSB Monitor

This frameless monitor by Phillips is a 27 inch HD (1920*1080) gaming monitor providing a completely different gaming experience. The product showcases an elegant design and comes up in stunning colors.

The Ultra Wide-colour technology exhibits a wider spectrum of colors enabling a vivid picture. The amazing picture quality makes the performance of this monitor efficient enough. The contrast and brightness are just perfect. 


  • Great display
  • Highly compatible
  • Comes at an affordable range


  • The product has only minimum tilt angles with no height or horizontal way of adjustment. 
  • The monitor base comes up with a rubber foot, which provides stability but is not good for those who want to move it often

3. Acer Predator X27 Gaming Monitor

The 27-inch monitor comes up with 4K resolution at 144hz, which wasn’t feasible in the previous one. But the latter one has this shattering all the former limitations. The NVIDIA G-sync HDR display provides a smooth, tear-free gaming experience. One can play any game that pleases the heart and the mind with the amazing brightness up to 1000 nits.

The 4ms response time eliminates the blurry motion, making the virtual artifacts non-existent. For the gaming lovers who prefer the image with the most realistic approach possible, this monitor is definitely the one for them. Magnified performance, ergonomic design with high adjustment features make this beast the perfect choice. 


  • Great display
  • Great functionality
  • Amazing design
  • Perfect for GTX 1070


  • The gaming monitor is a bit expensive
  • High response time
  • Lower connectivity options

4. Samsung Gaming Monitor

The curved design proves to be quite tempting. The super-fast 1ms response time (MPRT)makes it highly dynamic. The 24-inch gaming monitor exhibits flawless, smooth gameplay with a refresh rate of 144 Hz. There comes up, AMD freesync for a faster and smooth gaming experience.

This blend of its advanced motion panel blur reduction technology with the superior VA panel is quite impressive.

The monitor has a color ‘pop’ effect, providing better contrast and making the picture quality super good. The product proves to be extremely budget-friendly and comes with a reasonable price tag. It’s a good balance between gaming, picture quality, and price. 


  • Great display
  • Quite budget-friendly
  • Great compatibility


  • The monitor is not factory color-calibrated in India. One needs to calibrate it for accurate color reproduction
  • The stand is huge, which eats up a lot of space on the table
  • No 4K display

5. Asus PB287Q Gaming Monitor

This gaming monitor By Asus exhibits impressive 10-bit color, which means that smooth color gradations for more natural-looking experience are provided between the hues. Impressive 1ms fast response time and a 60 Hz refresh rate for fluid and responsive visuals are adequate for experiencing today’s virtual gaming world to the fullest.

The product PB287Q is also equipped with the latest Asus display technology i.e., Asus eye care technology. Eye care technology is also the basis of the reading and dark mode; these profiles are capable of reducing the blue light, ensuring less eye strain proper eye care. The vivid pixel technology adds to crystal clear and detailed visuals by enhancing image outlines.

A sleek and ergonomic design with a tilt stand provides high adjustment features, enhancing the product’s look to a greater extent. The 28-inch 4K display provides the best experience and can be connected to almost everything you own, such as HDMI, MHL, and Display port. The flicker-free backlight, height, swivel, and pivot adjustments make this monitor the right choice by a renowned manufacturer also with a very light price tag. 


  • Great compatibility
  • Affordable price
  • Great display


  • This monitor lacks the availability of USB ports
  • Also, the OSD and controls seem to be a little fussy

6. Phillips Frameless Monitor

The stylish brilliance monitor provides the best viewing experience. The wide view display allows one to enjoy the same crisp and vivid picture quality from any front view angle. The 21-inch monitor comes with an HDMI port and VGA input, adding more to its quality.

The flicker-free quality is beneficial in reducing the risk of eye damage after long term use and helps in keeping the eyes safer and healthier. The price tag proves to be the best element regarding this product and reduces budget crossing risk. 


  • Affordable price range
  • Great display


  • There is a very small amount of light bleed circles around the screen
  • Some surprising weakness in pixel responsiveness is also apparent sometimes

7. Asus MG278Q WQHD Monitor

The brand is renowned for churning out unbelievable monitors. Just like the others on the list, this monitor also proves to be really compatible with GTX 1070. The monitor is powered by Asus eye care technology, which protects our eyes and keeps them healthier while long-playing or working hours. 


  • Great display
  • Fabulous response time
  • Faster refreshing rate
  • Highly compatible
  • Great connectivity
  • Amazing design


  • TN viewing angles
  • Chunky bezels
  • Freesync lower bound is still too high

8. MSI Optix MAG27lC

The monitor exhibits every feature that is required for gaming. The curved display panel is quite tempting. These curved panels help with gameplay immersion, which makes the whole gaming experience worthy and beautiful. The design of the monitor is such a stunner. The super-narrow bezels, one can enjoy the latest games with a multi-monitor setup. The display is extremely great.

The monitor has (1920*1080) Full HD display and makes the graphics visible in a sharp and clear manner. There comes a hotkey option so that one can switch settings between different games.

MSI monitors are built with MSI technology freesync technology to create smooth and clear visuals. This technology helps in reducing screen tearing and stuttering too.

With a refresh rate of 144 Hz and a response time of 1ms, the monitor is extremely beneficial in playing fighting games and sports games. A wide range of connectivity options come up with this gaming monitor: 3 USB ports, one display port, and 1 HDMI port.

MSI anti-flicker technology provides the user with a great viewing experience by reducing the amount of flicker. Unlike other MSI products, this monitor comes up at a very reasonable price. 


  • Stunning display
  • Lower response time
  • Affordable
  • Great compatibility


  • A higher refresh rate is required

9. Asus VG278Q Gaming Monitor

This monitor is very compatible with GTX 1070. The product comes up with a full HD 27-inch display, which makes visuals clean and crisp. The monitor by Asus is the faster full HD monitor. With 1ms response time, the motion blur and smearing gets eliminated. With a refresh rate of 144 Hz, the visuals move at a faster pace. The monitor is specially designed for long marathon gaming sessions.

The flicker-free technology reduces flicker providing the best visual experience and reduces the eyestrain simultaneously. The ergonomically designed stand lets you adjust the height and pivotal of the monitor.

The monitor comes up with a feature of Asus ultra-low blue light, which reduces the amount of blue light. The monitor exhibits various connectivity options, namely dual-link DVI-D, display port 1,2, and HDMI port.

This feature enables the connectivity of multimedia devices. Asus monitors feature Asus games plus hotkeys. This function is coming developed with pro-gamer input that every gamer can practice, and this helps in increasing the gaming skills.

The product comes up with a great price tag and proves to be the best among all with the amazing features, sleek design, and am a great display, which provides fabulous compatibility. 


  • High refresh rate
  • Lower response time
  • Great compatibility


  • No 4K display is present

Buying Guide To Best Monitor for GTX 1070

Monitors play a prominent role in a system. Also, in the field of gaming, monitors are required with vital features that could fulfill the needs of every gaming lover. A monitor with great performing capacity is needed by everyone, whether they are gamers, businessmen, or students. The essential features that need to be checked before selecting your ideal monitor are as follows:-

  • Screen Size

Numerous monitors are present that have huge screen size. The most common screen sizes available are 27 and 28-inch monitors. An individual shall decide and choose the best-sized monitor, which can satisfy his/her needs. 

  • Display

Selecting a monitor for gaming experience or professional use, choosing the one with a wider and wonderful display continues to be the priority. The wider display provides a better visual experience and adds comfort to entertainment or alertness to knowledge gain. 

  • Connectivity

This proves to be a major factor in buying a monitor. Multiple connectivities are the ultimate need in this faster world. To cope up with this pace easily and multiple connectivities are required. It is making personal and professional usage easy and comfortable. 

  • Technology

Monitor technology is an impactful part that has a huge influence on the monitor’s quality. The monitor’s built-in technology shall have some great technologies like Freesync technology that can eliminate stuttering and screen tearing. Also, the blue light technology that protects our eyes from damage and keeps them healthy. 

  • Response Time

It’s a quality that determines how fast things can get open on a monitor. Monitors with a response speed of 1ms are considered to be the best. 

  • Design

Nowadays, monitors are coming with an efficient design. The slim and smooth designs are loved by all and do not take much space. 


These were the Best Monitor for GTX 1070 that provide a thorough experience and great visual features capable of performing every requirement of every gaming lover. I hope that this article will rescue the buyers from the dilemma, and they will end up choosing the perfect monitor for themselves.

This was an attempt to give the customers a sneak peek into the world of gaming monitors, which can help the gamers in building a great career in the field of gaming and also a thrilling experience with awesome visual and eminent features that are competent enough to fulfill the requirements of gaming lovers.

Some are budget-friendly while some are a bit expensive, but all the products ensure one thing that is better and enhanced performance with new-age technology. Going through every minute detail and then making the right choice will help the buyers in getting the perfect long-lasting product exhibiting some major and impactful features.

The pros and cons mentioned will provide a completely clear image of the monitors, and the buyers will be able to finalize their ideal gaming monitor with absolute ease. 

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