A large and crystal clear display enhances the experience of using a high tech computer. Similarly, to enhance the experience of using a MAC MINI, good displays also play an important role in taking the computer’s performance to another level.

One should look for a monitor that has not only a large display but also has a variety of features to upgrade the experience of MAC MINI users. With the multiple options of monitors available in the market, one can easily find a monitor as per their requirements under the desired budget.

Most of the monitors provide their specific features to the users for being used with a MAC MINI. However, it is a big task for MAC MINI users to select a monitor after the purchase of the computer, as Apple MAC MINI doesn’t come with a monitor, nor does Apple manufactures computer screens for its MAC users.

But before buying a monitor, one needs to understand whether they need a monitor for their MAC MINI not. If the whole purpose of MAC MINI turns out to be associated with it acting like a machine that will be used by the owner all the time, then surely it requires a good quality monitor.

Whereas, if the owner is planning to use the MAC MINI as a server where it will be left on a shelf for the whole day, then the maximum number of people who are using MAC will not need a monitor. Whereas, if the MAC MINI is used in both ways, it is advised for the user to buy a suitable monitor for their device to get a convenient atmosphere while working and relaxing during weekends.

As the market is filled with a huge number of monitors that will be suitable for MAC MINI, readers will be facilitated with the list of top Monitors for Mac mini in this article. But before that, the readers need to know about their needs and requirements.

Important aspects range from budget to size and contrast and other features that will help Mac mini users in understanding the kind of monitor they are looking for in the market for their brand new device.


  • Size

It is important to look for a suitable size of the Mac mini computers’ monitor. The general size and area of a Mac mini monitor are about 27 inches. Whereas some can also go for a smaller mini computer monitor, whose size can be up to 21.5 inches.

For those looking for a huge sized monitor, they can look for the size of up to 34, 38- or 43-inch monitors, which are created with gentle curves. Along with the high price, these monitors also look very large compared to the size of the Mini mac.

  • Select the Desired Resolution

These days, monitors come with a wide variety of displays in different resolutions like 5K resolution, 4K resolution, and many more. Correct screen selection becomes important as people spend hours on computers, staring at their screen.

Hence, one cant compromise with these aspects as well. One should go for a high-resolution computer screen. With some efforts, one can easily get a fair price deal for a monitor with a 5K display.

  • Selection of a Monitor, which fits with Mac mini’s requirements

Mac mini can take monitors with various machines. To make the Mac mini device more accessible, it can also simply connect with other devices by using adaptors. As of now, it is ready for Thunderbolt3 and other devices that can be easily connected through USB-C, which means DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, and HDMI Port.

Hence, even though the Mac mini is capable of supporting so many devices, it is important to select an apt monitor that can give maximum utility with minimum problems. After getting to know about the criteria needed to be considered before buying a monitor for Mac mini, readers are ready to head towards the list of some highly preferred monitors for their usage with Mac mini.

8 Best Monitor for Mac Mini

1. LG UltraFine 4K Display

This highly versatile monitor built by LG is a great choice for those who are looking for a balance between high features of the monitor and its affordable price tags at various shops. The 4K monitor not just works perfectly with the users, but it also helps the users in getting a good share of features in the nominal research.

The monitor doesn’t come with the Apple design aesthetic, but it also has several features that make it one of the highly preferred monitors with Mac mini. The monitor comes with a 24-inch display, which again makes it the right fit for monitors.


  • Two Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • Dual screen full 4k display support
  • Supports 85 W charging
  • Easy to set up


  • Camera and Mic are absent
  • Legacy ports are absent

2. LG Ultra Fine 5K

Coming under the category of the best premium, the LG monitor supports USB-C ports. The monitor also offers Thunderbolt features. The Thunderbolt 3 charges the Mac mini, and the three USB –C ports offer a downstream speed of up to 5Gbps. This specific monitor lets the users avail of the benefit of using a 27-inch big screen.

The screen size is large enough to make the experience of using LG monitors similar to that of Apple’s larger IMac. There are a lot of striking similarities between the two devices as the LG Monitor also has a P3 wide color gamut with 500 nits brightness.

The unavailability of Apple aesthetics has also created a huge amount of space for those who are looking for professional work and managing office work as well as other casual work. The attractive Edge- Arcline base for some monitors also gives an indelible impact on the users and their friends.

The LG UltraFine 5K is regarded as one of the best options because it provides high screen quality and improves its users’ working experience. The monitor is a superb match of color, brightness, and clarity. In this way, the monitor knows very well the technique to manage the appearance of fonts and icons. It can also use some extra pixels to render the device sharp and clear.

The Ultra Fine is the most desired choice of all the multitaskers looking for good monitors for their Mac mini. With so many facilities and features available, the LG UltraFine 5K has extended its partnership with the Mac mini. To provide some of the most suitable monitors for Mac mini users, LG has actually come up with some great options for the people.


  • Up to 5K resolution
  • Thunderbolt3 and USB-C
  • Built-in speakers, camera, and mic
  • Designed for Apple


  • No Apple aesthetic
  • Legacy ports are unavailable

3. LG 34WK95U-W Nano-ISP UltraWide

The advanced monitor comes with a resolution of 5120×2160. The 34-inch display is provided with a 5K definition monitor. The technologically advanced monitor comes with a Thunderbolt 3 port, an HDMI port, a DisplayPort, and other important input slots to be used by the device while connecting with the monitor.

LG’s model has tried to redefine the core LCD technology of monitors. This monitor also has many multiple features, which makes it a useful option for many. One of its impressive specifications includes 5,120×2, 160 resolution. Along with this, there are several other specifications, which include HDR, Thunderbolt connectivity, etc.

The ‘Nano-IPS’ panel, as claimed by LG, has a phosphorous enhancing component, which improves the color gamut. The screen is 34 inch ultra-wide, which gives a mega display look. The monitor even looks like an intricate piece, which is so delicate that one needs to handle the monitor with care, but actually, it is equally sturdy, which can be easily managed by its owners.

The monitor has a striking and unusual profile. Its chassis, sturdy white plastic, not only looks modern but also shows the elegance of its shape and bright color appearance. The LG has slim bezels. The monitor also successfully stands as the best attempt of the company to reduce the thickness of computer screens and walk into the era of slim monitors.

When talking about additional accessories, a delicate U shaped metal stand successfully holds the monitor in place. It also provides stability for the functional computer. The monitor comes with several connection options, which makes it easy to attract enough buyers. The various connection options available with the monitor include USB-A upstream and two USB-a downstream.

The Thunderbolt 3 port enables the people to use the Mac mini from a single cable dock with most laptops that support the same. The monitor support can charge, and despite facing some apprehensions, the monitor works well with Mac mini and also under high work pressure. The monitor can charge equivalent to as much as 85.

The monitor of LG34WK95U-W can be effective in giving a good experience to its users. Moreover, the LG monitor users can also use a joystick, which was hidden under the middle of the display.


  • Pro Quality technology
  • Nano ISP color 5K display
  • Availability of USB hub
  • Monitor has a versatile input option


  • No built-in camera or microphone
  • The built-in speaker is of average quality

4. Asus ZenScreen

The monitor is quite popular among Mac mini users, mainly because of its portability. The 15.6-inch screen with a USB-C Connector can also be rotated between landscape and portrait mode. Monitor, along with its portability and multiple features, can also be connected with Thunderbolt3.

Its small size and sturdy body let the users connect it with Mac mini any time and at any place, that too, without causing any additional chaos in between. The cover of the portable monitor can be converted into support to make the monitor stand at tables and other places. The folding protective cover cum stand holds the monitor intact with the help of magnetic strips.

The monitor comes with a single USB Type-C port, on its left side, near the bottom. The monitor also supports the DisplayPort over USB and can also receive data, video, and power from the computer. The monitor comes with a built-in battery which can be charged by using the power adapter.

As the monitor has an inbuilt battery, it won’t be dependent on the main device to which it is connected for the use of energy. Hence it won’t be a burden on the overall computer, and it will also provide an additional advantage to its users. The Asus ZENSCREEN monitor comes with an aspect ratio of 1,171:1 and has a good combination of luminance, color, and contrast.

The monitor also comes equipped with a three-year warranty provided by its manufacturers, which is a typical length for mobile monitor warranties. As the monitor is mobile enough to be carried in a bag, without any problem, it is the best available monitor for those looking for a good quality one, which is handy and easy to carry.

However, the monitor doesn’t come with a touch screen but with just an option of a pen that can be used on the monitor.


  • Easy to carry because of less weight( 2 pounds)
  • The ultra-slim body, which is only 8 mm thick
  • The monitor also comes with the option of a deep on-screen display
  • USB-C connectivity supported by the monitor also enables it to support Display Port and power transfer


  • The colors displayed are dull
  • Doesn’t come with an option of mobile charging
  • No HDMI support

 5. Asus TUF VG27AQ

Asus TUF is one of the best monitors for MAC MINI, specifically for gaming. Along with giving a superb experience of gaming to its users, the monitor is equally useful for other productive functions. The 27-inch screen makes it a good option for multitasking and the enhancement of the picture experience.

When a good-sized monitor is combined with a high resolution, it manages to get a good ranking among the existing monitors in the market. The same goes for Asus TUF VG27AQ. The monitor comes with a 1440p resolution, which improves the picture quality and displays with more clarity.

The monitor is well built and also comes with an adjustable stand. The peak brightness option available on the monitor screen is capable of countering the shortcomings like glare. The monitor also manages to deal with the reflection flare as well. The panel also comes with wide viewing angles, making it useful even in sharing work with co-workers.

Along with all these pros, the monitor still has some areas of improvement, as it has a mediocre contrast ratio, which changes the appearance of black color on the screen similar to grey. The monitor is also good at responding to the commands and tasks provided by the processor.

With an excellent functioning input lag, the monitor performs outstandingly well in certain areas and supports FreeSync, giving an added advantage to the users who wish to use it for gaming purposes. The 8-bit panel also provides good color accuracy, but the monitor fails to support a wide color gamut. The monitor doesn’t come with any USB ports. But it does come with integrated speakers and a flicker-free backlight.


  • The monitor has very good color accuracy
  • 165Hz refresh also enhances the performance of the monitor
  • The monitor also comes with an option of FreeSync 2 or G-Sync Compatible adaptive sync
  • Comes with useful gaming options like OSD


  • The monitor has an average brightness
  • There is a no-USB connection
  • The monitor is quite expensive, compared to what it provides to users
  • No Gamma presets

6. Samsung C27HG70

If it is more about a less lighted living room, where the Mac Mini will be placed with its monitor, then one should also consider SamsungC27HG70 as another good option. The monitor comes with a VA panel for better dark room performance. However, one has to compromise when it comes to viewing angles, as it doesn’t provide good options to the users in this case.

The monitor’s VA panel has a higher contrast ratio compared to other competitors in the market. The 27-inch screen display comes with a 1440p of resolution. The resolution is also close to the optimal 110 PPI pixel density. The impressive color accuracy makes it a good option for those who wish to enjoy movies as well as games on their PCs. It also supports a large color gamut but fails to provide perfect text clarity.

In many terms and features, the monitor is outperformed by Asus monitors. But the Samsung monitors perform simply well in low lit darkroom areas.


  • Clean and Crisp display of 1440 p gives a good experience to its users
  • The monitor also has excellent contrast and good colors
  • Embedded with a VA panel, the monitor performs exceptionally well
  • Also supports HDR
  • Also facilitated with AMD FreeSync2
  • The stand which comes with the monitor is highly adjustable


  • Very narrow viewing angles
  • It has poor black uniformity
  • The monitor also has some minor ghosting issue
  • Despite being adjustable, the stand is very bulky

7. Dell P2418D

This monitor is an ideal option for those who are looking for a small size monitor that provides good picture quality and is highly portable. The 24-inch display consists of an IPS panel, which also has wide 178 viewing angles and accurate colors. The monitor has a 2560×1440 Quad HD screen resolution.

When combined with a 1440p resolution, the size of the monitor display leads to a pixel density of 123 PPI. It is quite amazing to find that the monitor’s existing density of pixels is far much greater than the monitors that come under the range of 1080p resolution, as many of the popular monitors under the range come with a pixel density of 92 PPI.

This shows that the monitor will give a much richer picture quality experience to its users, as the pictures will be much clearer and have sharper details. The decent 300-nit peak brightness, along with a standard 1,000:1 contrast ratio and 8-bit depth support, make it a good choice.


  • The monitor has a high pixel density
  • Ergonomic design and rich connectivity options let the user easily connect with other devices
  • The monitor comes with wide viewing angles, which make it easy to use even for two people


  • The monitor doesn’t have audio jacks
  • It doesn’t have speakers

8. LG 27UL650 – Sleek 4K IPS Monitor

The LG 27UL650-Sleek 4K IPS Monitor is a 24-inch panel that has a 4K resolution screen. The monitor has a pixel density of 163 pixels per inch. The high pixel density of the monitor makes most of the items visible on the screen quite smaller. Hence, one has to use scaling to resize small items like texts and icons readable.

Scaling will not only make the items larger in size, but they will also make the items look sharper. This takes us to one of the things one needs to keep in mind while installing an application on their Mac mini installed with an LG 27UL650 monitor to ensure that the application supports the scaling by 100% or 200%.

The panel has 350-nit peak brightness, a contrast ratio of 1,000:1, 99% sRGB color gamut, and 10-bit color depth that supports 1.07 billion colors. The monitor also supports High Dynamic Range (HDR).

Along with all these specifications, the monitor comes with advanced image adjustment tools such as Gamma, 9-axis hue/ saturation, and pre-calibrated picture presets for EBU, SMPTE-C, and Rec.709 color spaces.

Along with a normal size monitor with high specifications, the monitor’s stand let it adjust 110mm.Along with this, the stand also lets the monitor adjust by 90-degree pivot, -5/15 tilt, and 100x100mm VESA compatibility. The monitor’s connectivity option also includes two HDMI 2.0 ports, DisplayPort 1.4, and a headphones jack.


  • The monitor comes with high pixel density, which makes images sharper
  • The monitor has an ergonomic design
  • The monitor screen is capable of showing accurate colors and has wide viewing angles


  • The monitor doesn’t support a wide color gamut
  • It doesn’t even have USB ports


With the availability of high-quality monitors in the market, it is the users’ sole responsibility to find out which monitor will be the most suitable option for their Mac mini. Hence, it is always advisable to understand your requirements before searching on the internet.

Monitors are available in various varieties, options, and features under different pricing. Hence, after knowing about the requirements, one can easily find the most apt monitor as per their needs under the decided budget. 

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