Best Motherboard for i5 9600K

The i5 9600k is designed by Intel and is known to be a current mid range gaming CPU. It has a solid 6 core/6-thread CPU that provides great gaming performance. The cpu supports overclocking and has a limit upto 5.2GHz with AIO cooling.

Here is a fact overclocking happens to add about 10 percent to your gaming performance which isn’t really bad, not all chips can reach up to 5.2 GHz although they claim to, even after using a solid mid-range cooler it can give up to only 4.9 out of 5GHz which is about 6 to 8 percent of performance while your gaming or doing an intensive task.

There are plenty of boards that can work out well for this CPU and would not cost you too much. You would need a z390 board in order to overclock this CPU. You even select a board that works well for core i9 9900k or i7 9700k. By this, you only have to pay half the price with a decent cooling system.

We would recommend you getting mid range boards as they are claimed to give better offers, extra features, if you work overclocks the cpu and you might later upgrade into a more powerful processor then high end choice in selecting a motherboard would be reasonable. 

Best motherboards for i5 9600k are listed below according to reasonable budgets, mid range features and high end choices. This will be useful for those who would want a gaming rig.

Top 7 Best Motherboard for i5 9600K In 2020

1. ASRock Motherboard (Z390 phantom gaming -ITX/AC)

The asrock z390 phantom gaming board is the most compatible motherboard. It has a Z390 chipset motherboard, it also comes with the modification which characterised the chipset z370 as compared to the initial release z370.

If you get this motherboard you will be able to make use of a high functioning product that has been designed by giving attention to every detail so that it can fit just fine into any ITX computer structure.

The VRM used is a ten plus two-phase function which has improved over time with its working tendencies among one of them is the heat pipe cooling system. You can enjoy the luxury of enjoying up to Realtek 2.5 gigabit LAN features on this motherboard.

The memory provisions used is a dual DDR4 DIMM slot, which does not buffer, and has a maximum capacity of up to 32 gigabytes. It contains a total of eight fan readers, which is assisted by ¾ fan pins. The product comes with USB slots such as three USB of 2.0 and eight USB of 3.0 and another five which is USB 3.1 slots.

Other features such as PCI-e expansion slots, different SATA, and m.2 PCI-E storages contribute to being one of the best choices for your i5 9600k CPU listed below are some pros and cons of the ASRock motherboard.


  • It is claimed to be a high functioning motherboard, with its functional and structural design
  • This product supports up to 2.5-gigabyte LAN communication
  • performs better than a gigabyte ethernet 
  • Provides adequate USB slots 
  • Provides adequate storage space
  • Come with a thunderbolt of 3.2 controller 
  • Has inputs which can support overclocking for better results
  • The provisions provided are reasonable for users to connect several RGB modules


  • This product can be a little expensive, it claims to be the best because of the adequate price
  • It has very few SATA 3 slots

2. Gigabyte Z370 aorus gaming 7

If you’re into high gaming adventures and would want to explore gaming then you can consider this motherboard.

The gigabyte provided by aorus 7 is z370 chipsets which is considered to be less in advance as compared to new z370, it still can work awesome with its overall performance which makes it worth it.

The features that the motherboard provides are significant but give out ultimate output. 

Some of the features which make this motherboard stand out from the rest are its RGB infrastructures and other relevant functions such as VR the sound system, the other board has a SABRE DAC audio enhancer that can give out quality sound output for almost every audio quality depending on its format.

Its overclocking abilities make it possible for users to allow intensive tasks so that the system can give more output with efficiency. The over clocking abilities are supported by high performance regulating structures, especially the inbuilt turbo B clock which ensures high end results.

The structural design makes it amicable to make DDR4 XMP modules rating 4133 MHz and upwards into working efficiency, the memory assists about 4 x DIMM provisions and DDR4 can provide up to the maximum of 64 gigabytes.

Down below are some of the pros and cons so that it will be easy for you to take a decision 


  • The provisions for RGB are customized and these provide a creative edge to the appeal
  • Its impressive overclocking abilities can give a great working experience
  • This motherboard provides an enhanced audio output, implemented by the inputs done by the specialized ESS SABRE audio enhancer
  • The structure of gigabyte aorus 7 is ruggedly beautiful


  • Although it gives an impressive over locking features but a lag in the overclocking per time can consequently lag in the overall functions of the motherboard

3. Asus Prime Z390-A

This motherboard is made out of careful assessments and remedies implemented on specific needs most users face. It comes with features that can make the most out of the i5 9600k processor for most productivity. 

Besides the general advantages of the z390 chipset, the Asus prime has traits that have made it different from the rest of the products available in this category.

This motherboard can enhance your computing skill from scratch to finish and it has conveniently facilitates the required process. 

The inbuilt features that serve as the function for optimizing the motherboard include the dual M.2 provision, including the generation 2 USB3.1. These features contribute together in ensuring a top-notch data processing speed with dynamic connectivity.

For instance, the mother board allows m.2 data transfer speed upto 32 gigabytes per second on average, also considering the fact that most users prefer to carry out heavy tasks on the motherboard, the Asus company has reasonably increased the products overclocking capabilities.

Also, this motherboard provides five-way optimization that aids the overclocking process while also providing an inbuilt fan calibration. The overclocking road map is made to make the most of igneous artificial intelligence, which can predict heat communication telemetry.

The aus prime motherboard also provides an eight-channel high definition gaming audio, because of its Realtek ALC 887 audio system. 

Down below are some pros and cons of this motherboard so that you take an informative decision.


  • The motherboard comes with fair and relevant features
  • Its high-performance abilities can make you meet your desired results irrespective of any computing tasks
  • It has inbuilt RGB LCDs and customized RGB headers for a better appeal
  • It has an excellent overclocking feature in the motherboard, which is assisted by the optimum II technology
  • the structure is made in a way that it can be upgraded and optimized as per your preference in sound system
  • It comes with a module, and certain components guarantee high data speed transfer and connectivity which contributes to making it fit perfectly to be the best for i5 9600k 2019 list


  • It has comparatively fewer SATA 3 slots with motherboards z370 chipset range

4. MSI Enthusiast Gaming Intel Motherboard

This motherboard is compatible with i5 9600k CPU, and claims to be durable and would go vogue anytime soon. The motherboard can work great for those who are gaming enthusiasts or those individuals who want to consciously learn the professional rudiments and tactics for esports.

Its Features are adaptable enough for great gaming experiences and this will surely meet your desired result with efficiency.

This motherboard can make you free of the frustration of using a specific kind of function for an entirely wrong chipset.

This is one of the few z370 chipset using motherboards that can beat and compete with the improved z390 chipset series. 

The product comes with a customized mystic light utility that allows users to personalize their own gaming color schemes as per their preference. In fact, this motherboard provides up to 16.8 million color combinations with RGB and LED special effects. 

The motherboard’s audio and sound outputs are assisted by chemo -con audio capacitors. This makes you experience a remarkable sound presentation. It also comes with a unique array of gaming tools that adds up to the advantage of gaming each time you play it also has a set of provisions that contribute together in boosting your gaming skills.

Down below are some pros and cons about this gaming mother baord so that you can take an informative decision.


  • It has remarkable overclocking capabilities that allow durability in your computer system
  • This motherboard provides up to four DDR4 memory slots with RAM access up to 64 gigabytes
  • This motherboard works awesome for all the gaming formats available
  • Provides smart gaming tools which work together in enhancing your gaming skills 
  • This motherboard also provides support for two way NVIDIA SLI 
  • Enhanced audio and sound systems, because of the chemo-con audio enhancing system


  • Can still lack in performance as compared to newer z390 chipset motherboards

5. Asus ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming Motherboard

The Asus Rog Strix is a motherboard that is designed to purposefully perform all the e gaming activities on the intel 9th generation processors. It is a product of a company subsidiary republic of gamers ROG, which has gaming hardware and software developers, and it developed in a way that with a consciousness that it will incorporate remedies or solutions to most of the requirements irrespective of various formats of the games.

Now, as compared to the older version, this model has an improved z390 chipset motherboard, with the array of benefits associated with such chipsets. Just like the Asus prime motherboard, this model has an overclocking road map that uses smart predictions and customized artificial intelligence.

With this, you would not be required to annually tune the device into initiating overclocking, hence making the most of the product for as long as for each time you use it. The product overclocking is facilitated by a 5-way optimization function algorithm, another feature that helps in overclocking is the optimum II technology which is gradually increasing its phase in becoming a symbol of Asus originated motherboards.

This motherboard can enhance your data processing and connectivity ratios with the help of dual M.2 and generation 2 USB 3.1 components which leverage the motherboard. Down below are some of the pros and cons of this motherboard so that you can take an informed decision.


  • The Product has some really good cooling system and overclocking features 
  • It has high functioning productivity irrespective of whatever gaming formats
  • The products are made with highly durable materials which ensure quality 
  • Utilizes the supreme fx codec for better optimization of audio and sound system delivery
  • It has some beautiful aesthetic presentation which is captivating


  • This can be expensive as compared to other motherboards in the series of z390 chipset

6. EVGA Z390 FTW

The EVGA z 390 ftw motherboard is a new release on the initial z370, although just like every other z370 other board it has proved itself to be compatible with the i5 9600k processor. It comes with a fine and required features, and you will definitely not be putting on irrelevant features.

All the features provided by the motherboard only work together to provide you the best working experience and also to make the best out of 9th generation intel processors. There are a number of features which contribute in giving high productivity. For instance, the motherboard has six sata ports, as well as usb of 2.0 and also usb of 3.1 generation ports.

Just like the z370 version this model includes the intel gigabit nic, also an eleven phase of power with attached digital VRM. The ram is a 4 DIMM with dual channel, which has upto 64 gigabyte accessible memory space. Another feature provided by the evga z390 ftw motherboard is that it has two m.2 -m 80mm and one m.2 -e 32mm, also 7.1 audio channel with EVGAnu.

This motherboard is not unreasonable, every feature is technical and almost anyone can use it as it is very easy to be operated and works out great for i5 9600k. Down below are the pros and cons of the EVGA z390 ftw motherboard so take you can make an informative decision.


  • It has a rapid data processing mechanism 
  • It is ruggedly built and its features carry essential durability that can fit into most types of users
  • It contains multiple function USB ports and that too of different varieties of formats
  • It has relatively fair overclocking capabilities and unlike other products


  • The Product is considered to be a little expensive 
  • It has limited features as compared to other motherboards

7. Asus ROG Maximus IX Hero Motherboard

The Asus ROG Maximus IX is another compatible motherboard for i5 9600k it is one of the newer products manufactured by Asus ROG producers hitting the market, and of course you expect some impressive features from this Asus motherboard.

The size is ATX fundamentally and is claimed to be very user-friendly which already makes it a good choice if you’re an amateur or an expert in the software products. If you’re in the intention of pulling a gaming rig out of your computer then this board can help you with some of its best features.

It even supports 3D activities as it is assigned with 3d mounts. It has dynamic aura light syncing features that allow you to personalize your activities as per the preference of rig you have built for yourself.

It has 5-way optimization which assists the overclocking mechanism of the motherboard, which includes an inbuilt fan and general cooling structures. There is also a framework that ensures adequate use of energy optimization, hence saving your electricity bill.

Down below are some of the pros and cons which can help in making a clear cut decision.


  • It has an impressive aesthetic design and features in terms of appeal and function 
  • The mother bard has a UEFI structured interface 
  • It can process data and transmission through the USB 3.1 gen 2 and m.2 in speed
  • It comes switch many user-friendly features 


  • The product can be slightly higher in price

Buying Guide To Best Motherboard for i5 9600K

  • CPU socket

While in search of motherboards, make sure you have an adequate CPU socket. There are many types of socket available in the market such as LGA, BGA and also PGA, etc. these help your processor to upgrade inadequate voltage. 

  • RAM

The motherboard usually comes with a selected memory type and size that fits into your system. Before you decide, you have to check the RAM size and kind of RAMS required for your motherboard.

For anyone who uses a personal computer for 24×7 can use up to 16 GB memory RAM. It is necessary to ensure how much memory you would need for your everyday work tasks and avoid a motherboard with less than 4 memory slots.

  • PCI slots

You would at least need one PCI express slot and 16 graphics slots. This can ensure increased working speed. This provides efficient and speedy performance.

  • Audio 

If you’re searching for good sound benefits, you need to consider the audio jack features available on the motherboard. A good working motherboard allows 7 channels in audio software features so that you get the HD quality sound level. It is essential to choose a motherboard that offers at least 6 audio jacks for more significant quality music or music-related tasks.

  • SATA ports

SATA ports are necessary to check for before you choose a good motherboard for yourself. Your computer hosts bus adapters to connect. This factor is based on the number of SATA ports available in your motherboard. Try to choose a motherboard that offers 6 GB SATA for secondary boards.

  • Other fundamental things to look out for

Besides the factors already listed other things which influence in getting a better motherboard. is the number and types of attachment slots provided, don’t ignore the features which can be used to make the most out of this motherboard.

Especially any motherboard for i5 9600k has m.2 and usb 3.1 port features. You need a system which facilitates giving you faster speed with adequate functions. 

You should also consider the number of RAM slots provided as any motherboard would provide at least up to four slots if you’re in need of conducting heavy stuff on the device, however, if not then RAM doesn’t play much role.

These factors alone can make the best out of your cpu there are several combinations of mother boards available in the market make sure you buy the adequate one for yourself so that you can make the most of your work or if your a game enthusiast, make sure your motherboard contributes in enhancing your gaming skills irrespective of any game formats available.


The above-mentioned motherboards are some of the Best Motherboard for i5 9600K in terms of performance and are acclaimed by people to be eminent enough to accomplish day to day tasks.

You can rely on these motherboards when you want to make changes in your system like enhancing it further for your preferred tasks like you would surely want a motherboard that has excellent overclocking features for a better gaming experience ensuring that you are not being interrupted by the limitation in your system.

Overclocking can help your system stay cool in the midst of doing a heavy task. These motherboards can help you meet your desired results through their unique and efficient features.

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