Best Motherboard For Ryzen 7 3700x

Ryzen 7 3700x is another special microprocessor released by AMD zen two architecture. These Ryzen chips are 3rd generation. It consists of 8 cores and 16 threads with a boost clock of 4.4GHz, which makes it perfect for gaming. These microprocessors are mostly used in powerful computers to increase working speed, cache size, and reduce power consumption compared to the previous versions. 

The best motherboards are listed down below. 

7 Best Motherboard For Ryzen 7 3700x In 2020

1. Asus ROG Crosshair VIII hero X570

This Motherboard is exclusively made for 2nd and 3rd generation AMD processors, which includes AM4 socket support. The Motherboard assists overclocking and has two RGB headers, which makes it perfect among gamers. It also contains two four-pin headers.

The board has many USB connections to make it convenient to use; the BIOS is very easy to use. It is solid and durable. The heat enduring and stable VRM keeps it running smoothly and has various overclocking options as well.

It stands out the best among the others because of its unparalleled speed and performance; it also comprises a cooling zone so that it is free from the pressure of the workload.

This model had all the latest generation standards to support modern-day computers with next-generation connections, high-speed internet, data transfer, and memory. The fan control feature gives you this stable performance even while overclocking, making it perfect for gamers.


  • This Motherboard has up to 12 USB with 3.2 slots
  • This Motherboard aids the latest DDR4 memory 
  • It has an easy to use control panel for convenient tuning
  • This Motherboard has two RGB headers for a customized appeal 
  • It is compatible with fan Xpert 4 to endure the heat


  • It only assists 2.5 Gigabit LAN


This Motherboard also supports 2nd and 3rd generation AMD and “Radeon Vega graphics cards. It has mystic infinity light and overclocking capabilities, which are mostly used by CPU builders and gamers. The IR digital power gives an uninterrupted performance from the Motherboard.

It uses extended heat pipe, m.2shield froze, frozen heat sink, and zero froze techies to keep the system cool and heat enduring promoting stability. It comes with an RGB LED cable, wi-fi antenna, SATA cables, and a manual with all the installation instructions.

The RGB lights are controlled by the mystic light infinity that gives out various combinations of colors. The M.2 slots are generation 4, which has an incredible speed of about 64 GB/s.

It assists wi-fi 6 and dual-channel DDR4 memory for great data transfer experience. The audio boost technology of the Motherboard has an impressive audio processor to give out uninterrupted HD audios.

It has an excellent black finish and is made from sturdy materials and has some best lighting effects. The BIOS is not very complicated, and assists are overclocking.

The price might be a little high but has a record of good performance, especially in older systems. The motherboard has limited USB slots but meets all other expectations. The connection provided produces a high working speed. This Motherboard allows two wi-fi connections, a 2.5 gigabit.


  • This Motherboard has 29 different combinations of customized lightings.
  • Has a dedicated processor in audio for clear HD sounds 
  • It has generation 4 M.2 slots that can give speed up to 64 GB/s 
  • Has DDR4 storage memory and USB of 3.2, which supports generation 2
  • The Motherboard uses a core boost for more efficiency in power delivery


  • The Motherboard only supports PCI -e 4.0 slots

3. Asus ROG Strix X570-E Gaming

This board has many connections and RGB headers at a reasonable cost as compared to other counterparts. The BIOS has many features, overclocking is one of them. This Motherboard can even work for Linux computers. The overall speed and performance are authentic.

The Motherboard is made of metal armor that allows heat dissipation. It has sockets for pro cool II to keep the computer from overheating. The Motherboard has features like dual PCI-e 4.0 M.2 slots, which gives stable performance and also has USB 3.2 generation 2 wi-fi connection, which offers high speed and smooth data transfer.

It has Aura sync RGB for light, which can be synced with other compatible devices, and also, you will get ROG game first software. These both complement each other in providing the best gaming experience and customized lightning. The cooling process has PCH, MOS, M.2 heat sink, and a water pump.

The water pump header makes the Motherboard perfect for gamers who require liquid cooling rather than air. 

Above the various features the Motherboard offers the thermal design, high-speed connections are very reasonable; the LAN connections are 2.5 gigabits and wi-fi 6. Overclocking is not an issue because of its unique cooling mechanism.


  • It supports wi-fi 6 that is approximately 802.01 
  • It has pro cool II for the cooling mechanism, which keeps the system from overclocking
  • The Motherboard has dual PCI-e slots, which offers faster data transfer 
  • Pre-mounted I/O makes it easier for the installation process
  • Has customized lighting features for every individual supported device


  • The Motherboard has limited M.2 connections

4. Asus AM4 TUF Gaming X570

To have a dedicated connection, a wired internet connection is preferred on this Motherboard. It does not overheat and can handle high speed. You can expect good performance at a very reasonable price for an Asus other board.

This Motherboard offers a tremendous thermal design with a VRM heatsink along with a thermal pad. It assists all the latest USB and PCI-e connections and “realtek ethernet” connection for no interruption during gaming.

You can customize your RCBRealtekng with the help of an addressable header or aura sync support. The Motherboard uses the Realtek S1200A codec for audio to give out HD sounds. To be stable in power supply, the Motherboard has a six-layer PCB and Digi plus VRM.

The features, such as ethernet and high-speed connections, lays out a good gaming experience with no interruptions. The aura sync connects all the hardware which are compatible together for a better appeal.

It is made of military-grade components and is a solid build. It is worth it if long investments are in plan for this Motherboard.

It is specially built for impressive gaming experience; it has an advanced cooling system that supports overclocking, keeping the system stable. It has features of the latest connections for high-speed data transferring knowledge along with personalized RCG lightning.


  • This Motherboard offers Realtek HD audio jacks
  • This Motherboard is not very complicated to configure and install 
  • It has features like an addressable RCB header for lighting, which supports 2nd generation
  • It is made out of military-grade TUF components for durability and long-lasting
  • It is made up of three heat sinks and a hybrid fan to keep the system cool


  • It does not have USB 3.1 generation 2 ports on the front side

5. Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro WiFi

According to reviews, this Motherboard offers outstanding heat sinks performance, which keeps the system cool, and the board is made of solid construction. The Motherboard has a 12 plus 2 phases IR digital VRM for stability in the power supply. A good VRM can enhance the life span of the components.

The Motherboard can assist PCI-e 4.0 x16, x8, x4, and x1 slots along with “PCI-e armor.” This Motherboard consists of dual-channel DDR4 memory space and DIMM slots. The Motherboard has an intel gigabit connection for better internet connection, which claimed to be the best.

The installation is easy as it has an already mounted I/O shield. The heat sinks have a unique fins array style for finer heat dissipation. It also contains thermal guards for PCI-e. The features like stable VRM, effective heat sinks, and RGB fusion together make excellent gaming experience.

This model has a great thermal design that compliments high-speed connections along with overclocking. Gigabyte is acclaimed for its fast iPad and iPhone charging abilities. This model also contains high grade and durable motherboards that can give competition to Asus models.


  • It uses gigabit intel LAN for a fast internet connection
  • It has a 12 phase VRm for the stability of power supply
  • It has addressable LED headers for better customization
  • It has fins array heat sink to keep the system cool
  • The features of the M.2 thermal guard avoid throttling and bottlenecks


  • The booting process may consume a lot of time

6. ASRock AMD X470

ASRock x470 motherboard is slightly better in performance than the B450 chipset used in terms of SLI support and promises better VRM. These motherboards can be expensive, and you may get a better x50 chipset for the same price.

ASRock x47 taichi series motherboard is similar to the ROG series in terms of its premium features. It looks more appealing because of its x470 chipset and RCB lights, I/O cover, and high standard power design.

Like B450 chipset motherboards, this one stands out to be most compatible for ryzen processors. It can be a bit expensive. You might probably see better VRM than B450; this one comes with 16 phases of power design, perfect for gaming.

For memory, this Motherboard offers four RAM DIMMS and supports memory up to 64GB at 2666Mhz; it can overclock up to 3466Mhz.

ASROCK AMD X470 Taichi has one USB 3.2 generation 2, which offers speedy data transfer of 10GBPS, six USB slots 3.1 generation 1 ports, and one USB of 32 type c port. This motherboard offers sic SATA 6 slots and two high-speed PCI gen 4 M.2 slots, including heat sinks.

For graphics cards, it has three PCI-e x16 slots along with PCI steel armor attached to two of them and three PCI -e x1 slots. With the x470 chipset, you will be able to install multiple AMD and Nvidia graphics cards.

This Motherboard has great overclocking options and has everything you might need. The 802.11ac is kind of cheap in quality. Has sort of complex firmware and design can be complicated as well. This Motherboard consumes a lot of power, still can work well for your system, and can give desired results.


  • This Motherboard supports multiple Nvidia GPUs
  • It has built-in wi-fi and type c port USB
  • Great overclocking power mechanism to support ryzen 3700x


  • Consumes a lot of power

7. ASRock B450M Steel Legend

This Motherboard has a B450 chipset; this Motherboard is known for its affordable prices and high-quality standards. This company tries not to spend extra money on premium features and utility software. ASROCK B450M steel legend has an appeal of a premium motherboard.

It is low on budget yet sturdy and specifically supports ryzen seven 3700x as it claims to be compatible with ryzen 3000 CPUs with old processors. The mother has some 6 phase of power design VRM, which is quite reliable in terms of entry-level and mid-range motherboards but has some limited overclocking power.

For memory, the Motherboard offers four RAM DIMMs, which can assist maximum memory of 64gb at the frequency of 2667 Mhz. You can expect extended performance to 3466Mhz.

It also supports a quad AMD graphics card, including two PCI-e x16 slots and a PCI-e x1 slot. For connectivity, this Motherboard has 2 USB gen3.1 along with type a and type c. For storage, this Motherboard has six SATA 6 shots and two M.2 slots.


  • It is a reasonable price and can be adequate according to budget
  • Has plenty of USB ports and FAN headers for better performance
  • Claimed to be excellent in aesthetic as well as in expected performance


  • Has limited overclocking powers

Buying Guide To Best Motherboard For Ryzen 7 3700x

The Motherboard is the most crucial part of the system. The whole system depends on the Motherboard, so it is necessary to buy only the best for yourself. Here are some things you might want to consider before you purchase a motherboard for your system.

  • Socket

The CPU socket is what connects the whole system to the power supply. Every processor has varied sockets and motherboards made with consideration. Some motherboards can only compliment specific processors and tend to work only for those types.

There are multiple sockets like grid array, zero insertion force, ball and grid array, and land grid array. The Ryzen 7 3700x has the AM4 socket.

  • BIOS

The BIOS boosts up the hardware and commands performing services for the operating system. It also has a software interface that controls over hardware functions. It acts as a bridge between the actual processor and the operating system. It also controls fan speed and overclocking.

The right BIOS keeps your system running at efficiency and, in the best terms, will allow simple navigation of the interface.

  • RAM

Random-access memory is space where all the CPU instructions are stored while it’sits operating. It gives faster access to things in the processor. Eight GB is enough for everyday usage.

There are also higher RAMs available with up to 16 GB. The Motherboard can include one more RAM slot depending on your needs. The extra slots are generally used for expansion modules for later usage.

  • GPU

The PCI-e slot on the Motherboard connects to your GPU. Just like the RAM slots, you can have more than one as per your preference. The latest version is PCI-e x16 slots, which can move around 16 bits per cycle, giving out faster performance.

We recommended you check your GPU specifications to test the compatibility with the slots offered on the Motherboard before purchasing. 

Things to consider Before getting the Best Motherboard For Ryzen 7 3700x

There are several ways by which your system can fail if not equipped with the right Motherboard. Something that you might want to consider before you purchase a motherboard.

  • Overheating

One of the most addressed issues with motherboard failure is overheating, so if you are using the Motherboard for intensive works like graphics and other suck tasks, you would be required to have an appropriate cooling mechanism that can handle the heat in the midst of working.

  • Form factor

This factor is about the shape and overall size of the Motherboard. The foaming factor is important because it determines whether it will fit into your system case. The bigger the size, the more it will be available to offer slots and other features, even if the Motherboard provides all the features you would need and at last fails to fit in, it will be a total waste of money.

  • Budget

Motherboards are expensive and mostly if it’sits a high-end motherboard. When it comes to budget, choose the highly important factors and compromise on the things that aren’t very necessary, and that system can still work without it. Certain things like RCB lightning are not necessary.

How to maintain a motherboard?

Motherboards are exposed to a lot of dust and spills along with its working; therefore, it is important to clean and maintain maxim hygiene for efficiency 

Follow through these steps for safe maintenance

  • Use only canned or compressed air to clean the dust accumulated in the connection slots.
  • Remove the screws present in the north and south bridges from the bottom.
  • You would be required to spray the circuit board cleaner throughout the Motherboard.
  • It might take several minutes to dry then pray the canned air.
  • Use a soft cloth along with isopropyl alcohol to wipe through the Motherboard.
  • Remove the thermal paste which is dried from the heat sinks and apply a fresh coat over.
  • Secure the heat sinks carefully again in their place
  • You can also apply a circuit lacquer on it by the end.

Perks of getting a new motherboard

  • Performance boost

Communication is the center of the system for the impressive performance of your system. Any delay of issues with the Motherboard can interrupt all your work and performance of the system.

Using a new processor over an old one will improve the performance, and you can experience a giant leap in performance. Choose the one that comes with more compatibility, such as new and fast memory standards, wi-fi speeds, etc.

The major thing which improves CPU performance is the VRM, which is a voltage regulator module. The VRM determines the amount of appropriate voltage necessary for better delivery of service. It the supply is unstable or lags; it will affect the CPU and RAM simultaneously.

The Motherboard also contains BIOS, which has many parameters under your computer. Not every BIOS supports overclocking, and this determines the tasks you would perform in your system.

  • Better graphics

You would require a new motherboard to support the latest and fastest versions of GPUs to give out the best experience. This makes sure there’s no lags and glitches, and this allows you to use high-quality graphics without the system getting heated.

The BIOS supports overclocking because of intensive tasks’ performance with a simple user interface to accomplish it. The ability to give out faster wi-fi speeds and improved audio quality contribute to ensuring an excellent gaming experience.

  • Compatibility 

To make the best out of the system, you would need features like the newest data transfers, wi-fi, GPU, Bluetooth, audio, heat sink, etc., and DDR2 dual-channel memory and 802.11 ac wi-fi are some of the latest standards and acclaimed to be compatible.


You should go with a motherboard that offers the latest features that can complement new generation computers along with reasonable price tags “ryzen 7 chips has a high-end processor with eight convenes”. They high-end motherboard that can handle high speed and heat when used for excessive work. 

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