It is really frustrating when you face slow internet issues or a lag in your PS4 gaming console when you are playing a game. Some people found out that selecting the best MTU for PS4 provides a fast and reliable internet connection. This is a guide on how to find The Best MTU and change the MTU PS4 settings. Also if you have PS4 wifi slow issue, this article might just help.

Understaing Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU)

MTU determines the maximum size of any data-packed that is transmitted over a network. The maximum value of MTU is 1500 bytes. It means that you can send a data packet of a maximum of 1500 bytes at one time from a device.

Best MTU for PS4

In general, the default value of PS4 is 1500 bytes, which is the maximum value. However, there are claims that if this value is reduced, the delay reduces. The idea behind lowering the MTU value is simple. If you send a smaller packet over the network, it takes less time to reach the destination. This, in turn, reduces the delay. And you will experience a seamless network connection without any lag. 

How To Select The Best MTU for your PS4? – Doing MTU Settings PS4

Before you find an optimal MTU value for your PS4, you should learn how to change MTU value. Follow the steps given below here to change PS4 MTU Settings.

Change MTU PS4 Settings

Step 1: On your PS4, go to ‘Settings‘ select ‘Network‘ settings.

PS4 network settings

Step 2: Now, choose the ‘Set up Internet connection‘ option.

p internet connection in PS4

Step 3: You will see two options ‘LAN‘ and ‘Wifi.’ Select your network type. We recommend using an Ethernet connection for a better speed.

Using LAN or Wifi in PS4

Step 4: Choose the ‘Custom‘ setup on the next screen.

Custom internet settings

Step 5: Select ‘Automatic‘ IP address.

Set IP Address to Automatic

Step 6: Choose ‘Do not Specify‘ for DHCP.

Do not specify DHCP host name in network settings

Step 7: Select ‘Automatic‘ for DNS as well.


Step 8: Now, for MTU, select ‘Manual.’

Manual MTU Settings in PS4


Step 9: Here, you will find a field to specify an MTU value. You can enter any MTU value you want and finish the setup.

Type best MTU for PS4 and change PS4 settings

Now, you know how to change MTU value, you have to select an MTU that is best for your PS4. You can see different websites telling a magic value of 1473. But it doesn’t work for everyone. The MTU value changes from person to person based on the device you are using, the network you are using, and also geographical location. However, you can search for the MTU, which works for you. This process takes a little time, but it’s worth spending, which helps you to reduce lag while playing.

Find the optimum MTU for your PS4

As we explained before, go to the MTU ‘Manual‘ settings and manually lower the MTU value. Now come back to the main ‘Settings‘ and go to ‘Test Internet Connection.’ Here, test your internet connection speed.

Test internet speed after MTU modification in PS4

Repeatedly test your internet connection speed by lowering the MTU speed again and again. Stop lowering the value of MTU until you see ‘Packets are no longer able to be fragmented‘ on the speed testing screen.

The immediate MTU value greater than the MTU, which can be no longer fragmented, is the starting value for your PS4. You have to add ’28’ to this value, which gives you the best MTU value for your gaming console.

Now, again change the settings with the MTU value that you have found and complete the setup. Once you change the PS4, you also need to change the MTU in your Router settings.

How to Change MTU Value on Your Router

Changing the MTU settings on the router changes from one brand to another. Here we have given the common steps that can be followed in general. If this doesn’t work for you, search for Changing MTU value with your brand’s name.

Router MTU settings

Step 1: Log in to the Router with your username and password on your computer browser.

Step 2: Navigate to Settings > Network > WAN > MTU.

Step 3: Here, you will see the ‘MTU size‘ field. Enter the MTU size that you entered in your PS4 MTU value.

Step 4: Complete the setup and reboot the router for the changes to be effective.

Now the MTU value is changed on both your PS4 console and Router, and the internet speed might have improved.

Even though many people claim that changing the MTU value improves the internet speed, reduces that lag, there is no evidence that it actually improves the network speed. But there is no harm in changing the MTU value and see if it helps in enhancing your PS4’s performance.

Here you have to find the best MTU value by trial and error method. Even Though it is very time consuming, you can give it a try if it actually reduces the lag. If this method works for you, you can play games using PS4 without any irritation that you face during low connection speed.

Final Words – Selecting the Best PS4

This is how you select the best MTU for PS4. I hope you were able to understand how to find suitable MTU and configure MTU settings. Having a proper MTU Set for your PS4 can help in faster access of your PS4, so in case if you have an issue with PS4 wifi slow, this might just be an option you can take care of.

Thank you for reading.

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