Are You Searching for the Best Printer For College Students?

Owning a printer is equivalent to a very useful and resourceful asset if you are a person of the academic field. And if you are looking for a quality product then this place serves you the correct purpose. Your prerogative basically would be to purchase a printer on a handy budget that gives you top-notch performance and features. 

Therefore we are here with several best printers for college students on this list. They can help with your academic plans. The printers for this page do not need to go looking for a library. Or some internet parlor for getting your pages printed out on your assignments. Thereby you can save your valuable time. And as the printer is a good investment for your student life you end up saving a lot of money too.

Owning a good printer for your field is very helpful yet necessary. Wherein it can prove useful at any urgency. The great student printer becomes helpful in situations when you print your notes in documents or for school homework. And or other assignments for a class demonstration. Whatever you wanted to print on owning the right printer, you can perform your work in the desired manner and convenient manner.

Moving forward, should you be aware of what you should look for in a printer if you’re a student? Of course, you are going to look for something that isn’t too expensive. It is not limited till the fact of talking about at what time you buy it, but it also accounts for running into costs after that. A printer that wastes away or uses too much ink is not going to be ideal either.

You will search for the types of printers that do not fail you when it comes to print quality. When you can take out a print of wide varieties documents with great clarity that is a key quality for the best student printers. Students are not capable of having a huge amount of space in their rooms therefore the printers should be compact as well.

Best Printer For College Student In 2021:

1. Brother HL-L2321D Printer

The ink cartridge is filled and worth using for almost three years. The ink and the story can go with three years of service at a one-time price. This has a great proprietary algorithm that resonates along with the students. 

Brother on its own is a three-in-one inkjet device that can print, scan as well as a copy at a swiftly better resolution. The resolution will turn out sharp and colorful duplex pages at a greatly humble rate. It has a high capacity ink installed and it is way more economical to run. It comes along with Wi-Fi Direct connectivity and a color.

2. Brother DCP-B7500D printer

Brother has a fabulous inkjet of 3-in-1 bundles consisting of all factors a student would require in one of the compact units. Along with the USB ports front and rear. The SD card slot with the Wi-Fi, it is well intertwined with high print and scan resolutions and at a reasonably lower price point.

It prints minutely at a slower rate of 12ppm in mono, but the duplex documents will appear very sharp and contingent. And when you take the photos on oily or glossy paper it can look like a bigger budget work system.

3. Canon Pixma TS5351 printer

Canon is a very neat three-in-one printer. It is an amazingly cost-effective product along with all the features that a student is much likely to require. And considering all by the other besides color printing, scanning, and photocopying. You are also presented with an auto-duplex mode so whenever that is built-in for easy wireless connection to a laptop and or smartphone you will not require to waste paper and both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

It can print on a very broad and different variety of media summing along with the A4 in size papers.

That includes the Canon’s magnetic photo paper sided with fabric iron-on patches. It is an impressively cost-effective product. The body is very compact, leaving out a size to be the room for 100 sheets of A4 inside. It is not, however, the cheapest inkjet at the availability, but by upgrading the ink palette to over an XL-capacity cart you can bring down the running cost up to a competitive level.

4. Epson Workforce WF-100 Wireless Mobile Printer

Epson’s Premium is one of the most nano members of all range of home printers. Therefore the XP-6105 is one of the good and well-suitable appliances for student accommodation. Leaving out a fax facility, it is fully featured along with Wi-Fi. Auto duplex printing. USB and SD card slots are all connected to the ability to print on any kind of media from blank CDs up to A4 photo paper.

Though it misses out on a touchscreen display, instead it is easy to be utilized. And for the cost it has, the product is efficient. You can purchase Epson ink and supplies here.

5. HP 310 All-in-One Ink Tank Colour Printer

HP’s smart algorithm-loaded printer comes with voice control. Grateful to the two-way cloud-based network settlement and a constructive connection. It avails you to have an opportunity to operate Hp’s ‘smart printer’ from your mobile device itself. You may have a Wi-Fi network or not. Regardless.

It does not have a USB or Ethernet port and no scanner either. Thereby it relies on wireless connectivity meanwhile the Hp 310 companion app harnessing your smartphone’s camera for scanning and straightening images for printing. 

All this opens the door to the Hp 310 for being smaller in size compared to other inkjets and cheaper too. It is humbly user-friendly. For the excellent app that can even be voice-controlled with the alliance of Alexa. 

We know that you can replace the ink palettes but they are rather very costly. It’s very hard for students, therefore. However, you can go for HP’s Instant Ink program for creating some quality while getting yourself replacements by sending the email. 

6. HP Envy 5030 All-in-One printer

This AIO is cost-effective. It is impressively inexpensive. It consists of a whole lot of the features that a student would need for finishing their course. It comes with automatic dual-sided printing and an A4-sized scanner alongside a copy function. It also comes along with a USB port, which allows you to either connect wirelessly or without a router. Due to the availability of the inclusion of a Dual-Band Wi-Fi module and Bluetooth.

It can print on envelopes. On the glossy photo paper or A4 size of paper. Though it is very usually the matter that a cheap printer is for expensive ink, on switching to HP’s Instant Ink service, you can bring the running cost down to a reasonably good and humble level.  

7. HP Envy 5010 printer

Hp is a great cost-effective printer. This has a full-filled featured three-in-one printer that looks catchy. It can print sharp. It can also scan and automatically duplex print and consist of all the two Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built-in for easy mobile operation. 

It can manage all types of paper up to the size of A4 and it has a clear, sharp, and contingent, mono, display. Ink refills are, as you might have guessed, are costly, but HP’s Instant Ink cartridge service is effectively low at the cost and currently, and a 12-month free trial will come alongside the purchase.   

8. Canon Pixma GM2050 printer

The latest range of pallette-less ink pens including an entry-level mono printer is a great shot in a student’s inconvenient life. We know that the initial charge is rather too much, but the box has enough ink for up to 6,000 pages, and refilling ink pallets has a way greater and higher input than cartridges. 

It is perfect for giving out those dissertations… Despite the smaller size, it is capable of holding a set of 200+ sheets of paper in its main tray and some 100 of them over at the rear tray. The duplex printing is silent and fast plus along with the Wi-Fi built-in, students can scan and print wirelessly by the use of an AirPrint and Canon’s exhilarating PRINT app.

9. Canon GM2050 A4 Inkjet Printer

Switching the ink cartridges for the bottled ink with this printer has a way greater page yield plus a much less per page charge. This printer is a vanguard of the canon printers. If you are a student, you can very nicely find it when the ink palettes are running lower by the end, along with the Wi-Fi built-in you are easily capable of scanning and printing. And if you are using your smartphones.

It could also work as a duplex print. It would have also been included with an automatic document feeder engraved with a fax facility. Canon, however, eradicates the ink charge with the help of its cartridge-less solution. This printer would easily be one of the swift and convenient worth of your small room or shared apartment installation. A great plus point is Canon has servicing pretty well and easily at most of the places.

10. Epson EcoTank ET-M1120 printer

It has a refillable tank as it is the mystery of its very conveniently affordable pages. If you are that person who is obsessed with vintage and Noor classics. And you need to create assignments ladened with just black and white printouts pages. And you are concerned about not having enough space to keep your printer. And not having enough money or going under a budget diet.

To all these limiting factors, the solution is here. This compact printing device is presented at your service to cater to your demands. Firstly the up-front price probably might look a little daunting, but it includes enough black ink to work on several 6,000 pages. That’s because you would not be filling a cartridge, but you will be refilling up a reservoir coming from the supplied ink bottle, thereby making the replacement bottles by far way cheaper and cost-effective.

The Wi-Fi is built-in. And alongside that, it can also turn out a duplex page at a somewhat slower rate of that steady rate of 15ppm. There is an availability of room in this streamlined machinery all for the number of 150 pages of A4 size. 

11. Brother MFC-J995DW

This piece of the Brother has a fabulous inkjet printer. It is for college students- an all-in-one model- it is a great option for college students. On the way, it is also a decisive choice for the students. As it is also eligible for small businesses and homely uses.

It has a strapping body with its ink cartridges coincidentally accessible. It is attributed by a flatbed scanner along with an automatic document feeder. It would be very useful and it will be however utterly useful.

And if you are at a point where you have to scan a large textbook at the end of the semester, this product is going to be a relieving purchase even if you are at the time where you have to print in big masses. Then the cost-per-print is set at a very affordable price. 

The system of the cartridge is manufactured to feature the Brother’s INKvestment Tank ink arrangement. And thereby meaning that it will last for a longer period of time before it needs to be replaced. Definitely, it has an option for fair connectivity and with the Wi-Fi, Ethernet provides a much trustworthy connection and thereby plugging it directly into your device via USB.

Also with the remarkable companion app, Brother iPrint and Scan, it sets to be perfectly compatible. It allows you to print or scan and copy according to your wish taken directly from your smartphone. Sadly enough while printing photos it might look very vibrant and sharp but they often end up being misaligned or torn while making borderless scenes.

Also, the accuracy of the hues is very mild and mediocre. And it would not be recommended for the students in print media. And thereby it misses out on a Bluetooth connection and it is comparatively slower while printing black-only documents. On that being said that this was a great option for assisting the students to save money in a long-term period. As it is one of the wisest and best multifunction printers that we have come across.

12. Canon PIXMA TS8220

It is a shimmering one in the list of the best printers for students. This one printer for college students is gracefully cost-effective and efficient. It comes in your budget category it is the Canon PIXMA TS8220. This has a multifunctional inkjet printer and it is a great option for students.

It is in a helpful accommodating size i.e. the compact design that fits comfortably in small hostel rooms and shared apartments. It feels pretty stifling on the way while it is not available for the first time and thereby has a detachable power cable while making it easy for replacement in case things go south and it gets damaged. There is an availability of a scanning flatbed with a hinge extension that might be required for a thicker document or textbooks for being scanned.

While the black cartridges are not capable enough to capacitate much ink. Thereby it isn’t very costly and while ensuring a very minimal cost per print option. Colour cartridges are especially more costly in comparison, but in the meantime, they also get to perform a higher page yield. I.e. you would not be required to refill or reprimand them that much frequently.

It is however pretty slow at sending blacked-out ones and colored one’s documents, but photo prints do come out pretty fast. It gives a great picture quality along with a minimal amount of graininess or banding. But since it only has a flatbed scanner, scanning a big document with a lot of pages in the bundle might be very hard and sweating. Henceforth you would have to perform it all by yourself.

Also, the paper jams stands are very meticulous and loudly painful because you would need to lift them a lot of times and other few parts to reach them.

The colors are incorrect, but this shouldn’t be a big issue until and unless you would want to have a great color representative of your assignments. But, the Canon is an amazingly useful printer that sets with your budget. It is for the students and is among the great portable printers.

13. Canon E4270

Canon E4270 is one of those significantly low price inkjet printers. It is available with various high-end features and is a functional printer along with the printing. It can copy. And scan too with doing its fax functions.

The Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) is of twenty sheets in total and Automatic Duplex are a few progressive features that are in this cost-effective printer. At the rate of 10 photo prints every minute, it provides a resolution of something starting from 4,800 x 1,200 dpi.

The cost of the run is at an affordable rate. For those who have a lesser amount of prints, say 38 for one month calculating the cost of each page is going to approximately around Rs. 0.47 and Rs 1.34 respectively for B&W and color prints.

The printer does assist Windows and others. It comes down with a wide range of wireless connectivity and can print out photos to A4-5 and B5 sizes. The Letter, and all the variety of other sizes of paper. You can choose to use plain or glossy paper according to will.


If you are a college student and you are shopping for a printer. Then the great opportunity for you is up in the air. There is an availability of a lot of, at hand, cost-effective best printers for students. Depending upon the requirements and alignments you can go for an inkjet or some of the laser printers; inkjet printers are indeed cheaper and efficient, meanwhile, the laser printers are way more inclined to reliability and give a faster printing experience. 

As always, it is significant to make sure that a printer is very cost-effective and efficient in functionality. And for that type of printing that you have, has to be as such that you don’t end up spending more money on the replacement, refills, and inkjets more than the printer itself. 

There are various other factors for keeping in mind while considering the printer’s printing speed. The connectivity options for mobile app support. For our briefings and our recommendations, we have also included both the options – the inkjet and the laser options. As we have also kept your budget’s health in mind. And added some of the cheaper ones for your help. So that you can save some money along the way.

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