Are you looking around for some more additional and alternative sites like WorldStar? Then you have landed on the right page. In this blog, I am going to tell you about the specialization of WorldStar along with best possible sites like WorldStar.

So let’s jump into it.

If you have a keen interest in hip-hop content, then you might have a soft spot for WorldStarHipHop. WorldStar is well known for pieces of music, hip-hop content, freestyle battles, various interviews of celebrities & several funny videos. Although, there are numerous additional sites like WorldStar that come up with immeasurably more entertaining content and news. You should explore it.


What Is WorldStar?

WorldStar is an entertainment website that furnishes tremendous hip-hop content, premier music videos, news, violent fights and controversies videos, interviews, and many more. It is a sort of content aggregating video blog. WorldStar also keeps you in the loop with the latest breaking video content, outrageous user footage, sports highlights, movies trailer, viral clips, shocking content, hilarious comedy, and considerably more day by day.

It acquired plenty of recognition, since the earliest when it came. It is most popular among the youngsters for its engaging content, primarily hip-hop video content and urban music. Consumers might get addicted to WorldStar because of its mind-blowing content. WorldStar identified as the supreme channel for creating countless, distinctive, and remarkable videos.

However, the internet is a limitless sphere where you can explore and commend different websites also so that they can get the opportunity to own the limelight. So, here are some of the best possible alternatives of WorldStar or sites like WorldStar.

Best Sites Like WorldStar

To give an outline of the 10 best websites like WorldStar to put out your desire for humorous, laughable, and exceptional videos. Take a look! Here is some impressive listing of sites that you should pay a visit to at the present moment only.

1. AllHipHop – One of the most popular sites like WorldStar

AllHipHop is one of the most popular websites in the world. This website presents you daily hip-hop news, funny videos, reviews, multimedia, interviews of celebs altogether with the rapidly expanding community, and other astonishing content. The site has deep interconnections with multiple organizations such as print magazines, televisions, newspapers, and radio outlets.

Also, it offers you the hottest gossip, along with several sensational and exciting videos. Much pre-eminent agencies like CNN, New York daily news, XXL, New York posts utilizes & associated with the site. If you are a lover of WorldStar are then AllHipHop does not fall short of expectation.

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2. Poppin Media

Poppin Media is well known for its hip-hop creator interviews & conferences, lifestyles and bytes content. On top of it, you can also discover the latest news, viral videos and music of hip-hop star. The site has gathered millions of appreciation for funny and unique videos.

Within Poppin Media, several videos of cute animals, silly and adult pranks, hilarious bloopers & so on is obtainable to engage the broad section of viewers. It also contains behind the scene videos, interviews, beef videos, models videos, fight videos, jokes and memes. Poppin Media can be the stunning substitute for WorldStar. If you are a devotee of WorldStar, then hold on, because Popin Media would not let you down.

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3. Vlad TV

Vlad TV is one of the great network that offers exceptional urban news, videos, interviews as they burst out. The channel is composed of exclusive interviews, music videos, bytes of hip-hop culture, and breaking news. Vlad TV has an augmented as such with its elements & contents all together from divergent social media handles.

You can uncover numerous kinds of comical, amusing, humorous, and shocking videos. To remain updated with exclusives, dramas, lists, battles, latest news, and music you can download the Vlad TV app. Here you can also look out for Vlad TV archives, share videos and stories on social media, and add commentary on the fascinating stories. It is an assuredly unrivaled website with a good user interface and enjoyable content.

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4. XXL – One of the best sites like WorldStar

XXL is come up with a wide range of contents that consist of exclusive interviews, videos, reviews, premier, lists, gossips, and so on regarding your favorite hip-hop artists. You can also go for fashion, kicks & lifestyle that drives the culture and push the hip-hop contents on the top level. XXL provides the best quality of hip-hop magazines in the world that presents you with the new gold standard rap content.

You can carry out short hip-hop news & stories plus you can share it with your friends and fellows. XXL is a sort of “blogging” site of the hip-hop industry. It has tonnes of posts & if you like reading the various kinds of articles about hip-hop artists, then XXL will be the best choice. It keeps posted the latest contents and update you promptly.

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5. Soul Central TV

Soul Central TV is one of the best sites like worldstar

Soul Central TV is one of the rapidly expanding media networks. The Soul Central TV aims to aid the famous show enthusiast in keeping track of what’s new, popular, and currently airing at the present moment. It advances you all kinds of music, interviews, web series, movies, funny videos link with all the category.

Yet, its chief consolidates, and the center of attention is on the hip-hop world. Soul Central TV entitled “for indies across the globe”. Additionally, this website put forward the different music video countdown displays on various platforms like Apple TV, Direct TV, Roku TV.

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6. Hip-Hop DX

Hip-Hop DX is a top class website for hip hop music, latest news, interviews, album reviews, videos and everything about rap and hip hop. Yet, no one set oneself up as Hip-Hop DX that features superb hip-hop niche & rap music. It is the utmost reliable & faithful site for every Hip-Hop generic content.

Hip-Hop DX is tag as the “best hip hop online site” and furnishes you with the digital magazines of the hip-hop industry. This website is exemplary and matchless from everywhere. So don’t miss it & surf over there.

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7. Underground Hip Hop

Underground Hip Hop is one of the best sites like worldstar

For all the huge fans of hip-hop, Underground Hip Hop is the one-stop landing place for hip hop content and good music. It gives you the music scenes with concrete binds to the Hip-Hop world along with social awareness, positive content, hostile, business verses, and distinctive styles of music.

In short, this website is known as Ughh and keep you updated with new and upcoming releases. It launches zestful Hip-Hop content by trending the recent as well as former artists. Hip- Hop lovers must take a look at it.

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8. Boo Boo TV

Boo Boo Tv is one of the best sites like worldstar

Boo Boo TV provides you with all the trending topics, news, hottest gossips, comedy videos, hip-hop and many more. The main goal of Boo Boo TV is to maintain stability in the middle of hip-hop and humor. This channel concentrates on the funniest videos and lifestyle detail content.

Boo Boo TV also contains the everyday activities & tasks of hip-hop artists along with impressive interviews of stars. It can be your ideal choice after the WorldStar. So, don’t miss to watch it.

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9. Datpiff

datpiff is one of the best sites like worldstar

Datpiff is one of the enormous mixtape libraries including hottest hip-hop, R & B from the broad collection of the albums. The site is mainly the hub of music, reviews, streaming and release date of albums. This website bankrolled by the most renowned network such as VH1 and MTV.

Listen to all kinds of classical, contemporary, soft, instrumental and high-quality music. It is an entirely remarkable, and phenomenal site to explore hip-hop stuff plus the amazing hip-hop videos. Enjoy countless music and discover new artists along with latest mixtapes. So, don’t wait and see the websites.

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10. Support Online Hip Hop (SOHH)

sites like worldstar support online hip hop wesbite

SOHH gives you the extra edge of uncensored content of the hip-hop world. By using this site, you will never feel dull and tiresome. You can spot the plethora of viral hip-hop news, latest albums, and spicy gossips. It is one of the oldest and long-running online communities of the hip-hop niche.

Support Online Hip-Hop provides you with a broad array of the personal life of artists together with their fresh release of albums. SOHH is an appealing site that you can’t manage to miss. So, try it now.

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20+ Sites Like Worldstar – Complete Updated List

  1. AllHipHop
  2. Poppin Media
  3. Vlad TV
  4. XXL
  5. Soul Central TV
  6. Hip-Hop DX
  7. Underground Hip Hop
  8. Boo Boo TV
  9. Datpiff
  10. Support Online Hip-Hop (SOHH)
  11. HotNewHipHop
  12. Link Up TV                 
  13. Real Nigga Shit           
  15. Flyheight                    
  16. Rap Radar                  
  17. Vlare
  18. VidLii
  19. Earmilk                         
  20. Drake Tube

Final Words

These are all cherry-picked lists of sites like WorldStar. If you are a hip-hop lover, then all the above touch websites will never let you feel bored. Explore all these cool websites.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you find some other best websites like WorldStar, then let us know in the comments section below.

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