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Searching for the Best Sublimation Printer?

The world is growing at a fast pace. Today is the time where you need to do something innovative and creative to survive in this challenging world. Otherwise, you will fall behind and can’t get the desired aim not only in monetary terms but also in reputation and pride.

You have to run with the world so that you don’t get left. You have to move hand in hand with it then only you will be able to win this race. Several advancements in technology take place very frequently. And such an improvement in technology that plays an evolutionary role today was the invention of the computer.

The computer is a kind of machine which makes use of a computer programming system to perform several arithmetic and logical operations. It has to be given the command of completing a specific task and which it completes automatically.

Thus, saving lots of time and effort. But it doesn’t end here. After coming up of the computer, the demand for its peripheral objects also enhanced, and due to this, new employment opportunities developed. One of these peripheral devices is a printer. A printer is a device that prints the same graphics or text on paper. 

Advancement in the printer has resulted in the coming up of animation printers. These sublimation printers run on the technique in which it transfers dye onto paper, cards, plastic, clothes, and other such material.

6 Best Sublimation Printer In 2021 – Guide

Here we provide you with few of the good sublimation printers that you can buy based on your desires.

1. Epson Artisan 1430 Wireless Inkjet Printer

The printer is an Epson Inkjet printer that can print on paper. Printing ultra-high-definition prints are peculiar features. It can print photographs as large as thirteen by nineteen inches.

Moreover, it has wireless networking that is convenient and comfortable to carry. The prints are also stained, scrape, water, and wither free. You get CD/DVD tea, Setup and instruction manuals, CD-ROM containing software and drivers (Windows and Mac), Power for, and six Claria Hi-Definition High-capacity ink cartridges.

If you wish, you can even replace the colour of ink cartridges. You can get polished gradations, perfect skin tones; pointed, spot-free photos, and crisp, explicit text. You may obtain paper as well as media that are 13 inches wide. To set them up, you do not even need wifi. Moreover, it has all the environment-friendly features and can print photos without borders.


  • Reasonable inks.
  • Bright and accurate photos.
  • Suitable for both household work and official purposes.


  • It doesn’t print on thick paper.
  • Less technical support.

2. Epson Workforce WF-7710 Inkjet Printer

The best feature of this printer is that it can work with Alexa. And that’s why you can give voice instructions to it. It is a black inkjet printer which can print Envelopes, Paper (plain), and Glossy photo paper.

The service and support for this printer are also excellent. PrecisionCore technology powers it and it can print photographs of 13×19. With a capacity of 250 sheets, from both sides, it can scan or print.

It uses Ethernet networking, wifi Direct, and NFC, and you can print it using a smartphone or tablet. It also contains a manual for instructions, a power cord along with 

4x DURABrite Ultra Ink cartridges that have Black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. Moreover, it uses much less energy than the other printers and thus, is energy efficient.


  • Easy to set.
  • New printing technology.
  • A rear tray for printing.


  • Not suitable for high-quality images.
  • Document feeder may jam sometimes.

3. Epson Stylus C88+ Inkjet Printer

It is also an Inkjet printer that can print Envelopes and plain paper. It contains both USB and parallel ports. It uses DURABrite Ultra pigment ink. You can print picture in any ratio 4″ x 6″, 5″ x 7″, 8″ x 10″, 8.5″ x 11″.

You can also print calendars, and photo books using this printer. It can print 23 pages per minute and can also colour 14 pages that is a breakneck speed. It involves comfortable, individual ink cartridges.

It also supports fade-resistant properties. Moreover, the picture that you will print is water-resistant. It also includes an inkjet printer, son Stylus, a cyan ink cartridge, a black ink cartridge and a magenta ink cartridge, One yellow ink cartridge, Printer documentation, and CD-ROM containing printer software.

The photos printed by it 18.1 x 9.5 x 7.6 inches. 


  • Good at fabric printing.
  • Good quality.
  • Quick.


  • Short life.

4. Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S – Eco-Value Dye

It has a USB and can print on plain paper. It is portable and lightweight and can easily exchange between 4×6 and 6×8 without page roll or ink ribbon. It is energy efficient and can print up to 0.05W, and you can print for less than 1 watt.

It prints in a high resolution and also comprises the recently created image processing techniques that give rise to simulate steady edges and natural images at 96% less standby-energy(electric power spent by electronic equipment when you switch them off or leave them in a standby mode).

It is formulated in such a way that it can decrease energy consumption in sleep mode to a large extent. Moreover, it provides a Matte finishing to all the printed products, which means that it gives a beautiful textured finish to all the prints. Moreover, matte finish is a market demand today so you can increase your earning by it.


  • Less expensive.
  • Gives a matte finish to the prints.
  • Great for photo booths.


  • The old paper kit has terrible colours.

5. Brother MFC-J995DW

It is a white inkjet printer which can print on plain paper. It has INKvestment Tank System that means that it uses high-quality cartridges that have the capacity for keeping more ink and also provides one year of printing experience without changing the cartridges.

It makes use of Brother Page Gauge that tells you how many inks you are left with which you can use for printing pages or how many pages you can print with the present ink.


  • Cheap to operate.
  • Good print quality.


  • Pretty loud.
  • Slow in speed.

6. Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000

It is a wireless printer which provides the benefit of printing in ultra HD quality that is 5760 x 1440. The picture quality is so stunning that you will get in love with it. You can easily have high-quality prints and that too without borders.

Moreover, the black and white prints by it are also a feast to behold. It is so fast in printing that you can easily print nine pages per minute.

As it is wireless, you can control it using a remote computer as well as with your mobile phone just at a click. Running on MicroPiezo technology, the printer has used environmentally friendly products. 


  • Ultra HD quality prints.
  • Wireless system.


  • Uses only specific ink.

Buying Guide To Best Sublimation Printer

Sublimation means that the form that Roberts directs directly from solid to a gas state skips the liquid state in between. But then, people realized that there is some liquidation of the dir in between so sublimation printers were given the name of dye-diffusion printers.

These dye sublimation printers have resulted in being very useful in printing birthday cards, wedding cards, invitation cards, photographs, identity cards, clothes, and much more.

You can take up this as your source of income in which you have to invest just once, and you will be benefitted every time you sell something or undertake any project. It can be such a source of employment that takes less money and effort but gives much in monetary terms.

It uses a full-colour artwork that is done using polyester as well as polymer-coated substrates. It can be used in undertaking a series of tasks whether it be adorning clothes, making attractive signs and banners, designing beautiful and customized phone covers, plaques, making beautiful gifting coffee mugs, and much more.

It works on the concept that when you take a solid material and supply heat and pressure to it, it turns into a gaseous state skipping the liquid form in between. So, using time, pressure, and heat, your substance reaches on paper, cloth, plastic, fabric, and other such materials.

It is also used for medical imaging that creates visual images of your internal body so that doctors can analyze it. And not only this, but the sublimation printers also help in providing services such as proofing, ensuring safety and security, as well as broadcasting your favourite items.

Moreover, what makes it the most popular are the phonograph booths where people come for getting clicked and event photography. 

What are quality checks you must ensure while buying a sublimation printer?

  • Color saturation 

At first, you have to check the intensity or saturation, or chroma of colour that the printer provides. The saturation refers to the extent to which the colour printed is pure. The colour should not be overly bright or too light. Moreover, the colours don’t get mixed. 

You must ensure this characteristic in your sublimation printer. Otherwise, you will not be able to print quality things, and your purchase of a printer will get wasted.

There is an intensive colour wheel that contains all the pure colours as well as the colours created by mixing one colour with another, and your printer must provide the printing facility of all the colours of that colour wheel. Otherwise, you will not get the desired results, and you will feel the printer to be worthless. 

  • Code of the resistance colour.

There is a resistor colour code that makes use of some colour bands so that it will be able to choose a resistor’s resistive value as well as the percentage limit to which it tolerates the size of the resistor.

Red, green, brown, blue, and violet are the colours that are shown on a resistor with five bands on it. This resistor with five bands of colours acts as the colour tolerance band.

You must check before selecting your printer how many colour bands it possesses.

There are different bands, as mentioned below.

  1. Yellow-Violet-Orange-Gold- It supports 47 kΩ power as well as +/-5% tolerance.
  2. Green-Red-Gold-Silver- It supports 5.2 Ω power as well as +/- 10% tolerance.
  3. White-Violet-Black Color- It supports 97 Ω power as well as +/- 20% tolerance.
  4. Orange-Orange-Black-Brown-Violet- It supports 3.3 kΩ power as well as +/- 0.1% tolerance.
  5. Brown-Green-Grey-Silver-Red- It supports 1.58 Ω power as well as +/- 2% tolerance.
  6. Blue-Brown-Green-Silver-Blue- It supports 6.15 Ω power as well as +/- 0.25% tolerance.

So, you can choose whichever code of resistance you want as per your convenience, and you must check the resistance code as it defines the quality of the printer.

  • Print uniformity

Some printers come up with corrugated board structures. Such printers may result in non-uniformities in print. In case your print is non-uniform, you will have to see striping as well as lousy print quality. 

So, to maintain uniformity of print, you have to choose such a printer that takes care of the uniformity of the print. Otherwise, you will have to compromise with the quality of your print which is not a preferable thing.

Whatever you have printed, will look beautiful only when there is a uniform colour all over the paper or whichever material you are using. In its absence, your print will not only lose beauty but also lose its value, and your print will turn out to be useless.

  • Fabric touch

As you are buying a sublimation printer, you would be using it for the printing of fabrics too, but some printers store there which doesn’t provide quality fabric printing. As a result of which, your fabric may pile up after printing or develop subdued colour, and much more.

So, before purchasing a sublimation printer, you must keep in mind that your printer goes well with all the objects. Whether it is fabric, paper, plastic, or anything else, your printer must print it in its best possible form.

So that if you are spending money on purchasing a sublimation printer, it is worth that and you can have the benefit of the promoter to the fullest.

Here we are listing several things that are to be kept in mind before buying a sublimation printer.

  • Choose the equipment you want.

To have sublimation, you will need all the equipment, including a printer, ink for sublimation, paper for sublimation, and an efficient heat press. The system must be simple to set as well as to run.

It should support not only small take but also the larger ones. Moreover, the ink of the printer should not be based on water as it may result in drying up and jamming. They must be gel-based so that you can avoid any  such problems.

Along with an efficient and effective printer, you will require a good press so that you can heat your print as time, heat and pressure are the things that make your sublimation print. It would be best if you chose a heat press that will heat thin a well as thick materials.

  • Sublimation accessories

Not just the printer and the press is enough, you must have all the accessories that support your sublimation process, and without which sublimation will not go spontaneously and consistently. So, you must have all the supplementary products along with a printer and heat press. These additional products are as follows:

  1. Gloves: You must get on gloves while sublimation otherwise your hands can get injured or burned.
  2. Tape and dispenser: While printing, your paper may move or shift, and your transfer may get dirty, or it can even ruin. The thermal tape will stay the material at its place, and the process of sublimation will become convenient as well as more effective.
  3. Adhesive: It is another way to keep your material in place. You have to spray the adhesive so that you can keep the material in the desired position.
  4. Sheet made of Teflon: It is a waterproof sheet that will save your plate from getting dirty, and you will be able to wipe it quickly. 
  5. Sheet made of Silicone- It is an alternative of Teflon and thus performs the same function that is to save your platen from getting dirty, and you will be able to wipe it quickly. 
  6. Pillows to transfer heat- This helps against the dreaded indentations that can occur on the edges of the pages because of pressure.
  • Keep a stock of sublimation blanks.

Many times, some problem appears, or you may commit some mistakes. As a result of which, you get out of the stock at the last moment. So, it would be best if you keep an inventory with you every time to remain on the safer side.

Moreover, suppose you have to complete an order by a specific time, but it’s a holiday, and you can’t get the stock. If this will be the case then you will have to repent in the future. 

  • Find out the software.

It would be best if you found a specific software using which you will be designing what you have to print. There is much software like Adobe Photoshop, Corel draw, Illustrator, and other such software.

You can choose freely any one amongst them, whichever you find comfortable. You should know the way to use this software and perform some functions using it so that you can complete your tasks correctly. If you don’t know how to use it, you can learn to do so by taking many tutorials online or offline.

  • Look at the ways how others do like this.

Different people always have their variety of ways or tricks to do it. You can learn by looking at their antics and can make a unique way for you so that you can make your own distinct identity.

Learning from other people, you will come to know a new and different idea, that will be much easier than the way or procedure mentioned. 

  • The balance of heat, time, and pressure.

Suppose you have brought a fair and costly sublimation printer, but still, your picture appears to be withered, scorched, excessively bright, or dotted. You will automatically realise that you have wasted real money in this process.

So, if such things happen, it means that the balance of heat, pressure, and time is not proper. In such a case, you have to balance them all, and automatically your picture quality will improve.

So, you can select any one of them from the numerous choices of printers in the market. Those equipment that can be put on multi-uses are printers. Whether you are at home or office, the printer is the thing that you always find to be useful. You can even run a business just by a small investment in purchasing a printer.

Moreover, depending on your choice, you can use any printer you want. You can select your printer based on its usage, cost, and other qualities mentioned above. There are always some pros and cons for each and every product, so you must take care of both while buying a printer.

You need not go out and pay the cost per paper to a shopkeeper just because he has a printer. The printer is such a thing that is a part of the daily routine. So, you don’t have any chance of your money getting wasted.

You need a skill for software like adobe photoshop, illustrated, and much more is that you can create unique designs that will change everything. So, just put out your creativity on paper using a printer. Just make a small investment, and many works will become your fingerplay. 

You can always bring them to use anywhere you want, for example, your offices and homes or some other place. Every family member requires printers at some level. Printers can make your life easier. So, get a printer home and do your work conveniently.

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