Are You Searching for the Best Tablets For Sheet Music?

Artists are ardent perfectionists who want to do almost everything properly and with precise focus, whether it is related to their art or the equipment on which he or she is working their art on. One of them are musicians who neither compromise on their music nor on the device they work on.

They prefer good quality audio devices to preview and listen to their audio music and similarly prefer great display quality digital devices to view their music sheets on. We are going to help with the latter in this article. And by the end, you’ll be able to decide what to buy and how to buy to get the top-notch sheet music viewing experience. 

So all the musicians out there, here is the list of Best Tablet For Sheet Music:

Things that you should consider Before Buying The Best Tablet For Sheet Music

1. Size of the tablet

To have a big and top-notch experience of viewing sheet music in any digital device, musicians need to first and foremost consider the size of the device that he wants to buy. The bigger the size of the tablet, the better would be the experience of the user. So make sure to look for a tablet that has at least 9 or 10 inch of display size.

2. Display quality

Another important thing to consider in a tablet to view sheet music, is the display quality of the device you are going for. Resolutions in a tablet decide the quality of the image like its pixels, sharpness, color, etc. Different tablets provide different resolutions. Take each and every one in account carefully and then make the decision.

3. Battery life

A good tablet with sufficient battery life is another very important* feature. Ardent musicians need their device to view music sheets anytime they want and also may need it for a long amount of time. In that case they need a device that works at least for 9 hours straight after a single charge. So go for the tablet which provides 9 to 10 hours of battery life in a single charge so that you don’t have to worry about the battery draining out every time you use it.

4. Weatherproof 

An artist could need his or her device in any circumstance whether it is related to the place or the weather he’s in. For this purpose his or her device should be able to fight any kind of situation mother nature throws at them. Therefore, the device should be waterproof, dust-resistant and may be scratch resistant too.

5. Budget

Of course, if your set budget is not much then you can’t expect every amazing feature you want. Though, it’s not that you’ll be compromising on everything. There are many different tablets with varied features available in the market that are within your budget. Comprehend your needs carefully and then purchase according to your set budget. 

 Best Tablet For Sheet Music in 2021

1. Apple iPad Pro 

Apple iPad Pro is a perfect tablet for people who want to have a great display on it. Musicians experience amazing display quality to view their sheet music. 

Apple iPad Pro features a super strong and a super fast chip of A12Z Bionic  with an architecture of 64-bit desktop-class. Also, it is available with Embedded M12 coprocessor and Neural Engine.This tablet has a Liquid Retina display of 12.9‑inch with a technology of ProMotion, True Tone and P3 Wide colour gamut. Another cherry on top feature for musicians.

For a continual usage,10-hour battery life which is equipped in this is very much sufficient for a single day. There are 4 base variants of iPad Pro. These are basically, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB. You’ll be getting 6GB RAM in any variant you choose, so obviously, you don’t have to worry about the storage running out and ruining your music experience.

However, this tablet is quite costly just for musicians to view their sheet music. So if you want an all-rounder tab and budget isn’t the problem, then you can definitely go for this tablet.


  • Comes with a vibrant display of Liquid Retina with the size of 12.9‑inch
  • The display has some incredible features such as P3 Wide colour gamut, True Tone, and ProMotion technology.
  • The A12Z Bionic chip is super fast and powerful
  • Decent 10-hour battery life
  • Features 4 different storage options
  • Superfast 6GB RAM


  • Expensive 

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Samsung Galaxy tab S7 is one of the most recommended tablets. It is an 11-inch tablet with an incredibly sleek design and looks. Its display size makes musicians more attracted towards it as they get more perfect size to view their sheet music. It is only 6.3 mm thick, which makes it easy to fit in most bags. 

This tablet uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865+ chipset. It has an  Adreno 650 GPU and Octa-core (Kryo 585) CPU. And both make a great combination to have in a tablet. The 11-inch model has 128GB storage and 6GB RAM which is very sufficient to store as much as you want and also enable you to play any games or any app you want to use. 

This tablet is an amazing one, suitable to do both low-end and high-end tasks. The consumer definitely won’t regret buying this one.


  • Lightweight
  • GPU and CPU efficiency 
  • Fast-charging technology
  • Available with 128GB and 256GB 


  • Keyboard not included in the price

3. Microsoft Surface Book 2

The Microsoft Surface Book 2 is a 3 in 1 device which is an adaptable laptop, potent tablet and portable studio. 

It comes in 15-inch or a 13.5-inch Pixelsense display. 

It is equipped with up to 16 GB of RAM which is certainly more than enough to make it run faster and with strength. Also, it can be easily carried anywhere as it is quite light in weight and compact. It is compatible with a surface pen which is included with it. Additionally, it also has a great battery life i.e., up to 17 hours in a single charge. Therefore you can use it completely trouble-free.

So overall, Surface Book 2 is the perfect option if you’re looking for a new laptop that can also double as a tablet for all of your sheet music needs. Though, we would like to warn you beforehand that this will not be an affordable purchase. But it is a surety that you will not regret this one. 


  • Great display and resolutions
  • Available is two sizes, 15 and 13.5 inch 
  • Good battery life, up to 17 hours in a single charge
  • Powerful processor


  • Not an affordable product

4. Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet

If you’re a musician who is looking for a good tablet to view and study your sheet music but don’t want to break your bank either. Well, worry, not. You have come to the right place. Amazon Fire HD tablet is not only budget friendly but also offers top notch features to its users.

As per the makers of the Fire HD tab, widescreen entertainment is one thing for which this tab was designed. And that could be anything , watching movies or series, reading books or comics, listening to music or simply viewing or studying them. The 10.1″ 1080p full HD display proves that the assertion was right. The display is very responsive and animated.

It has a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels with a brightness of 224 PPI. This tab runs on an Octa-core processor of 2.0 GHz. It also has a 2 GB RAM. However, it is not much RAM. It has an internal base storage of 32GB or 64GB and is expandable up to 512 GB and also has micro SD cards. The 12-hour battery life is very much sufficient for most of the users. Moreover, it also comes with a 9W fast charger. 

Some drawbacks are also there like users cannot get access to any Google Play Store applications like other tabs, and the camera also is not of much quality like other brands’ tablets. But the concerned issue here, is to find a suitable tablet for sheet music has been solved here.


  • Prices are affordable
  • Vibrant full HD display of 10.1″ 1080p 
  • Equipped by a robust Octa-core processor of 2.0 GHz
  •  Storage is expandable up to 512GB.
  • The excellent 12 hours battery life
  • For quick charging, a 9W fast charger is included in the box.


  • Play store applications are not supported
  • The camera is a bit tedious and dull. 

5. Asus Zenpad 3s 10

Asus Zenpad 3s 10 tablet is a visual master with 10 inch IPS display (which has a wide 178-degree angle) and a resolution of 1920×1200 pixels. This feature alone is enough to tempt the heart of the musician who wants to view and examine his music sheets on a big display. Its stylish design and sleek aluminum finish make it look classy in the hands of the user. 

It comes with a blue light filter which makes it comfortable for the person to look at it while working long hours.  

Equipped with great features that are hard to resist, Low Light Mode, HDR Mode, Beautification Mode, Zero Shutter Lag,140-Degree Panoramic Selfie Mode, and more!

Asus ZenPad is powered by Quad Core 1.5 GHz, 64 bit MediaTek MTK 8163A processor which is indeed one of the powerful processors that exist. The tablet involves 16 GB internal storage and RAM of 2 GB which could be further expandable with the help of the provided microSD card slot.

Moreover, this tablet comes with Google Drive storage of 100 GB which is offered free for 2 years. So for the user to be worried about storage is not an issue anymore. In other words, there’s enough in the store to store!


  • Great display 
  • Powered by a powerful processor
  • Equipped with Bluelight feature to look upon
  • Enough storage


  • Camera is a bit dull

6. Sony Xperia Z

This ultra light, sleek, and attractive tablet delivers very quick responses of performance as it runs by the Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU which will keep up with most musicians’ activities. 

Both waterproof and dust resistant, the Tablet let’s you work in almost every kind of weather. With its nice looking 1920 x 1200 HD screen it becomes flexible to read song sheets containing standard notation, lyrics and chords alike. It comes with 16 GB internal storage and 2GB RAM plus microSD slot expandable up to 64 GB. 

Along with all the great features there’s bound to be some disadvantage. In this case, the tablet’s display size may not be preferred by consumers as it comes with only a 5 inch TFT display size. And that won’t be the size of the device that a musician will prefer to view his sheet music and other stuff. 

But along Sony’s marketplace apps the Xperia Z tablet is compatible with all the аррѕ you know and love available on Google Play Store.


  • Scratch-resistant and shatterproof
  • Great battery life
  • Powerful processor
  • Weather friendly


  • Display size is not much with 5 inch for musicians to view their work on sheet music

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The gist of the above information about Best Tablet For Sheet Music, that in order to possess a perfect tablet to view sheet music and even to have good audio quality for musicians, one has to keep in mind some important feature that they’ll need in the device.

They may be different according to the person’s needs and preferences. Some may give more importance to display size while others would like to have a quality in the images they view regardless of the size of the display. 

The most common attributes that people look for in a device are Display size and quality in terms of resolution, how much weather friendly the device is or more like whether it is waterproof or not, great battery life, powerful processor etc.

Getting these features in a device without breaking the bank is a dream come true for every tech savvy out there. Comprehend them carefully according to your needs and budget and make the decision. The next thing you’ll know you’ll have a perfect techy friend with you to view all your sheet music or any other stuff you want to or listen to!

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