Best X299 Motherboard

Generally, while buying some PC components, the most critical and complex part is looking for a motherboard. The Motherboard connects everything and turns a collection of parts into a functioning machine. It brings the PC parts together.

Basically, Intel X processors are very fast, overclockable CPUs that fit some sockets. Motherboards using the x299 chipset are considered to be very high-end boards. And the chipset can be used in conjunction with Intel i9 series processors as an i9 motherboard. This X299 chipset is a HEDT chipset which mainly supports the 7th generation processors and offers many advantages.

In this article, we will tell you about the Best X299 Motherboard. If you refer to this article, you may find the Best X299 Motherboard with the specifications you want. Whatever system you are building, there is going to be something for everyone, and you don’t have to worry about the budget.

Now, let us know the Top 10 X299 Motherboards.

Top 10 X299 Motherboards In 2020

1. Asus Prime X299-A II ATX Motherboard

This Asus Prime is a feature-rich and affordable motherboard. This is one of the affordable choices with a good selection of features for filling the gap between game-centric and utility motherboards.

Asus Prime X299 has an Intel LGA 2066 socket. It maximizes connectivity and speed with up to three M.2 drivers, Intel VROC, USB 3.2 Gen 2, and Intel Optane Memory compatibility.

It is best in class power design and has an enhanced power solution with 12 power stages. Protocol II Power Connectors secures flush contact with the PSU Power lines. They also have a metal armor for better heat dissipation. This Asus Motherboard is DIY Friendly, which Pre-mount I/O Shield, FlexKey – a multiple – purpose reset button.

This Asus Prime Motherboard supports USB BIOS Flashback, which enables the performance of low-level firmware updates with only a power supply and a USB Stick with the required file.

It has a special feature with a Comprehensive Cooling Solution with an ultra-efficient heatsink that reduces M.2 SSD temperatures for better transfer speeds and reliability. It has Ai Overclocking, which optimizes your CPU performance quickly. 


  • Feature-rich and Affordable
  • Excellent System Board
  • Nice Large VRM
  • Great Type C internal header
  • Many color options
  • RGB LED lighting with case lighting control
  • Very easy setup


  • A bit on the expensive side
  • No 6pin PCIe power header
  • No dual NICs
  • Post code display is in a very dumb spot
  • Terrible VRM fan mount

2. MSI Gaming Intel X299

This MSI Gaming Intel X299 Motherboard is reinforced with an extended heat sink, PCle Steel Armor, and steel slot. This MSI is inspired by modern steel built architecture. It supports Intel Core X-Series processors with 10000/9000/78Xx series for LGA 2066 socket.

The major feature is the latest advancement in MSI’s motherboard CPU power delivery system. A reserved zone of premium power delivery components on an optimized circuit design results in an efficient power system.

This MSI Gaming X299 Pro has a great maximum data transfer with 2.5G LAN. It has a pair of Ethernet LAN ports, including one 2.5Gbps port, for workflows that depend on high-bandwidth and low-latency network connectivity.

The world’s fastest SSDs can slow down when they get too hot. M.2 SHIELD FROZR extends the motherboards heatsink over-attached M.2 SSDs to prevent thermal throttling and sustain maximum performance. It has unmatched memory performance. And this MSI takes memory stability and performance to the extreme.

It has an optimized memory circuit design for reliability. This MSI X299 Gaming Motherboard has an all-metal extended heatsink cover that enlarges the heat dissipation surface allowing the CPU power system to drive multi-core processors reliably.


  • Highly recommended
  • Stronger than Steel
  • Extended Heatsink
  • Unmatched Memory Performance
  • Core Boost


  • Power Consumption
  • High Price

3. EVGA X299 FTW K

This EVGA board offers a minimal aesthetic for those who prefer less-intrusive RGB. It comes with two U.2 slots; Even the real expensive boards do not offer that. U.2 provides more flexibility than M.2 drives and is really utilized in the enterprise.

This X299 FT-K builds upon Intel’s latest high-end platform, the X299 Chipset. It brings to you the most advanced EATX board to date. It features Cascade Lake-X, Skylake-X, and Kaby Lake-X CPUs. This board leads the competition with a full-featured EATX powerhouse with an 8-layer PCB, rock-solid 14 Phase PWM, and 3-Way SLI support.

It has a Get grip game + EVGA vehicle skin w/ Purchase, redeemed at EVGA website, while supplies last. This New EVGA GUI BIOS features an in-bios stress test and OC robot to auto-overclock your CPU and set per Core Clock speeds and voltages.


  • Build Quality is top-notch
  • Excellent motherboard
  • Great BIOs
  • High-End Desktop Line
  • It has quality components
  • Very Easy to install
  • Easy Overclocking


  • Problem with bent CPU slots
  • Onboard Audio Output is so distorted

4. GIGABYTE X299 UD4 Pro ATX Motherboard

The GIGABYTE X299 is the fastest motherboard the planet has ever seen. With an aggressively redesigned thermal heatsink, it’s bound to turn heads and catch eyes. Performance is not any stranger to GIGABYTE; with exotic cooling and a capability to be tuned to peak performance, it fulfills all your expectations.

It is basically designed for professionals who run demanding applications. It features the X299 chipset for Intel processors using the LGA 2066 socket. It gives up to 128GB of quad-channel non-ECC DDR4 RAM.

It delivers the best performance for intensive tasks like 3D rendering, video editing, and gaming. It provides advanced cooling and supports up to 2 M.2 SSDs and eight SATA III storage drives, enhanced with Intel Optane.

Connected drives are often put in RAID 0, 1, or 10 configurations, with Intel VROC optimization for supported PCIe NVMe SSDs.

It is specially designed for durability in which Gigabyte’s double-locking brackets keep PCle slots securely affixed to the motherboard. With this Q-Flash Plus feature, you can update the BIOS without having to install a CPU or video card.

You simply need to copy the new BIOS file to a USB flash drive, insert it into the port and press the Q-Flash button. When coming to the cFosSpeed network traffic management application is automatically allocating bandwidth.


  • RGB Fusion Lightning
  • Intel VROC
  • NVIDIA SLI and AMD CrossFireX Support
  • Great Immersive Audio
  • Good Network Performance
  • Specially Designed for Durability


  • Regular price is expensive
  • Dual GPU users have to use CrossFire instead of SLI

5. ASRock Motherboard X299 Taichi CLX LGA2066

This ASRock Motherboard builds a status on value. The new X299 Taichi does wonders balancing between features, performance, and price. So it isn’t as reasonable as Asus Prime X299-A but makes up with Intersil’s strong VRM, a powerful heatsink, 3 M.2, dual LAN, and a still affordable price tag for an X299 motherboard that hosts LGA 2066.

This motherboard offers the best of everything that this brand is known for. There are Four PCI Express slots, and this configuration depends on the CPU that you use. If you use a 16 lane CPU on this board, you would not be able to use dual NVIDIA GPUs in SLI. However, you can use dual AMD GPUs in CrossFireX.

 This Motherboard even offers Thunderbolt 3 Onboard. It contains excellent VRM quality. It provides heatsink, which does a good job of keeping temperatures under check. It is designed with an I3 Power Phase Design. It offers the best overclocking capabilities and enhanced performance.


  • Nice Layout
  • Rock-Solid Durability
  • Unbeatable Heatsink Armor
  • I3 Power Phase Design
  • Great Motherboard
  • Top-quality VRMs
  • Dual 1 Gbe LAN


  • Rear, I/O panel, could use more ports
  • Slower onboard wireless AC
  • No BIOS-flash button

6. Asus ROG Rampage VI Extreme Omega X299-II Gaming Motherboard

It is specially designed for 9th generation Intel Core X-Series processors. It improves connectivity and maximizes speed with up to four M.2 drives, Intel VROC, USB 3.1 Gen 2, and Intel Optane Memory compatibility.

This Asus ROG Rampage features onboard Aquantia 10G LAN, 802.11AC Wi-Fi with MU-MIMO support. It also features Intel Gigabit LAN with Asus LANGuard and GameFirst V technologies.

It has 5 Way Optimization features with Auto-Tuning and FanXpert 4, which delivers the automatic overclocking profiles for maximum OC performance. At the same time, thermal sensors and water cooling headers provide dynamic system cooling.

It contains an Active heatsink with integrated VRM fan, pcie-zone M.2 aluminum heatsink, and dual backplates, which ensures comprehensive system cooling.

This Gaming Motherboard Supports Intel Virtual RAID on CPU (VROC), and Intel 14 nm CPU. It contains an Unmatched Personalization with Aura Sync RGB lighting, including two RGB headers, one addressable header, and livedash OLED. It supports up to 32-Bit/192kHz playback.


  • Extremely powerful VRM components
  • Provides one of the best overclocking experience
  • DIMM.2 module provides space for additional M.2 devices


  •  BIOS of the motherboard is quite complex
  • Expensive

7. GIGABYTE X299 AORUS Gaming 7 Motherboard

This Gigabyte X299 Gaming Motherboard is overclocking with Built-in Performance Tuning and achieves ultra-fast speeds with Turbo B clock and with adjustment options that range from 90MHz to 500MHz, overclockers are not limited to the 5% ranges of traditional straps. You can enjoy Exhilarating Speeds, feel the difference with support for DDR4 XMP up to 4333MHz and beyond.

This X299 series is also validated to be compatible with 1000+ different modules. This Gigabyte motherboard has patented Ultra Double technology. And this AORUS’ exclusive one-piece stainless steel shielding design prevents PCB twist and plate bending. With RGB Fusion, the users are able to control the digital LED’s on each zone of the motherboard independently.

This Gigabyte X299 AORUS The gaming series now supports RGBW & UV-Light, giving users even more vibrant shades of colors to work with. It contains Intelligent Cooling Design with smart Fan 5, giving you absolute mastery over your system. To support large liquid-cooled systems, this X299 series even provides a dedicated 3-AMP pin header.


  • Top Quality Hardware
  • Brilliant on-board Audio
  • Upscale Wi-Fi and secondary Ethernet controllers


  • Extra M.2 and PCIe slot share lanes

8. MSI X299 TOMAHAWK Motherboard

This MSI X299 Tomahawk comes with a variety of features at an excellent price. It is VR ready, making it an exceptional alternative for a gaming setup. It is an ATX motherboard that means it has lots of space for add-ons. It consists of M.2 and U.2 slots for connecting solid-state drives. This is great for decreasing boot times and storing applications to load quicker.

It comes with 4 PCI Express 3.0 x16 slots and helps Nvidia SLI in addition to AMD Crossfire. Up to three Nvidia, cards, or 3 AMD cards may be utilized in conjunction to maximize gaming performance. This motherboard additionally consists of 8 RAM slots, allowing as much as 128GB of DDR4 RAM, with clock, speeds up to 4133MHz. With so many slots, you will never be short of memory.

It has a variety of special features such as RGB LED Lighting, DDR4 Boost, Intel Optane Memory Supports, and many more. This MSI has some difficult to tweak overclock settings, which may take some configuring.


  • Affordable 
  • Advanced connectivity storage options
  • Built on Everlasting Quality
  • Immerse Yourself into the Virtual World


  • Difficult overclock settings
  • Slow POST boot up with NVMe drives
  • Factory BIOS is unstable


GIGABYTE X299 DESIGNARE EX is the company’s revision of the X299-primarily based on motherboards and this motherboard comes with a brand new VRM, advanced cooling solution for the VRM and a brand new subject. The heat-sinks offer a grey theme with

blue LED lighting by default, despite the fact that the lighting fixtures are RGB and may be modified through the user.

The motherboard makes use of reinforced RAM and PCIe slots to offer durability, and this additionally improves the looks of the motherboard because the heat-sinks are already grey in color.

The motherboard makes use of an integrated I/O shield, and on the rear, we see only 4 USB 3.1 ports, despite the fact that that is one of the best motherboards providing the local assist for Thunderbolt3. There also are DP-In ports on the rear that are reachable in diverse situations.

This Gigabyte uses an all-digital CPU power design, which includes both PWM Controllers and the Smart Power Stage Controllers. They provide incredible precision in transmitting power to the motherboard.


  • M.2 heat-sinks are good at heat dissipation
  • Provides Thunderbolt ports
  • The on-board audio is the best
  • Lots of PCle X16 slots
  • Supports USB-C connectors, which is nice
  • No memory compatibility problems


  • The BIOS is not that good when compared to other motherboards
  • The low number of rear USB ports
  • There’s no way to speed up POST
  • RGB Fusion and Overclocking tools are out of control

This MSI X299 Gaming PRO Carbon AC supports Intel Core X-series Processor Family for LGA2066 Socket and DDR4 – 4266 + (OC) Memory. It helps in the cooling of your PC for reliable performance. Fan headers are also included, which allow you to cool your system the way you want.

It is built on Everlasting Quality, uses only the finest components, and, at the same time, integrates the latest technological innovations, thereby delivering the best experience.

Rigorous quality testing ensures a super, reliable, high-performance motherboard.


  • UEFI interface
  • RGB LED with headers
  • Nice Audio
  • Abundant connectivity
  • Excellent performance with audio implementation
  • Great OC


  • Almost too black
  • Very small sized VRM heatsink
  • Limited availability
  • Red sockets on I/O shield seem out of place

Buyer’s Guide of Best X299 Motherboard

You need to consider the below-mentioned factors while buying the Best X299 Motherboards.

  • RAM

Ram is a type of memory that stores data. RAM is a volatile memory because it will only hold onto data while your computer is turned on. Video games aren’t exceptionally RAM intensive as the GPUs do so much of the heavy lifting. So, 8GB-16GB of RAM will get the job done.

The 32 GB is only required if you do streaming or video editing. There are also motherboards that support 128GB of RAM, which is far more than you need for most normal computer applications.

  • Price

The next thing you gotta check is the price of the product. You can buy the best motherboard for i5 with 8600k at the minimum budget.

  • Expansion Slots

There are two types of slots. One is long PCle x 16 and the short PCle x 1 slots. You should note that some PCle slots may be wired for some lanes than the short length and also know that the slot spacing is key if you install more than one or two expansion cards.

  • Memory

Mini motherboards usually have two RAM slots due to board space constraints. Some low-stop chipsets also are restrained to 2 slots due to the fact that only one DIMM in line with the channel is supported. If you want more, you’ll want to choose a board with a minimum of 4 DIMM slots. 

  • CPU and Motherboard Must Be Compatible

You should always narrow down your list of motherboards to options that are compatible with the processor you have chosen. 

  • Ports/ Slots

When choosing a motherboard, you should also know the types and number of ports it has. If you have more ports on your motherboard, you can plug more components into it. If you plug in more components onto your motherboards, it results in a linear improvement in performance.

  • Form Factor

The form factor of your motherboard should match the form factor of your PC. Generally, the form factor is the Motherboard specifications like the dimensions, location of mounting holes, number of ports on the back panel, power supply type, etc… First, you should know the types of form factors in motherboards: Mini-IT (6.75 x 6.75 in), MicroATX (9.62 x 9.62 in), ATX (12 x 9.6in).

  • Memory/ DIMM Slots

DIMMs are the slots that are arranged in groups of 2, 3, or 4. It supports the RAM, which you install on the motherboard. It varies depending on the motherboard you select. 

  • Audio

Many motherboards additionally provide ports and slots for audio gadgets and cards (generally through the PCIe lane). 

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As we have provided the Best X299 Motherboard details, you can easily fetch the information. If you go through the entire article, you can find the best one among the provided products. By referring to the links beneath the product description, you can get the list of Best X299 Motherboard along with their product details.

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