If you need new locks on your home, talk to a locksmith about the benefits of a fingerprint door lock system. Fingerprint door locks provide benefits you might not have considered. One of the benefits is that these types of locks can be installed on any of your residential entry doors.

If you have a home office, you can also use this type of lock to secure that area. Before you choose keyed locks for your home, read the list below. Here are five ways the future of biometric locks can protect your home and save you money.

No Lost Keys to Worry About

When you lose your house keys, you need to worry about who might gain access to your home. That’s especially true if your keys get stolen. With fingerprint door locks, you can avoid that worry altogether. These types of locks allow you to use your fingerprints to access your home. One of the benefits is that each family member can input their fingerprint.

Easier to Use Than Keys

House keys aren’t easy to use when your hands are full. They can also get hard to use when the locks freeze in winter. Keyed locks can also get jammed once they’re old. One of the benefits of fingerprint door locks is that they’re easier to use than keys. Fingerprint door locks won’t freeze or get jammed. And, there are no keys to get broken inside the lock mechanism.

Safer Than Keyed Locks

If you plan to install a security system in your home, don’t forget to include a biometric control system like a fingerprint door lock. A fingerprint door lock provides better safety and security than a standard keyed lock. Keyed locks can get picked or pried open.

That’s not the case with fingerprint door lock systems. When you use biometric access control, your fingerprint is the only key to your door. And you can connect your fingerprint door lock system to your smartphone or smart home app.

Ensure Access Control

If you’ve lost count of how many people have copies of your house keys, it’s time to change the locks. Spare keys can fall into the wrong hands. With a biometric access control system, you can control who gets into your home. And you can get a notification whenever someone does access your home. This feature lets you keep track of the people who come and go from your home.

Save Time and Money

Biometric access control systems can save you time and money. One money-saving benefit is that biometric access systems don’t have locking mechanisms that can wear out like keyed locks do. Another money-saving benefit is that you can’t lock yourself out of the house with fingerprint door locks. That means you can save money on lock maintenance, repairs, and lockout costs.

Don’t settle for standard keyed locks for your home. Enjoy the future of residential biometric locks. Talk to a locksmith near you about the benefits of installing fingerprint door locks on your home.

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