College football has officially arrived. In this day and age, betting on sports has become more prevalent than ever before, especially when it comes to college football. If you’re thinking about getting involved, there are a few basics to know.

Starting with the different bet types is a great place to start. Read on, and you’ll find out everything you need to know about the various college football bet types.

Money Line

It is the simplest bet type in all of college football betting. With the latest and greatest technology at your fingertips, it is possible to place bets at any time during college football day. Start with the money line, which comes down to choosing the winning team.

If there is one major downside for the money line, it is the odds. With major mismatches between high-level teams and low-level teams, the odds can become astronomical. Finding value, especially when it comes to huge underdogs, becomes a lot more difficult. Thankfully, there are other bet types that can provide better odds without having to give up at least a little advantage.

Point Spread

The spread is the great equalizer of odds. Let’s look at an example. If Alabama is playing Kent State, it would be in the realm of possibility to see Alabama as a -10000 favorite. That makes taking the money line virtually useless. But the spread – let’s say it’s Alabama -43.5 – makes betting on the game possible from an odds standpoint.

The spread builds off of the favorite/underdog dynamic but makes picking the winner a bit harder. In this scenario, Alabama needs to win by 44 points or more to cover. It not only makes the odds more attractive for bettors but also makes it actually difficult to bet on the game. All spread bets are set to about even money, which is -110, -105, or +100, depending on the sportsbook in question.

Point Totals

You might find that you don’t have confidence in the outcome of a game. In the case of the Alabama game, a 43.5-point line is daunting, even in the event of a major mismatch. Thankfully, there is another common betting line related to most games, and that is the points total.

This is how it works. In any game, there will be a number set for the total number of points both teams will score. For the Alabama game, let’s say that it’s 55.5 points. You can then bet that the total will be more (over) or less (under) than the number set by the sportsbook. Betting the over/under can simplify your bet and give you a distinct rooting interest, especially if you bet the over (who doesn’t love points)?


If you feel like you’re great at picking conference winners or national champions, you can put your prediction skills to the test by taking a future bet. The concept is simple. You predict a team outcome – Alabama to make the College Football Playoffs, for instance – and hope it hits. Odds change throughout the season, so you can get your future bet in at any point before the event takes place.

Depending on the book, you may be able to take future bets on player props like season passing yards, touchdowns, rushing yards, and more. Odds will shift after the season begins depending on what occurs, providing plenty of opportunities to make your pick. The downside is that you have to display a bit of patience to make a future bet because it isn’t going to settle for a long time. Still, it is a great chance to get seriously valuable odds on a pick you feel confident about.

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