With the introduction of a new killer, towards the end of the season, it seems that the makers of the series are taking a risk. In the previous episode of Criminal Minds titled “Ghost” what seemed to be a copycat serial killer, was found out to be a new villain. It was one of the most intense episodes of the season. Did you miss out on all the action? But don’t worry, because we have got you covered.

Here is the written update of the last episode and a sneak peek into the upcoming Episode 6 and 7 that will be airing together.

Criminal Minds Season 15 Written Episode 5

The show started off with a shooter killing some random strangers. The agents were unaware of the unsub feel that it is the work of a serial copycat killer whom they had caught earlier. They come up with a few names like Phillip Dowd from the previous seasons but later come to a result that it isn’t a copycat.

Rather it is someone who is just trying to get the attention of the BAU’s agents especially Luke and Matt. And in a chase with the chief, the two gets kidnapped. Later it is revealed that the shooter is the brother of one of their old gang members. And he has returned to take revenge from the duo who tried to put his brother away. According to the unsub, his brother was beaten to death by the two agents in the prison.

Criminal Minds S15E05 Recap- Matt and Luke Escapes

The two BAU agents, Luke and Matt are tortured and drugged by the kidnapper, but the two come up with a plan where Luke makes himself a bait to divide the gang. As the two try to fool the kidnapper, telling him the story about Bobby, Matt free himself from the handcuff, using a nail from the wall. He further grabs the kidnapper. In the meantime, Luke also sets himself free and the two kills as many men as possible. However, a shooter tiptoes from behind and pulls a gun at Luke. But before he could shoot Luke, Rossi enters at the right time and kills the shooter.

The episode was all about brotherhood and how the BAU agents are like a family. They truly proved to be a well-oiled machine that works together.

Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 6 “Date Night” Spoilers

Two different episodes will be airing this week, one after the other. Yes, you will be getting a double dose of Criminal Minds and all the action. In the sixth episode titled “Date Night,” a former foe will be returning with the kidnap of a father-daughter duo. The criminal will be making a very specific demand for Dr. Reid. According to the synopsis, his demand will give the phrase “wheels up” a whole new meaning.

Criminal Minds S15E07 “Rusty” Spoilers

After Date Night, a new episode will be airing on CBS titled “Rusty.” The BAU team will be traveling to Denver to investigate several murders happening in the city when Prentiss will be evaluating the relationship with Andrew Mendoza, a special agent.

As the story is coming to an end, it is going to be quite exciting to know about the relationship status between Prentiss and Mendoza.

Wrapping Up

Catch up with the Episode 6 titled “Date Night” on CBS at 9 PM ET/PT, followed by Episode 7 titled “Rusty” at 10 PM.


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