If you are looking for more ways of adding multimedia options to your online website or company blog, kudos to you! Storytelling in the digital world is critical for ensuring the success of your business, and you should make full use of the plethora of tools you have at hand for it: audio, video, social media embedding, slideshows, and more.

If you are new to the scene of digital storytelling, here are some hopefully insightful information that should familiarize you with the topic and explain to you why it’s a must for your next business marketing solution.

So – What Is Digital Storytelling?

Digital storytelling is a clever mix of audio, video, image, and text meant to convey important information, different stories, and pretty much any idea under the sun to your audience. Most likely, you are doing digital storytelling activities in your classroom already.

Why Is Digital Storytelling Good For Your Business?

Whether you are just starting up your new online casino business or you are getting ready to grow your existing online shopping platform, digital storytelling will make a huge difference in your endeavor. Here is why:

Digital Storytelling Teaches Digital Fluency

The machine-based processes we are all witnessing today will only continue to evolve over the upcoming years. This means you will need to make sure your employees are competent enough to work with a number of new interfaces, including AI and AR. The more digitally fluent your employees are, the more research skills they will have, and the more credible and qualified they will become. Periodically expose your employees to the numerous advantages of putting their creative ideas into practice online and reap the benefits for your business. Be prepared to handle copyright issues when dealing with digital stories that find their inspiration in various charts and statistics online and learn how to accurately quote your sources to avoid any problems.

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Digital Storytelling Promotes Your Business

Let us assume you are trying to get the new reader acquainted with your website or blog. Instead of writing a simple and classical introduction to your platform and describing the services you currently have on offer, you should instead focus on telling an entire digital story:

  • Make it as captivating, engaging, interesting, and creative as possible so it can draw the attention of a large number of users.
  • Rely on all the tools, you can find software apps, image editors word, and music processors.
  • Create interactive videos that allow readers to interact with your site. It can range from anything to simple to complex in-video-actions. An industry that is really good at creating interactive videos for its visitors to engage with is the gaming industry. Through videos, the gamer can visualize what elements of choice will be available to him and what rewards to expect when actively participating in a game. Now, you probably don’t run a gaming or casino website, but the main point here is to get ideas from one industry and adjust them to your own niche. There are many great examples from various industries that are not related to your own, where you can get ideas on how to create interaction through videos on your own blog.
  • Or, better yet, create a leprechaun-like character that will represent the mascot of your site and create a funny story for him, resulting in players eager to see what happens next in his endeavors – will he reach the maximum progress leader and collect the maximum level of VIP comp points?
  • Add cheerful music that motivates gamblers and creates the perfect mood for players to stay on your site and keep discovering more features.
  • Create appealing images and fun videos that are entertaining; brainstorm as many digital tory ideas you can, plan, revise, test, improve, and publish your stories.
  • Use social media platforms to post interactive videos promoting a new game or a new website feature you have just released. You should soon start to reap the benefits of your actions in the increased number of people visiting your business sie and buying or products or services or sharing your content online.

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Improve Your Decision-Making Skills With Digital Storytelling

A business can only be as great as the minds behind it. The better your decision making and critical thinking skills, the more successful your business should be. Digital storytelling should help you continuously stimulate these skills and natural senses and considerably improve them with each new task. Think hard about the reasons behind your decision to create a certain digital story project and figure out whether your public is prepared for the experience. Understand exactly what you would like for your audience to feel in connection with your project and try to walk in their shoes and understand what is going through their minds. When choosing the right music for your digital story, figure out what the best choice of music should be in order to send your audience in the desired state of mind. Carefully choose the most suitable words for conveying your message and figure out what is the ideal length of your message.

Digital storytelling comes in a myriad of forms, and it can create impressive results when used professionally for telling a story in your unique way. There are many good resources on the internet if you are interested in learning more about digital marketing. Some are mentioned already, but don’t miss this great list of 18 free tools for Digital Storytelling; the list can be found here. Now, go and tell your story!

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