EOS platform was envisioned to bring a solution to some disadvantages of the Ethereum blockchain. Similarly to Ethereum, EOS enables the development of smart contracts but provides better throughput. The EOS founders conducted the biggest ICO in the history of the cryptocurrency industry, raising over $4 billion to develop EOS.

The main characteristic of the platform is high throughput: EOS can process millions of transactions a second. At the moment, this is an unprecedented speed for blockchain technology; for example, the original Bitcoin blockchain can process only seven transactions a second,  Ethereum – 20.

Since the EOS network has identical functionality to Ethereum but has more scalability and zero transaction costs, some crypto analysts call it the “Ethereum killer.”

The development of a decentralized EOS network is being carried out by Block.one company, which reports to jurisdictions in the Cayman Islands. The project cooperates with many experienced advisors worldwide and has hundreds of employees. The decentralized blockchain platform EOS was presented at the world’s biggest crypto conference, Consensus 2017.

To check out crypto rates, you can enter the Coinmarkecap resource. As of mid-September, the EOS price is $1,68.

Key features:

  • Business apps and dApps can be deployed on the EOS platform.
  • EOS enables the communication of dApps, data hosting, and secure access.
  • The network’s native crypto is an EOS token.
  • EOS can become the main competitor for Ethereum.

Forecasting Cryptocurrency Rates for EOS

Crypto exchange rates are volatile and changeable under many factors such as the global economic situation, market sentiments, news backgrounds, etc. Analyzing past EOS price movements, experts have concluded that in 2023, the EOS rate will range between $1,98 and $2,40.

So it makes sense to buy this crypto asset now. However, it would help if you remembered that investment always bears risks. Analyze the project thoroughly and diversify your investment portfolio.

If you decide to buy EOS, welcome to the WhiteBIT crypto platform. The exchange offers current crypto rates and low transaction fees, a high level of security, customer support, and numerous earning opportunities for registered clients.

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