Managing Imports and exports is the leading service provided by freight forwarders at domestic and international levels. To transport goods from the manufacturer to the final market or the customer, they take the help of the shipping companies.

Freight transport can cover long or complex routes across the country. You can take their goods on the international border safely and efficiently as these shipping companies offer a wide range of services regarding imports and exports. You can find out on the best routes for international shipping and avail the shipping details for railways, streets, sea or aviation on the goods on time.

The freight transport process can seem like a lot of work, especially if you are new to the freight transport process. So, we have gathered some facts and advantages that you should know about freight transport that will help you go through the process.

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Hassle-Free Transportation

By using freight forwarders to import and export products, the stress of the whole process can be significantly reduced. A forwarder is generally very familiar with the supply chain elements, from the packaging and warehousing stage to customs clearance at every level, which helps in assisting and removing some of the pressure.

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Freight carriers are experts in the supply chain management industry. The services they provide are precious. Below are some of the tasks managed by the freight carrier.

  • Management of the International import/export documentations
  • Customs
  • Packaging services
  • Warehousing of goods
  • Insurance services
  • Proper Management of the inventory

You can also look for an international air freight forwarder for handling a specific task, such as the free storage and packaging of your products, to make it clear what services a potential freight forwarder provides.

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Various Stages Of Freight Forwarding

Whether it’s by air or by sea, every freight forwarding process goes through six fundamental stages:-

Export Haulage

In this process, the products are transferred from the warehouses or the manufacturers to their storage facilities.

Customs Clearance of the Products

This is a clearance certificate that the products receive for leaving the country.

Origin Management

Upon arriving at its desired country or destination, the products are unloaded, and the officials check its booking document.

Import Custom Clearance

The Custom documents are also inspected by the port authorities to ensure that everything is in order.

Destination Management

I was commuting the products to the Import Warehouse facilities.

Import Haulage

Transportation of the Cargo from the Import Warehouse facilities to the final destination has no simple or more straightforward process. The smoothness of these steps is essential for your business’s transportation process.

Adequate Documentation

Freight forwarders provide some mandatory documents to ensure the security of their shipments and prevent possible legal disruptions in the future. Documents you will receive from the freight carrier include invoices, bills of lading, certificates of origin, inspection certificates, export permits, export packing lists, and shipper export declarations.

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Proper Labeling And Packaging

Freight carriers can ship goods internationally and offer a variety of other services to their customers. At the time of the request, the freight carrier may package and store your interests and provide the exact label of the goods if it contains a weight designation or whether the products are deemed dangerous or not. Furthermore, some hazmat (hazardous material) like liquid and gas requires specialized packaging such as composite overwrapped pressure vessels. COPV tanks are leak-free and can hold potentially ruinous material.

Managing the Legalities

The freight forwarding companies are generally familiar with the legal details of particular countries, making it easier to guide you through the process.

For example, if your company is located in North America, you need to know the country of departure and destination laws if you are shipping goods across borders. An experienced freight forwarder is extremely necessary to guide you through the process.

Storage Facilities

Professional freight carriers can also provide customers with warehousing space in the country of origin and destination. Your goods are insured, climate-controlled, and stored in a safe place.

Item Restrictions

There are a few things that businesses cannot legally ship to various countries. These items might include toxic or flammable substances, drugs, alcohol, batteries, or sharp objects, considered hazardous according to a particular country. If you are unsure of the legitimacy of the cargo, the freight forwarder will provide you with valuable insights.

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Strong Networks

With an established global air and sea shipping business, freight forwarders will have a strong network, including members of industry-unique associations. Freight carriers with a strong network can minimize travel delays, provide you with the best routes, and easily overcome the inevitable bumps on the road.

Specialization In a Particular Cargo Type

Various freight forwarders specialize in delivering particular types of cargo, which can be beneficial for your company. It is helpful to find a freight forwarder specializing in a specific style that you are trying to ship.

Not only do they deploy a team of experts, but they also have rich experience handling this type of cargo like you. By researching before choosing a logistics company, your products are guaranteed to arrive at their final destination in a timely and cost-effective way.

Maintaining a Good Relationship With the Freight Forwarding Companies

Maintaining a stable work relationship with your partnered freight forwarding company is vital, as they handle your important cargo daily. Choosing a company that you can trust and rely on is critical, which has impeccable customer service to ensure that your shipment arrives safely and on time.


Various companies have already decided to rely on the expertise of the freight carrier to handle the export. To make exports without relying on external agencies, you need to invest in skilled personnel to manage the latest logistics infrastructure, technology, and related operations to meet the increasing demand.

They need to weigh the costs and benefits of such a move before moving forward. Today, most organizations prefer to allow third-party operators to handle its non-core features and focus resources on improving their critical business.


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