Whenever we are using PS4, we often come across the NW-31295-0 error code. This error is found when you try to connect to a WiFi network. It is mostly seen in wireless connections. Here are a few solutions to fix the NW-31295-0 error for PS4.

It’s really frustrating when you face this issue again and again, even though your WiFi is working perfectly fine. If you try to understand what is causing the problem, it’s easy to find the solution.

Reasons for NW-31295-0 error on Playstation 4

  • Playstation server is down for maintenance and resolving the current problems.
  • The Console is too far from the router; as a result, the connection becomes unstable.
  • Inconsistency in TCP/IP
  • Poor DNS Range

How to fix the NW-31295-0 Error?

Depending upon the reason, there are multiple ways you can follow to solve the NW-31295-0 Error. Here we have explained each method in detail. Try all of these methods and find the best method that works for you.

Solution 1: Verify PSN Service status

Firstly, check whether the Playstation network is down for maintenance. Visit the PSN Status page on your mobile or PC and check the status of every subcategory. Check if any problems with the Account Management or Playstore are reported. 

PS4 PSN Service status

If you find any server issues, then the NW-31295-0 error is not in your control. You have to wait until the developers fix the issue, and the server is up again. If the problem is not in the PlayStation server, try out the following methods.

Solution 2: Keep the Console and the router nearby

When Console and the WiFi router are away from each other, the network becomes unstable, resulting in NW-31295-0 error. If this is the reason, you just have to move the Console near to your router. You won’t face any problem once your Console gets a stable and robust network.

Solution 3: Use 2.4 GHz network for PS4 Vanilla

PS4 Vanilla does not support 5GHz wireless network. In this case, your Console can’t connect to the network because of incompatibility with the wireless frequency. Only PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro support 5GHz frequency.

Use 5.4GHz band for PS4 vanilla


To solve the error, you have to connect the Console to a 2.4GHz network. These days most of the routers come with a dual-band feature. You can check this in the router settings and make necessary changes. After you modify the settings, restart the Console and the router. This should solve the error.

Solution 4: Reboot or Reset your router to fix NW-31295-0

Your router inconsistency can be the reason for the error you are facing. Restarting or rebooting the router solves the majority of problems associated with network inconsistency. So try the below-mentioned methods to fix the NW-31295-0 error.

Router Reboot

Router reboot resolves the temporary inconsistencies in TCP/IP, and you will not lose your data. To reboot your router, press the ‘Power’ (On/Off) button to turn off the router. Once the router is completely off, remove the power cable. Wait for a minute or two so that all the capacitors drain, and they will lose all the temporary data.

Router reboot to fix NW-31295-0 error

Now, plug in the power cable and switch on the router. Wait for the internet connection to get established. Try to connect your PS4 to the WiFi and check if the problem is resolved.

Router Reset 

If rebooting your router didn’t work for you to fix the NW-31295-0 error, consider resetting it. The error is arising due to a permanent router setting. It’s quite challenging to find the exact reason for the problem, so we recommend performing a factory reset.

(Make sure that you have your credentials. You might need it to reestablish internet access after the reset)

Reset router to solve PS4 can't connect to WiFi

Locate the reset button on the back of the router. Press and hold it until the lights on the router flash and remain ON. Wait for the router to reset itself. Once the process is complete, and the router turns on, enter the ISP credentials, and wait for the internet connection to establish. Now check whether your PS4 can connect to the internet.

Solution 5: Use Google DNS

The home network you are using might have assigned a bad DNS range. This is resulting in the NW-31295-0 error you are facing. You can fix this issue by using a free Google DNS range.

Step 1: ON PS4 Console, go to the main dashboard, and click on ‘Settings‘ at the top.

Step 2: Select the ‘Network‘ option inside the ‘Settings‘ menu. Click on the Set Up Internet Connection‘ and press ‘X‘ on your Console. This will allow you to reconfigure your Internet connection.

Internet connection Setup on PS4

Step 3: On the next screen, select ‘Wireless,’ and you will see Set up options. Choose ‘Custom.’

Step 4: Select ‘IP Address‘ and choose ‘Automatically‘ on the screens that come up next.

Step 5: Select ‘Do not specify‘ when you are asked to configure the DHCP hostname.

Step 6: Inside the ‘DNS Settings‘ menu, set the field to ‘Manual‘ and change the following values.

Use Google DNS on PS4

Primary DNS –

Secondary DNS –

Step 7: Now, the DNS range is modified to Google’s range. Finish the network setup and check if the error is fixed or not

Method 6:Update PS4

If you have not updated your PS4 software for a long time, there are chances that it is the reason for the NW-31295-0 error. To resolve this error, you have to update the PS4 software in Safe mode.

Follow the instructions given below to install the latest version of PS4. Make sure that you use a wired connection to connect to the internet.

Update PS4 software to fix NW-31295-0 error

Step 1: Switch off PS4 Console. Press and hold the ‘Power‘ button to switch it on in ‘Safe Mode.’ 

Step 2: Now, select ‘Update System Software‘ and go to ‘Update via Internet.’ We recommend you to use an ethernet cable to connect to the internet.

Step 3: After some time, the update is downloaded and installed. Now, reboot the PS4.

This should fix the NW-31295-0 error, and you can easily connect your PS4 Console to the WiFi.

These were a few solutions that you can use to fix the NW-31295-0 error. I hope you were able to resolve the issue using any of these solutions. Thank you for reading and keep visiting our website.

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