Hey! Do your Fortnite keeps crashing while playing on PC? Many of the players are encountering the same trouble. As soon as Fortnite freezes or crashes, subsequently, you will be incapable of further to play & enjoy the game. Don’t worry. Because there are some methods to fix the crashing issue & anybody can employ the following ways to solve it quickly.

This post is going to troubleshoot your Fortnite keeps stopping issue. This article consists of what is Fortnite along with different methods to fix the Fortnite keeps crashing issue. So without waiting right now let’s dive into it.

What Is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a free online multiplayer video game platform, where many players do battle with other players to survive, and the last one standing player wins. It is a sort of survival game which offers an adventurous and action-packed world. Fortnite comes up with four distinctive & appealing modes that consist of Fortnite Battle Royale, Fortnite Creative, Fortnite Party Royale and Fortnite Save The World.

The fantastic graphics & eye-catching animations fascinate the kids & youngsters. Fortnite also awarded for the “Best Ongoing Game”, “Best Multiplayer Game” together with a “Teen Choice Award for Choice Video game”. Fortnite is an enormous community all across the globe with various diversification. The Fortnite gamer traverse over a broad spectrum of different zones, region, country, age group & many more.

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This game gives you the world of countless experience. Fortnite is the most popular games & its popularity has become astronomic among gamers. Anyhow, the game even now has a few issues that make some player little annoyed. Recently some users proclaimed that Fortnite keeps freezing & abruptly stops while playing the game. But there are some best possible ways to fix the Fortnite issues & I will unfold it how.

Different Methods To Fix Fortnite Keeps Crashing Issue

Here is some best possible approach which you can use it to resolve the Fortnite keeps freezing or crashing issue. There might be problems due to outdated graphics drivers, overloading in the computer, overclocking, wrong registry settings & so on. Still no need to worry, basically try the below-listed methods to settle down the problems.

1. Update the graphics card driver to fix the Fortnite keeps crashing issue.

The old graphics card driver might give rise to Fortnite crashing issue. So in this instance, you should make an effort to update and reinstall the graphics card driver. Go along with the following steps-
Step-1: Tap on Windows + R to run the Windows program. Enter devmgmtm.se in the dialogue box.

Step-2: Select the “OK” button & go to the “Device Manager” page.

Step-3: After that, click twice on the “Display Adaptor” option to open it.

Step-4: Tap on “Graphics Card” through right-click & choose “Update Drivers and then a new dialogue box will open.

Step-5: Finally, select the “Search automatically for updated driver software” option, and follow the displayed instructions on the screen to wrap up. Restart your PC and check whether the issue gets solved or not.

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2. Alter the Registry settings to fix the Fortnite keeps crashing issue

You can change the registry settings through the “Registry Editor” option to fix Fortnite problems. Go after the following steps-

Step-1: Open the “Registry Editor” page by pressing the Windows + R key & type Regedit to open it.

Step-2: First of all, generate a backup for Registry keys before you alter the settings. To create the backup tap on the “File” & then select the “Export” option.

Step-3: After that, set a location to save the backup. If something occurs erroneously, then use this backup to rectify the settings.

Step-4: Now, use the below path in the “Registry Editor”.
Path- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers

Step-5: After that, move to the right-hand side pane & do the right click on any free space. Now pick out the “New” option, then choose “QWORD (64-bit) value”. Label the new value as TdrLevel.

Step-6: Modify the “TdrLevel” through double click & set the value data to 0. From there on, close the Registry Editor if done.

Restart your computer and run Fortnite to examine the issue get fixed or not.

3. Verify if your PC meets the lowest level system needs and requirements

Fortnite is a high-quality game that requires an appropriate computer system to run in a trouble-free manner. If your PC does not meet the particular requirements to run the Fortnite, you might often face the crashing issue. So, verify it before playing Fortnite.

Here is the bottom level requirement for Fortnite.

  • Video card- Intel HD 4000
  • Vertex shader- 3.0
  • Pixel shader- 3.0
  • RAM- 4GB
  • CPU- Core i3 2.4 GHz
  • CPU speed- Info
  • OS- Windows 7/ 8/ 10 64-bit

To run the Fortnite in the best possible way then you can use-

  • CPU of core i5 2.8 GHz
  • Ram- 8 GB
  • Vertex shader- 5.0
  • Pixel shader- 5.0
  • Video RAM- 2048 MB
  • Graphics card- AMD Radeon HD 7870, NVidia GeForce GTX 660.

4. Avoid Overclocking to fix the Fortnite keeps crashing issue

The high speed of CPU might be a cause for Fortnite keeps crashing issue. The overclocking of CPU might lead to more power utilization and rise in the temperature of the system. To resolve the crashing issue, mainly try to avoid the use of overclocking. Follow the below- mentioned steps-

Step-1: First of all, reopen your PC and tap on F2 key to access the BIOS. This key can vary from one PC to another.

Step-2: After that, open the “Advanced” tab & look for the “Performance” option.

Step-3: Search for “Overclocking” option & then switch off the “Overclocking” by disabling the Max CPU ID value limit criteria.

Step-4: Click on the “Save” button & exit the BIOS settings.

Step-5: Again, restart your computer & check whether the issue gets fixed or not.

5. Alter the graphic setting to fix the Fortnite keeps crashing issue

The medium and low-quality PC might be unable to run the Fortnite on high video/ graphic settings. To get rid of the Fortnite issues, try to downgrade the graphics or video settings. Make sure to play the Fortnite at the lowest feasible video settings & check whether it works in a hassle-free manner or not. If the Fortnite is operating without issue, then try to enhance the quality of graphics, until it begins to give the crashing again. Hit and try again and again.

6. Reinstall the Epic Games Launcher to fix Fortnite keeps crashing issue

To clear up the complications, try to uninstall the Epic Games Launcher & then again install it on your computer. It is the ideal method to eradicate all type of problems in Fortnite. Follow these steps-

Step-1: Firstly, choose the “Run as Administrator” option by right click on the Epic Games launcher.

Step-2: Now go for the “Control Panel” option with the help of search bar.

Step-3: After that open the “Programs & Features” page & then go for the “Uninstall program”.

Step-4: Search for Epic Games Launcher from the page and tap on it. Then, tap on uninstall.

Step-5: After it gets uninstall, reopen your PC & again reinstall the Epic Games Launcher.

7. Run Fortnite as an Administrator to fix the Fortnite keeps crashing issue

Here, check your account on Windows whether you have adequate liberty or not to play Fortnite. To verify it do the right click on the Fortnite and select “Run as administrator” option. It may ask you for the passcode and if the game is operating correctly, then comes after the following steps-

Step-1: Open the Fortnite folder through the right-click and select the “Properties” option.

Step-2: Choose the “Security” tab and pick out your account.

Step-3: Verify whether you have “Full Control” over the bottom Windows. Otherwise, add “Full Control” and exit the Windows.

Step-4: Go for the “Advanced” option & check the owner, that is present at the top of the new window.

Step-5: Select “Change” & choose your account.

Step-6: At last tap on the “OK” button to save it.
That’s all

Final Words

All these are the best possible methods to sort out the Fortnite keeps stopping or freezing problems. Try to approach all possible solutions because you don’t know which might start working.

I hope you found this post informative and useful. If you have any other methods to sort out the “Fortnite keeps crashing” issue, or you have uncovered the new ways, then let us know in the comments section below.

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