Garmin Oregon 750t

Come summer, the first thing most outdoor enthusiasts think of is going on a hiking or trekking trip. While these activities keep you in constant touch with nature, the Garmin Oregon 750t handheld GPS keeps you in contact with civilization through its many features.

For example, it supports Smart Notification wherein you can stay connected with family and friends no matter where you are by receiving all your SMS, calls or emails, and automatic updates while outdoors via your compatible Smartphone.

Garmin Oregon 750t

Garmin Oregon 750t

Round trip routing

The Garmin Oregon 750t comes with an Active Routing feature you can use to store information and take a look at additional cartography maps. Its Round Trip Routing feature lets you plan hikes so that your uphill driving, time and distance are minimized. With its pre-installed Topo Active map of places like Europe, you can find and use new routes backed by the reliability and safety of Garmin instruments.

High sensitivity GPS with GLONASS

The Oregon 750t boasts of a high sensitivity GPS that, when used with its preloaded world maps, gives exact and specific geographical points at a single glance. Combined with the Russian satellite system GLONASS, the Garmin unit receives more accurate signals to give very clear indications of its position. Make use of Garmin’s free one-year Birds-Eye subscription to transfer thousands of precise and detailed high-resolution satellite images with real-life details.

Optimized sensor profiles based on activities

Oregon 750t is equipped with ABC sensors (Altimeter, Barometer, and Compass), an integral necessity while outdoors. Not only does the barometer record pressure and weather changes and its electronic 3-axis compass put you in the right direction, the TracBack feature helps direct you back to the starting point the way you had come.

It can also be used for marking specific trip spots you plan to return to later on like your vehicle and campsite. All the ABC sensor readings are updated on an interface menu with various profiles which can be optimized to use while pursuing different activities like geocaching, climbing, cycling and even fishing.

Plan your trips based on weather conditions

There is no longer the worry of the weather playing spoilsport on your next trip with your Garmin Oregon 750t. This is because its innovative Active Weather feature provides you with real-time forecasts and weather updates so that you can plan your trips based on weather conditions. As Active Weather is available only in some selected cities, it’s better to first check its availability in the area you next plan to make a trip!

Easy to read screen even in sunlight

Use the Connect IQ platform to customize your device with the most different data fields that will also be available for outdoor world dedicated widgets and apps. If you don’t find what you want, don’t worry. You can always build your own app on the platform!

Built specifically for outdoor use with its rugged and ergonomic design and 3-inch dual-orientation touchscreen, which is so easy to read even in direct sunlight. Its coefficient IPX7 water resistance feature lets you use the Oregon 750t even in the rain and toughest weather conditions.

Flash and torch

Take as many geotagged images as you need using its 8-megapixel camera so that you can easily navigate back to the exact spot sometime in the future. Then use Garmin Adventures, a part of the Garmin online community to instantly upload and share all your favorite photos of your trip with friends.

Its flash provides better pictures as it activates in any insufficient natural light conditions and can even be converted and used as a flash torch if necessary to look for missing and fallen things in the middle of the night!

Dual battery system for continuous geocaching

It’s combination dual battery system with integrated AA batteries and an optional NiMH rechargeable battery provides a maximum of 16 hours of continuous use of the Garmin device. Experience an optimal geocaching experience using the wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth links on the Garmin Oregon 750t .

Instead of wasting time manually entering coordinates and printing out different cache details on paper, you just have to program your device to automatically update with the latest caches.