Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies have firmly entered all areas of online commerce. The iGaming industry is no exception.

The most promising trend of the coming years is launching an Indian casino business with gaming chatbots.

What are gambling bots?

Chatbots are one type of AI technology. The system is an adaptive installable software for communicating with platform visitors. It is a virtual assistant that performs the specified actions.

The main task of the program is to maintain a dialogue with the user, consult and answer customer questions. The robot can replace the entire support service department, increasing the performance and speed of the platform by 20% or more.

Types of bots

All manager programs can be divided into two main categories:

  • Standard or limited in development. Bots are programmed to respond to keywords. A response command is formed and entered into the system archive for each request. If the user’s proposal does not match the built-in keys, the program cannot answer it correctly. As a rule, such versions of electronic assistants are used for the initial analysis of client requests or the modernization of a typical FAQ section.
  • Self-learning systems. The program is built on AI algorithms and can scale autonomously to improve customer understanding and communication skills. Such a product gives users more helpful information and can provide answers without being tied to keywords.

Additionally, chatbots can be classified according to the scope of functionality, interface modifications, and other parameters.

Visualization options for gaming chatbots

  1. Text message. This digital assistant format is relevant if the operator plans to open a mobile casino. The program is designed as a text chat and can be easily integrated into most modern instant messengers.
  2. Interface visualization. The program window is built to emphasize a graphical representation of the functionality – all buttons are made in the form of intuitive icons. The solution is relevant for operators planning to launch a gambling business in Europe, Latin America, and the USA.

Features and functionality of the assistant program

The casino software can be programmed to perform a wide variety of tasks. The system can take over and control all administrative processes that can be automated.

Chatbot functionality:

  • Communication with customers. A virtual assistant advises users, answers their questions, and helps them navigate the site.
  • Data collection. The system has a built-in module for collecting, analyzing, and systematizing user data: contact and financial information, game preferences, etc.
  • Audience stimulation. Based on the information received, the program can create a personalized offer for the client: open access to promotions and tournaments, offer a discount on services, and information about the cashback system.
  • Automated distribution. The chatbot can be programmed to send e-mails and other ways to notify users about current events and casino updates. Moreover, the program develops targeted offers, focusing on the collected statistics.
  • Making orders. The digital assistant can be configured to maintain game statistics, make deposits, accept bets, and perform other tasks related directly to participation in the session.

Ways to create an assistant program

To open an online casino with a chatbot, the operator can choose one of the options:

  • independent product development;
  • ordering a service from a specialized company;
  • purchase of a turnkey casino with a built-in manager program;
  • creating a program in a particular constructor.

Chatbot Builder is an interactive modular service that allows you to create robots and integrate them on various platforms, including popular instant messengers and social networks.

Many thematic services and universal generator programs have templates for any digital platform.

Features and benefits of working with chatbot designers:

  • Free system test. The platform offers limited free requests and access to generic settings. The extended package of tools will be paid for.
  • Duplicate chats. This feature lets you promote your gambling business in several messengers simultaneously. It is enough to create the main template and write the necessary communication channels in the code.
  • Built-in marketing tools. Several advertising services can be added to the system: test questionnaires, mailing templates, push notifications, etc. Moreover, the operator can change the options at his discretion or add new parameters.
  • Cross-platform and compatibility. The ability to integrate the bot program into any external resources is a mandatory built-in option that gives the system additional conversion. Digital assistants are a universal development for desktop and mobile traffic.
  • Working with templates. The robot does not need to be created from scratch. Constructor programs offer the widest choice of basic models, and for each type of gambling game, there can be hundreds to several thousand options.
  • Product monetization. The supplier company can pay activity within the system if the chatbot meets the specified criteria. For example, traffic can be monetized if the program constantly processes more than 100,000 incoming requests.

The main thing about chatbots in the gaming business

AI-powered helper bots are one of the most promising trends of 2023.

There are two types of chatbots: generic and self-learning. The former work exclusively within the framework of a given algorithm, and the latter can independently make decisions during a dialogue with a client and even simulate the behavior of a natural person.

Assistant programs can work with any traffic. As a result, the system is available for deployment on any information resources, including mobile messengers and social network pages. Moreover, the bot can accept bets even in regions where gambling is prohibited.

There are several ways to develop chatbots. The most exciting and convenient of them is working in a constructor program. Services allow not only to adapt the template for different types of business but also provide an opportunity to monetize the program.

The main thing is understanding how you can use innovative AI technologies and how useful they can be for your gaming business.

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