The world is beginning to see beyond the taboo which cannabis and hemp used to have, “pre”-scientific discoveries regarding their medical advantages. With topicals such as the Joy Organics premium CBD cream, learn about why these CBD topicals are making waves both in the medical sphere and beyond.

Definition Of Terms: What You Need To Know

The Plant: Cannabis, Marijuana, Or Hemp?

Although these three words are interchangeably used to mean the same thing, the details of what they are and how they are similar or dissimilar to each other are as follows.


Cannabis, scientifically referred to as “Cannabis Sativa”, is a kind of plant used primarily because of its pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and calming effects. There are about 120 elements and/or components in cannabis. Collectively, they are named “cannabinoids”.

Scientists and medical researchers are still yet to point out exactly what its 118 components do in elevating health. As for the remaining two— cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol— there are studies supporting how they function. More on this as you read on.


Marijuana, on the other hand, is the name for the cannabis plant’s dried leaves and flowers. It is not the plant itself, as a whole.


Hemp is a strain of the Cannabis Sativa plant. The latter, having 3 known classifications. Fixating on the details, hemp is not the strain where marijuana (nor hashish)is taken from. It’s one that is of its own.

In fact, hemp has the lowest THC percentage. But what it is recognized for is its CBD content. Said CBD content is what can be utilized as a treatment for certain disorders, whether physical or mental.

Cannabidiol And Tetrahydrocannabinol Explained


THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the non-psychoactive component of the plant. “Non-psychoactive” means that it does not change any biological factor in the body, especially in the behavioral and mental aspects of one’s bodily framework and workings.

What it does is be responsible for the effect of a “high” that marijuana is very common (and popularly, might we add) known for.

Likewise, THC is receptor-binding. The central nervous system’s receptors or transmembrane proteins act as signal receivers and transmitters for how the reciprocating bodily systems are to function.

For example, pain receptors send messages or signals to your body, for it to be on alert for what might be health-threatening agents (i.e. the source and/or cause of the pain).

These proteins have much more to do than revolve around sensory communication. But in the realm of CBD products, that’s what we will be getting into on this post.


Opposite of THC, CBD is the non-psychoactive component of cannabis. Going back to how THC is defined, cannabidiol doesn’t produce the “high” which THC is able to give. However, it can affect behavior and mood. It can also influence pain receptors because of their anti-inflammatory properties.

The strains of the Cannabis Sativa plant, by and large, have both CBD and THC. They differ only in terms of the percentage of how much or how little of these two elements they contain.

CBD Products: A Look Into CBD Topicals

The body has numerous receptors. Among them are endocannabinoids. The endocannabinoid system balances a number of biological processes, from cell and immune response to memory, metabolism, and the like.

The makeup of cannabidiol is said to be externally comparable to that of endocannabinoids. And it’s this feature of CBD that provides it with safe passage towards endocannabinoid receptors, and thus, be transmitted to the rest of your body’s systems.

Be that as it may, CBD binds with said protein molecules weakly. A characteristic that is the antithesis of THC, with the latter having the capacity to easily do so. It’s for this reason that CBD works best with THC. Inversely, THC with CBD, for health benefits.

Why Is CBD Helpful?

It Aids With Relaxation 

Patients who are constantly moving within the reaches of anxiety, stress, or panic, can take good advantage of CBD topicals. Generally speaking, endorphins are the hormones that play a role in informing your body of the presence of pain, as well as help with releasing that positive, calming feeling for you to cope with stresses on a natural level.

In any case, it’s one’s serotonin receptors that easily allow CBD and THC-attachment. So, what CBD does is give serotonin a bit of a boost in operation. It increases serotonin production. When this occurs (and to oversimply the process), the brain receives these shreds of “positive”  information from nerve cells (a.k.a. neurons) and will act on said messages by calming down the rest of your body.

Instead of having you react to stressors via anxiety, your behavior and mood will be encouraged to remain calm and relaxed, without sluggishness. Another benefit you’ll read about next.

Alertness And Focus 

High doses of THC, being responsible for the marijuana “high” everyone relates cannabis to, may cause you to feel lethargic, and even sleepy (for some strains). Alternately, CBD creams and lotions, particularly when applied to the temples, nape, shoulders, and neck, can increase your focus and alertness.

This takes place indirectly, as an aftermath of relieving you of anxiety and stress. Here’s where we need to clarify how the movement of cortisol works.

When stress is high, your body initially releases adrenaline to get you on that fight or flight mode. You think and act more clearly and rationally because of these bursts of epinephrine. Despite that, they are meant to last for a short period.

Now, chronic anxiety and stress become destructive because your adrenaline can only do so much, and within an hour or two (as studies suggest is the duration that adrenaline stays in your system). Until the “adrenaline rush dies down”. When stressors linger even after and patients are unable to consistently cope with it, anxiety, or in others, depression, take place.

It’s in these long-term stresses that one has difficulty thinking objectively. Something called “cognitive distortions” is projected in the brain when cortisol is on the move. Hence, one thinking irrational and subjectively when under duress (past that fight and flight mode).

By targeting stress, CBD can assist in bringing you back to being focused and on the alert.

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