The costs involved in owning inground swimming pools in Australia vary. Yet even at entry-level prices, the cost of installing a pool sounds prohibitive for many people. These pools are elaborate construction projects. Also, there is more to inground swimming pool costs beyond installation expenses.

Inground Pools Costs: Crunching The Figures

The following factors are a guide when calculating inground swimming pool costs:

Pool Construction Costs

Inground swimming pools are the most expensive of the pools installed in Australia. The quotes begin at a minimum of around $35,000. These pools are complex construction projects. The construction costs accrue from the following aspects of the pool’s construction:

  • Accessibility of the construction site

The ease of accessibility of the construction site transporting building materials and machinery factors in the overall construction costs.

  • Site preparation and excavation costs depend on soil type and terrain

Some sites involve more work, such as felling trees and removing boulders to prepare the area, which increases construction costs. Custom pools in unique designs require elaborate excavation, which costs more.

The contractor also requires a site to dispose of waste accumulated during construction. The costs here involve paying for the disposal site. The disposal company charges transportation fees to ferry the debris to the site.

  • The size and shape of a swimming pool

The dimensions of the pool matter, with bigger and custom-designed pools requiring more financial investment. Standard-sized inground pools built in a simple rectangular shape cost less. Some pool owners request extras such as a wading pool for the kids and decoration or water sports features.

  • Type of pool fencing

Pool construction regulations in Australia term pool fencing mandatory.

  • Labour costs

These are wages paid to the construction staff.

  • Costs of permits

The costs for permits to construct pools vary depending on the rates set by different local authorities. These local councils issue several types of permits to approve the construction. The applications for the licenses attract considerable fees.

  • Landscaping

Poolscaping hacks turn the pool area into an oasis of luxury and beauty. Landscapers use plants, rocks, and water features to create a vacation aura at the property. These costs include pool furniture and other additions, such as an outdoor entertainment unit.

Swimming Pool Accessories

In addition to the pool’s construction, some accessories improve its appearance. Consider decking and concrete slabs or tiles for that. Slabs are an additional expense. Contractors use them when the pool construction site requires leveling.

These extra features also enhance the pool’s ambiance, making it inviting for various functions. Pool lighting and heating that turn the pool into a spa won’t come cheap. Often, these are considered luxuries, though they transform your swimming pool and make it an exceptional recreation spot. Since they improve the efficiency of activities in the pool, many swimming pool owners prefer having them.

Modern inground pools utilize automated processes for cleaning, maintaining, and operating various accessories. Consider the costs of utilities such as water to fill up the pool. The pool operations also gradually add digits to the energy bill.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Costs

An inground swimming pool requires cleaning. This exercise is a long-term requirement. It features among the recurring pool expenditures. For this, builders install mineral sanitation systems or filters. Pool covers ensure the integrity of the water by keeping out debris.

The expected expenses also include hiring staff for pool cleaning and maintenance. They also include the purchase of cleaning chemicals and upgrading the equipment. An option to explore here is using automated or robotic cleaners. They cut back on outsourcing costs for professional cleaners.


Inground swimming pools are expensive undertakings. They require considerable amounts of money for construction and maintenance through the years. However, such a pool has many benefits for its users. It also enhances the value of the property. Fortunately, some costs are optional expenses. Conducting due diligence and negotiating with installers can lower pool costs.

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