Being an old Kodi user, everyone is familiar with Ares wizard. There are minimal chances that you have not heard of Ares wizard or used it on your device. Earlier, the Ares Wizard project was shut down due to some legal problem. But don’t worry if you did not use it then, you can use it now. Ares wizard is back and that too with an update. Ares wizard can now be installed on Kodi 17.6 Krypton or Jarvis versions.

Though, the new update of Ares wizard has not brought any entertainment stuff. The Ares wizard only supports the maintenance tool that can be used to fix and optimize Kodi cache. Ares wizard might not be offering any movies or TV shows stuff, but it is still very important to install Ares wizard on your Kodi device. It help us to optimize Kodi cache size which will ultimately avoid Kodi buffering issues. Ares wizard can also be used to back up your data before resetting your Kodi on Fire Stick or any other local devices.

This guide will help you to install Ares Wizard in Kodi which will provide you with various sorts of maintenance for your Kodi device.

What is Ares Wizard

Talking about the earlier Ares wizard, then you must know that Ares wizard was an all-in-one Kodi tool with everything from Builds to Add-ons and more before being shut down due to legal problems. Many users simply installed and even now they install the Ares Wizard on their Kodi device as it held everything needed for a great experience.

The new update helps with only the Kodi buffering and maintenance. If you use an Ares wizard, you can easily clear your cache and other things for easy and smooth playback within the Kodi. Apart from Kodi buffering and maintenance, Ares wizard also provides a ram detection tool which comes very handy. The ram detection tool automatically adjusts your Kodi cache and it works wonders.

The maintenance tool Ares wizard has also allowed you to delete thumbnails, packages, and cache and temp files. Now there will be no need of doing this through your Android device since now you can do it directly through the Kodi on your respective device.

The backup utility is great and works wonders for those who want to back up their Kodi installations once they have it exactly how they would like it to be without any chances or with chances. The users can take the backup file and even share it with their friends who can restore through this little tool on their Kodi.

The Ares wizard has been chosen as best Kodi add-on by many sites since it comes with several other Kodi shortcuts. You will find all the other options under the “More” tab. You will find many other useful tools such as system information, Kodi log uploader, internet speed test, fresh start tool, and force close shortcuts.

If you want to install Ares wizard on your Kodi, here is a simple guide which will help you in the simplest way to install the Ares wizard on your devices.

How to Install Ares Wizard on Kodi

To install the Ares wizard on your Kodi 17.6 Krypton devices, follow the steps mentioned below on your Kodi devices.

The below mentioned step-by-step guide also works for Fire TV Stick as well as PC running on Windows and Mac devices.

Step 1: Run Kodi on your device.

Step 2: After opening Kodi, Click on the ‘Settings’ icon on the top right of your screen.

Ares wizard

Step 3: Open the File Manager from the listed options.

Ares wizard

Step 4: Then, Double Click on the ‘Add Source’.

Ares wizard

Step 5: to enter the path of your media location click <None> under ‘Enter the paths or browser.

Ares wizard

Step 6: under the field which says <none>, type or copy paste the following Ares Wizard download URL mentioned below and click OK.

You can also use some alternate Ares wizard URLs. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Alternate Ares Wizard URL –
  • Alternate Ares Wizard URL –

Step 7: Enter the name for your media source for the Add-on in the field which says ‘Enter a name for this media source’. Choose a suitable name that you can easily identify for later use. Here, I am using AresBuild.

Ares wizard

Step 8: Go back to the Kodi home screen and click on the ‘Add-ons’ to the left.

Ares wizard

Step 9: Click the Folder or the Box icon on the top left of your screen.

Ares wizard

Step 10: For installation, Click on the ‘Install from zip file’.

Ares wizard

Step 11: Now, Click AresBuild or whatever media source you created in Step 7.

Ares wizard

Step 12: Select the file named ‘’ under the media source named section and click ‘OK’

Ares wizard

Step 13: You will be notified once the installation is completed.

Step 15: Now go back to the Kodi home screen and open Ares Wizard by first opening to Add-ons followed by opening the Program add-ons and finally the Ares Wizard.

Step 16: Ares Wizard will now be loaded.

Ares wizard

After you have completed all the steps mentioned above, you have successfully installed the Ares Wizard on your Kodi device. If you are still struggling with any of the steps mentioned above, follow the steps again, without missing any steps.

How do I install Ares Wizard on FireStick?

As mentioned above, you can use the similar method mentioned above to install Ares wizard on FireStick. There is no different method or guide for installing Ares wizard on FireStick.

The above method for installation of Ares wizard on Kodi 17.6 Krypton is same for the installation of Ares wizard on FireStick as well as for the PCs working on windows and mac device.

Ares Wizard Build Not Working?

If your Ares wizard is not working on your Kodi devices, it is because of the new update.

The wizard works as a tool only to fix errors now. The Ares wizard does not work the same as it did before shutting down due to legal law problems.

If its not working, you can try installing the addon again using the methods given above.

What is New Ares Wizard Repo URL Source? [2019]

Many of you have difficulty in finding the latest version of Ares wizard. Well, the latest version of Ares Wizard is 0.69 and is currently available for download in a zip file to everyone. You can use the below mentioned URLs for downloading the Ares wizard.

  • (Works like a charm on 17.5)

All source URLs are working as of August 2018. Mind that it takes 3-4 minutes to install the Ares Wizard on Kodi. So kindly give some time for it to get installed on your Kodi.

Final Words

The method to install a build or a repo or an addon is always the same. The only thing that matters is the source URL.

We have tried to add as many working sources for Ares Wizard. All of them are working right now with no issues whatsoever. If a source doesn’t work, you can simply use another source for Ares Wizard.

If you still face any difficulties comment below. KodiBuddy will help you solve your problems.

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