Caught the Geocaching bug yet? If you are starting out, it is best to find websites with a large and reliable database of geocaches that will have what you want. To help you get going, here’s a list of the most popular geocaching sites. is the most popular website for geocachers. Start by creating an account. It is pretty easy to search for geocaches in your area. Basic membership is free. catalogs geocaches from all around the world, so it’s a great resource if you want to go geocaching on your vacation. isn’t as well organized as The navigation is basic but it still contains thousands of geocaches logged for many regions in the US. Other than the US, has a number of geocaches located in Germany. There is no need to register to view geocache information, but if you want to add a new geocache to the site you’ll need to create an account.

Instead of finding containers filled with items, is a sort of adventure trail where the caches are what planet Earth has stored. It’s a unique way to learn about a geoscience feature or how our Earth is shaped. EarthCache sites are administered by the Geological Society of America (GSA).

YouTube video has active caches from all over the world. The site has wonderful resources for geocachers but membership is by referral only so that they can focus on quality of the caches, not quantity. creates a fun way to make this activity more entertaining by way of introducing game play like GeoGolf , GeoDashing, GeoPoker, Minute War, and more. If straight forward is boring for you the caches in will no doubt be more challenging.

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