Entertainment and Sports Programming Network aka ESPN is the famous live sports channel. You can catch up with a wide range of sports on your TV. But if you have cut the cord then you can make use of the ESPN on Kodi. It is one of the best sports streaming service on Kodi.

If you are a sports freak, then you would know that ESPN hosts almost all the famous sports. The ESPN Kodi addon gives you exactly the same content, including the live streaming of American games. So you can catch up with the live games as well as watch the replays of the major events even when you are not residing in the US. Want to know how then keep reading.

What is ESPN Kodi Addon?

A sports network that comes with different channels is ESPN. You can stream unlimited different sports here. Some of the sports that ESPN broadcast on their network is soccer, basketball baseball ice hockey, cricket, and tennis. There are various sports add-ons but ESPN is the right add-on to stream great content.

Also out of the various player add-ons, ESPN 3 stands out. And one of the most interesting thing about this add-on is that it is available in the official Kodi repository. Yes, you heard that right. Out of the tons of third-party applications, this is no less than a gem. You can install it directly from the Kodi Video Add-ons category

How to Install ESPN on Kodi?

The ESPN Sports add-on is available in the official Kodi repository. You can download and install it directly from there. Follow the steps given below-

Step 1- Open the Kodi app. Then click on Add-ons option from the left side menu.

Step 2- Next click on Downloads option. Choose Video Add-ons.

Step 3- The Kodi Add-on browser will open. Now choose either ESPN 3 or ESPN Player from the list.

Step 4- The info page will open. Hit the Install button to begin the installation process.

Wait for a few seconds till the process completes. You will be redirected to the last window. Also, the icon beside the ESPN add-on will change. You can now launch the add-on and watch all live sports events from the Video add-ons section.

How to Setup ESPN Kodi Addon?

As the ESPN addon is available in the Kodi repository you need to make certain changes before you start streaming. Like, associate the free ESPN account with the addon. So set up your ESPN addon with Kodi. Also, you need to set up a few more things. Let’s get started.

Step 1- Open Add-ons menu. Then launch the ESPN Add-on.

Step 2- After opening ESPN 3 addon you will need to authenticate it. So click on the first option which says- Authenticate with the provider to access premium content.

Step 3- You will get an activation code. To login to your ESPN account click on the given link.

Step 4- First choose the ESPN provider. And then enter the given code. Click on the Continue option.

Step 5- After you receive the message of successful activation, return to Kodi and press Continue.

Kodi will now tell you that your device is authenticated. Just click Ok. You will be redirected to the previous screen. And now instead of asking you to authenticate, you can see various highlights from the ESPN sports channel family.

How to Use ESPN 3 Kodi Addon?

You can easily catch with any sports event or its highlights, once you have installed and configured the addon on your device. You will find that new content is being added every day, so just head on to the Video Add-ons section to start streaming.

Step 1- Click on Add-ons option. Then select Video Add-ons.

Step 2- Here look for ESPN 3 and click on it.

You will observe a list of the latest videos. If you want you can search for a specific video as well. Just browse through the menu and click on any older content that you have missed. Also, you can have a little sneak-peak into the upcoming events. So click on any video that you want to watch and it will play just like any other video on Kodi.

Why Use VPN for ESPN Addon?

Streaming shows and sports while residing outside the States, can be a problem. You need to use a VPN service provider otherwise you will not be able to watch your favorite content. Not only the cable connection face restrictions, but even the Kodi add-ons are mostly based in the US. And so people who do not live in the country do not get access to the streams and content because of geo-restrictions imposed by the Government.

Such Kodi add-ons function only in the specific regions of the US, and so to get the complete access to these add-ons from all the locations you visit, you will have to spoof the location. Yes, by hiding your geographical location you can bypass such restrictions, and a VPN does that for you.

You will find various VPN services, but make sure you do not opt for a free service, because then you won’t be able to enjoy the premium services. You can either subscribe to ExpressVPN or IPVanish to unblock all the Kodi add-ons that are geo-restricted in your area.

These providers offer secure servers and lightning-fast service so your Kodi streaming experience will enhance for sure.

Wrapping Up

So, guys, we hope that this article was helpful to you. Installation of ESPN 3 or ESPN Player is different from other third-party applications as it is available in the official Kodi repository. However, if you are residing outside the US, then you can also install it as a third-party addon from Fusion repository. And if you have any doubts or queries you know what to do. Just leave your comment below.

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