In the present day, an encrypted phone is a necessity as it includes unreadable encrypted codes. The incomprehensible codes installed in your phones help in securing your data from unwanted individuals.

For locking and unlocking an encrypted phone, users require a specific key code. When users enter the key code, the phone is unlocked leading you towards the home screen. Additionally, the new iPhone X incorporates a safe computer chip, offering the key in hardware.

If your mobile data present on your phone isn’t encrypted, anyone can access your files. For this reason, you are advised to get hold of encrypted phones to secure your data, especially if you are working in a govt sector, and carry private info.

We have listed down three of the best phones from the IntactPhone encrypted phones series for you to pick one that suits your needs best.

IntactPhone Arcane Secured Phone for Individuals and Businessmen

The encrypted phone, IntactPhone Arcane is specifically designed for individuals and businessmen. It comes with a charger (USB C port) and earbuds. The heavily secured phone is fully supported in Europe, the USA, LATAM, and Asia.

Technical Specs

The heavily secured phone comes off with 5.7 inches screen in HD, with a display resolution of HD+720*1440 pixels. The phone includes 3GB RAM and 32 GB ROM alongside a battery of 2950 mAh. You can work on it for 10-16 hours. Additionally, it includes above 200 hours of standby time.

The phone includes high-tech cameras, with an 8MP front camera and 16MP rear camera, that too with a flash. It supports Wi-Fi and includes several sensors such as Light-sensor, compass, G-sensor, and Proximity sensor. A fingerprint lock is available.

The phone includes an option of dual sim and can be purchased in black color.

Why do you need this phone?

The IntactPhone Arcane is heavily secured and aims to secure all your activities on the phone. The Communitake manufactures its hardware, and the phones are powered by INTACTOS. It is a secured custom OS made above Android 9. Additionally, it incorporates its own app center that allows users to download/install apps, verified by Communitake.

The communications are encrypted on the phone. The voice calls are encrypted with ZRTP protocols.

The key codes are altered after every call. Additionally, for messaging different keys are allocated for every chat session. The messages are encrypted with a 256-bit AES cipher. The phone doesn’t include any backdoor and ensures that your data is safe and secure.

IntactPhone Bond – the Best Phone For Privacy and Security for Individuals And Businessmen

The IntactPhone Bond best phone for individual security and privacy, as well as for businessmen. It is another heavily secured phone designed specifically for individuals and businessmen. The phone delivered in a package with a charger and earbuds. Additionally, it is built up from the ground up, offering security against cyber-crime.

The IntactPhone is managed with OS-fused command and can be restricted to business contents only. Additionally, the best part is that it is reasonably priced.

Technical Specs

The heavily secured and private phone is available in the USA, Mexico, Canada, Japan, etc. The operating system INTACTOS is regarded as a custom variation of Android 9. It includes a CPU of MT6739 with a quad-core of 1.3GHz. Additionally, the phone obtains 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM.

Furthermore, the phone obtains a removable battery with 2500 mAH. It includes two cameras of 5MP with flash and 2MP, back and front cameras respectively. It comes up with several options, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB ports, Micro SD card, GPS, etc.

The sensors included are fingerprint, proximity-sensor, and accelerometer. The dual sim option is available, and the phone can be readily purchased in black color.

Why do you need this?

The heavily secured IntactPhone offers bond network coverage, such as BOND AMERICAS, BOND EMRA, BOND JAPAN, etc. Users need to get this phone since it ensures security and privacy from hackers.

For this reason, the IntactPhone offers safe and trusted hardware following secure boot, improved ROM alongside intact ROM utilities, encoded calls and messages with intact applications followed by trustworthy device management.

The phone also includes a custom-built secure and safe operating system and can detect threats and antimalware instantly. Additionally, it comes up with fused defense controls and remediation assurance. In turn, users get a safe and sound mobile phone, which is above everything else.

IntactPhone R2 Highly Secured Phone for Police and Military Personnel

The R2 IntactPhone, heavily secure specifically designed for the military, army, and police individuals. The package of this phone is delivered with a USB C port charger and earbuds including an Aux connector. The phone fully supports network coverage in Europe, Asia, the USA, LATAM, etc.

Tech Specs

The R2 IP68 Global Intact phone includes an INTACTOS operating system, also a custom variation of Android 9.

The dimensions of the phone are 156.2*79.2*13.2 mm.

It includes a 64 bit, Octa-core CPU. Additionally, it incorporates 6GB RAM and 64GB ROM. It has a huge battery capacity that is 4100 mAh.

The best part is that it includes the IP68 standard alongside a protected glass. Two cameras are available, 8 megapixels AF front camera and 16 megapixels AF plus flash rear camera. Several options such as Bluetooth,Wi-Fi, USB, FM, Hotknot, NFC, and fingerprint are available.

The sensors available are light, G-sensors, gyroscope, gesture, and magnetic are available. It can be purchased in black color, and you are allowed to use two sim networks on the phone.

Why do you need this?

The R2 IntactPhone is designed for military and police personal since they carry crucial data in their mobile phones. For this reason, the IntactPhone doesn’t include Google or any other services and libraries for complete privacy. It offers a trusted encrypted environment that requires keeping your data safe and sound.

Additionally, voice calls and messages encrypted with a code keep changing now and again. It includes encrypted attachments alongside built-in sharing control and obtains an option of self-destructing messages. Furthermore, the IntactPhone R2 affordably priced is now readily available.

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