Malwarebytes is the most renowned antivirus software which is valuable for both online as well as offline users. It shields your device from the attack of countless viruses and menaces. If you are searching out for Malwarebytes premium key, you have landed on the right page, and this article is for you. This post mainly highlights the introduction, various feature, requirements along with steps to install & activate the Malwarebytes software and at last list of different premium keys.

So without delaying any more, let’s get started.

What Is Malwarebytes?

Malwarebytes is essentially an anti-malware software which scan, detect and detach the malicious files. It is available for Microsoft Windows, Android, macOS and iOS. Most importantly, Malwarebytes incorporate four contrasting protection layers counting web protection, malware & PUP protection, ransomware protection and exploit protections.

Web protection crashes the malicious links plus stop the entry of infected sites and online scams along with phishing scams. On the other hand, Ransomware Protection uses the proprietary technology to generate strong fortification against malware that control your device and capture your photos and files.

This antivirus cleans your device in just a few minutes along with spotting the potential unwanted source which can hang up the PC. Meanwhile, secure your PC or mobile, files, privacy 24*7, and protect from emerging threats that no one has ever seen before.

Overview Of Malwarebytes Premium Version

A user can bring into play the Malwarebytes either through a free or paid version. But the free version is not able to present adequate security, and it requires manual scanning. However, a paid version comes up with fulfilled, safe, secure system, and retain the potential to remove all kinds of viruses with instantaneous defense characters together with hostile to all malware risks.

It aid to enhance the protection against spyware, adware, trojans, rootkits, ransomware and many more. Besides, paid version also put forward unbeatable features like the scheduled scan, real-time protection and a flash memory scan.

One can buy the Malwarebytes premium key to exploit its full benefits. This software excellently obstructs the IP address of pernicious websites plus scrutinize all the software, programs, services and system’s driver which is currently running.

Overall Malwarebytes is an incredible software to protect the device. There is numerous antivirus software obtainable in the worldwide market. But, Malwarebytes with the premium version is an exceptional tool to safeguard the gadget.

Features Of Malwarebytes Windows 4.3.0 

  • There is a possibility to schedule reminders for a reboot whenever it is required.
  • The additional features of Managing Alert occur in settings.
  • The performance got upgraded.
  • Modified version with improved remediation & detection techniques.
  • Several UI issues got fixed.
  • Fixed the ARW component protection event report which does not account for registry objects.
  • This latest version fixes the prolonged dispute with LAN that influence printer and another gadget.

Feature of Malwarebytes Premium Version

  • It operates through machine learning and AI to protect from online threats and provide real-time protection.
  • Cleans up the earlier impairs device.
  •  Keep Safe the user’s identity and privacy from hackers.
  • Cease the attacks of malware that harm your programs.
  • Destroy the spyware that deteriorates the PC performance.
  • Safeguard from fraudulent and destructive sites or links.
  • Shield your important files and documents from ransomware.
  • Scan the whole file system including startup items, registry & memory. As a result, it keeps an eye on checking for updates.
  • Supply next-gen VPN option with a single click which keeps safe your privacy every time you go for surfing. Also, protect your Wi-Fi connection.
  • Prevent unofficial tracking and also furnish the users to switch off their location.

Now, scan by using less than 50% CPU power as compared to earlier. You can also use the Play Mode feature to get rid of updates & notification while playing games or streaming videos. Moreover, you can manage the protection of the device in software by modifying the protection layers. In other words, you can choose it from three variety of scan modes.

Features Of Malwarebytes Antimalware 3.7.1 

  • With upgraded sensing program.
  • Adaptable and user-friendly interface.
  • Quick scanning 
  • Restore the damaged files.
  • Automatic eradicate the corrupt files and software.
  • Fixed a BSOD connected to neto.sys.
  • Boost the performance and potential in safe mode so that only necessary component will operate.
  •  Compatible between Malwarebytes and Windows action center concerning update status.
  • Discover and destroy all sorts of malware.
  • Block the upcoming bout of malware or hackers.
  • Better resumption experience for paid customers.
  • The Content Menu scanning feature is present by default.
  • Extract all kinds of browser-based viruses and worms.
  • Settle down the problems by excluding tiny file names.

Basic Requirements Of Device

     1. Software requirements

  • Windows 10 (32/64-bit)
  • Windows 8.1 (32/64-bit)
  • Android, iOS
  • Windows 8 (32/64-bit)
  • Windows 7 (32/64-bit)
  • Active internet connection

    2. Hardware requirements

  • 800MHz CPU or faster, with SSE2 technology.
  • 2048 MB (64-bit OS), 1024 MB (32-bit OS)
  • Free hard disk space available with a minimum of 250 MB.
  • 512 MB RAM for XP & 2 GB for others.
  • Higher screen resolution with 1024×768.

How To Turn On The Malwarebytes Premium Free Of Charge?

Step-1: First of all, download the Malwarebytes antivirus without any cost from the official website.

Step-2: After downloading, open the software & then click on the “Activate License” option, which you will see in the upper right corner.

How To Turn On The Malwarebytes Premium Free Of Charge

Step-3: Henceforth, a new dialogue box open & remain active onwards. Don’t move with urgent haste. Take your time to understand the options.

How To Turn On The Malwarebytes Premium Free Of Charge

Step-4: Enter only the license key from the below Malwarebytes premium key list.

Step-5: Subsequently, you will notice the red box asking for swapping the button. So change it to the right place, and then it will spin in a blue color.

malwarebytes premium key

Step-6: Following, another dialogue box will appear where you have to put license ID & key.

Step-7: Once again copy it from below list & paste into the suitable space. Use the matching set of ID & key. Don’t employ, unlike pair.

How To Install the Malwarebytes & Activation Of Software Through Malwarebytes Premium Key? [Android]

Step-1: First and foremost, install the application from Google Play Store.

Malwarebytes installment

Step-2: After downloading, launch the app & you will observe the ” Dashboard” present on the front page itself. Tap on “Menu” button as indicated in the photo.

Step-3: Further, search for the “Upgrade” option & then select it.

Malwarebytes premium key

Step-4: A new page will open & you will notice the “Activate” option at the top corner on the right side.

Step-5: Consequently, a new dialogue box will open where you have to enter the Malwarebytes license key.

Step-6: Finally, tap on the “Apply” button. From now, the software is active to use. Enjoy it!

Malwarebytes premium keys

List Of Malwarebytes Premium Key

License ID: License Key

  1. 2PN87:K425-B64T-3NMH-4G98
  2. 2LH83:K30L-NHMH-WHLV-3DRL
  3. 6RX72:K5HU-3XBL-MDPN-MK1B
  4. 8LN63:QB5X-MTF9-C5JD-EPFH
  5. 5VX83:7V5F-YYMN-LJ7J-YPM4
  6. 6PJ56:75KQ-3PCW-RG7T-HM0W
  7. 5WP36:FGYT-G4P9-Q3JV-16XL
  8. 8XD87:91LD-1AMH-09VT-3NQ0
  9. 2TQ75:0DA5-JQY7-988F-E0AE
  10. 8AX77:pJEE-U16K-1KLM-361M
  12. 4BN47:YCQC-9DQ3-XW3D-QH8Y
  13. 7KN82:99HJ-TWCJ-33G3-1DX0
  14. 3VR84:7XWF-WDDE-D58T-B8YJ
  15. 3DD47:YBG4-ABVF-GGH3-B31K
  16. 8UQ48:F87L-CW5E-PQ49-UN8P
  17. 4MD46:FUPQ-2YFM-W6NK-XUA3
  18. 3YA28:T7UU-HGFP-L0B7-RUH3
  19. 8QT37:52QP-6174-V88P-BWB1
  20. 2UA15:5VF8-GFEY-M96K-VT8B
  21. 4PF48:4BRT-7K2X-H01R-HPDD
  22. 5KX28:DW24-5YF2-602J-WY1V
  23. 5RE32:UUE0-708M-R212-KTM8
  24. 7KK48:K06U-4HAT-WRB8-C0BG
  25. 7AU27:p50D-9HG1-D653-X84P
  26. 2MP83:0H77-JYQE-FJVJ-JTLC
  27. 7UM56:D2GR-ALY3-816A-7YY4
  28. 5JP43:3J3A-H7BX-AL38-L37D
  29. 8VW35:CEAB-6923-HLC9-XETT
  30. 3UG75:3137-PGWX-NNPT-YT1V
  31. 5AB88:H1M1-8GGF-XVU9-0BPU
  32. 4NC82:MP8T-BJDH-CK1K-5NH3
  33. 4LA65:28AP-A1RX-4WEW-NAYV
  34. 5KW42:94NT-U8V5-5RMR-D6PX
  35. 7TH76:XED8-XE6K-BX0U-TW0R
  36. 2CF52:WBEP-9CMT-MGWA-1A92
  37. 3XX55:5Q5Y-4PY2-3C9D-GRWB
  38. 3WQ72:QNWU-1HBR-2KE5-KPR2
  39. 3PB41:RMR3-8ATH-QX70-V9N2
  40. 8JU52:RVPP-A0J3-D7JJ-5G7P
  41. 2FT64:B0PJ-CNQ1-3X41-WCKE
  42. 4CB33:TQAD-1RBX-C9GC-9Y56
  43. 8HC42:6FCC-DQ5U-6D5J-W6BC
  44. 5RM53:LYK2-TV8W-BNJ9-99JP
  45. 7TN74:BUHW-R91D-EXYN-58GM
  46. 5NA42:R9CT-P8HG-DMR6-9LXE
  47. 4VV53:3A2M-T5E9-YJ8R-N3NU
  48. 4KT82:H6MK-0LL7-P8K9-3DV5
  50. 2LW71:L0X1-BF7T-N78T-XY5X
  51. 6PP25:70WX-8KF6-YTRX-CPN0
  52. 5GW33:pCYD-Q7XT-1A7A-CA5N
  53. 6GG73:7F5L-WWLN-N9UX-8TBJ
  55. 4YU64:0UAG-NKXG-KAA0-XX0Q
  56. 6BE37:LB56-P25U-90UW-QB4E
  57. 2CY73:WRKD-WEY5-M3JX-JB5D
  58. 8NC55:MCBD-K5PX-A41Y-CDDV
  59. 6NC28:VTCW-5JT4-HKG5-GQER
  60. 3BR63:QGH0-KLT0-4LC5-BXFC
  61. 5GJ22:NUR8-AT66-WYA0-1WGL
  62. 8TF67:YJX4-FMN4-GJ38-QWB1
  63. 2NN75:1UMC-CBKH-A5P2-5PR8
  64. 5KN63:7JRU-HE12-MJLM-JGMV
  65. 5EF26:QF9U-AYFV-3T75-MTCP
  66. 6TH62:9U82-NQPH-DX8P-3VTJ

List Of Malwarebytes Key

  1. 8JH22:V3M8+W32D+G0D7+DN5N
  2. 7QH88:N733+90BB+W9ET+M5BP
  3. 9VC62:G65J+1G5Q+L2U0+DMFE
  5. 6BG95:23U1+A0GD+X8KT+7HE2
  6. 7QY43:NPQP+9Q7A+BMAF+PH69
  7. 5WY69:WQKR + U9RG + VLEU+FYJB
  8. 8RM92:B5EL+GKNT+N3AK+G663
  9. 8XR39:3CFM+38W+BJKQ+P8CR
  10. 9XE76:BBC0+05PQ+8W32+FG0F
  11. 9BW94:P9PV+01KW+56N5+W3T0
  12. 8PQ57:VC5N+5C18+8JDR+2JQE
  13. 7HA43:4JXX+U6GG+69U3+DAGW

Final Verdict

In short, to protect the device from scams, hacking, spy, viruses, worms, ransomware, and other emerging threats, Malwarebytes is excellent software for online users. You can use the aforenamed Malwarebytes premium key to unlock more features. Go beyond the antivirus and stop worrying about online threats. Keep threats off your system.

I hope this post was informative and helpful to you. If you know any other premium keys or encounter any issues, let me know in the comment section below.

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