There are many different ways to play online bingo. From stakes to the number of balls in play, there are so many variations available.

But there is one type of online bingo that some players may be unaware of. That is free online bingo, or in casino terms no deposit online bingo games.

What does this mean?

No deposit

When you sign up to play any online casino game the player is always asked to put forward their stake, or bet. That is known as a deposit. This is what will be multiplied if you win. The more you deposit, the higher amount you stand to win.

In bingo, the stakes are fairly low meaning that you are never asked to put down a sizeable deposit. The average stake for a card in online bingo sits at around 0.20p.

That stake is extremely low but you can play with no deposit at all.

Free bingo games

That would in a way make this type of online bingo game free. There are bingo sites out there that exclusively offer free online bingo.

These games are for the casual player, the ones that play bingo for fun. It is always nice to know that there is nothing to lose if you come up with nothing in a game. These games are easy to find too.

All it takes is a quick google and you will find an entire library of no deposit bingo games. How do they work?

Free play mode

Almost like an online slot game, some of these bingo games offer the player a choice when logging in. There will be a free play mode and a standard model. If you choose free play mode, you can play bingo with no deposit. It is that easy.

Something that easy does come with a minor catch, however.

Withdrawing winnings with no deposit

Again, drawing the comparison to free online slot games, it is very rare that an online bingo game will allow the player to win any real money when they play with no deposit. It sounds mean but it makes sense.

If the player does not make a deposit then there is nothing to multiply in terms of a jackpot. This isn’t the standard for no deposit bingo games but it is very common.

If you manage to find an online bingo game that requires no deposit and does offer a monetary prize, please bear in mind that this amount is likely to be quite low. It’s not the end of the world and bingo is still a lot of fun.


It is entirely possible to take part in online bingo games for free. There are tons of no deposit bingo games out there just waiting to be tried.

Just try to remember that the prizes will be quite low paying. Still, it is always good fun to take part in online bingo. The social experience alone is worth a game.

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